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Designing Games For Good

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Designing Games For Good

  1. 1. Designing Games For Good How entertainment design can fuel behavioral change Thursday August 26th, Poznan
  2. 2. Why? What is our vision?
  3. 3. What is our vision? We believe that the power of attraction and fun of video games can be used for more than just entertainment. We see serious games as an effective solution for social challenges in education, health care and in water & energy sector.
  4. 4. How? What is our proces?
  5. 5. What is our proces? •Collaborate with domestic and international, academic knowledge partners •Research and validation of effectiveness •Innovation and the internet of things; unique angles •Use of high entertainment value
  6. 6. What? What are our products?
  7. 7. Play About the Strength of Play
  8. 8. 46.000.000 average players per month and over ten million downloads in December 2012 alone.[8] In July 2013, it was, estimated that Candy Crush Saga at the time had about 6.7 million active users and earned revenue of $633,000 per day in the US section of the iOS App Store alone.[9] In November 2013, the game had been installed 500 million times across Facebook and iOS and Android devices.[10] . It is the most popular Facebook App with over 75.5 likes Source: Wikipedia
  9. 9. Saving Water & Energy Using games, smart devices and internet of things
  10. 10. Battle winners “We’ve totally changed our showering and washing routines”
  11. 11. Neighborhood Water Battle
  12. 12. Garden Battle Enhancing water absorption levels and combatting heat stress
  13. 13. YIMBY For a greener and more sustainable future
  14. 14. v Imagine the possibilities when learning is truly fun Let’s work together
  15. 15. Contact Get in touch
  16. 16. Contact details Tim Laning Email: Mobile: +31 (0) 6 81 56 56 35 Skype: tim.laning

Editor's Notes

  • Subtitle okay?
  • Wij geloven dat de aantrekkingskracht en het speelplezier van games ingezet kan worden voor andere doeleinden dan puur vermaak.
    Wij zetten serious games in als effectieve oplossingen voor maatschappelijke uitdagingen in educatie, gezondheidszorg en in de water & energie sector.

  • Samenwerking met nationale en internationale, academische kennispartners
    Onderzoek en validatie naar effectiviteit
    Innovatie en internet of things; unieke invalshoeken
    Inzet hoge entertainmentwaarde
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