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College Learning for Sustainability Champions Programme


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College Learning for Sustainability Champions Programme
Case Study Presentation
Ms. Rebecca Louise Petford, RCE Scotland
Europe Regional Meeting 2019
13-14 September, 2019, Heraklion, Greece

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College Learning for Sustainability Champions Programme

  1. 1. College Learning for Sustainability Champions Programme Rebecca Petford Learning for Sustainability Scotland (RCE Scotland)
  2. 2. Scottish Context for Sustainability
  3. 3. Scottish Context for LfS Embedded in schools’ Curriculum for Excellence (2010) 2013 LfS recommendations report brought together: • Education for Sustainable Development • Outdoor Learning • Global Citizenship Vision 2030+ and LfS Action Plan
  4. 4. Scottish Context for LfS ‘Learning for sustainability (LfS) is an approach to life and learning which enables learners, educators, schools and their wider communities to build a socially-just, sustainable and equitable society. An effective whole school and community approach to LfS weaves together global citizenship, sustainable development education and outdoor learning to create coherent, rewarding and transformative learning experiences.’ Education Scotland 2019
  5. 5. Scottish Context for LfS Leadership in Environmental and Social Sustainability ‘…provide a better learner experience for both students and staff and ensure that students develop the understanding of environmental and social sustainability required for the workplaces of tomorrow’. Outcome Agreement Guidance Scottish Funding Council, 2018
  6. 6. Scottish Context for LfS Sustainability in learning and teaching ‘Themes of sustainability and the impacts of course-relevant decisions on people and the environment, should permeate teaching practice, inform it, and be made explicit to learners.’ Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland’s Colleges College Development Network, 2018
  7. 7. Sounds great! However… Most teaching staff don’t understand the requirements • At best, they see LfS as teaching certain topics • They don’t see relevance to their courses or students • They don’t know anything about effective LfS teaching approaches • They have too much else going on to seek support → LfSS and EAUC Project Idea
  8. 8. College LfS Champions Concept • Train one representative in every department to be their Learning for Sustainability Champion – Develop their own understanding and practice – Develop their skills to support others in their department • Promote links between the formal curriculum, the campus environment and local community • Develop a whole institutional approach to LfS • Equip students with the values, skills, and knowledge to take action on sustainability
  9. 9. LfS Champions Programme Pilot
  10. 10. Course Programme - 10 Weeks Time Delivery Theme Week 1 (4 hours) In person Welcome and Introduction Weeks 1-2 (2 hours) Online Introduction to Learning for Sustainability Weeks 3-4 (2 hours) Online LfS: exploring values and perspectives Weeks 5-6 (2 hours) Online LfS: teaching and learning in an interdependent world Weeks 7-8 (2 hours) Online LfS: opportunities for student engagement Weeks 9-10 (2 hours) Online Developing strategies for support and action Week 10 (3 hours) In person Sharing and Review
  11. 11. In Person Sessions
  12. 12. Introduction Session Activity Where are there/could there be links between the global/local sustainability themes addressed in the SDGs and D&A College campus developments and your subject areas?
  13. 13. Introduction Session Activity
  14. 14. Online Learning Platform
  15. 15. Performing Arts – HND Dance: End of year show (18 students, 180 people attended over 3 nights) LfS Course Unit Activity Example • Students developed the themes: plastics, climate change, responsibility • Plastic props collected over 3 weeks • Costumes all second hand • Director of Estates brought to tears!
  16. 16. • Positive feedback from participants • Engaged with the topic and understood their role • Enjoyed the mix of face-to-face and online activities • Busy time of year prevented full engagement Results from the Pilot - Individual
  17. 17. • All but one department completed the programme • Champions requested to continue to meet to develop an LfS Policy at the College • “The College LfS Champions programme gave us the opportunity, structure and framework to embed the importance of environmental and social sustainability into the Learning & Teaching of all areas of the College in a fun, practical and engaging way.” Simon Hewitt, Vice Principal (Curriculum & Attainment) Results from the Pilot - Institution
  18. 18. Results from the Pilot - Institution
  19. 19. Next Steps
  20. 20. About to Launch… • Call for two more colleges to develop LfS Champions • Participants from both colleges will go through the programme together • Individual introduction and review sessions on campus but simultaneously doing online activities • Link up staff teaching same subject areas in different colleges • Ideally one face-to-face event bringing the LfS Champions from all three colleges together
  21. 21. Conclusions • Having the policy context is great, but skilling up the teachers is just as important • Course structure worked well for developing knowledge and skills in teaching staff • Champions seem keen and engaged so far • Whether they can successfully embed it in all teaching is still to be seen • Definitely has made an improvement!
  22. 22. Any Questions? Rebecca Petford: Betsy King: