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City Partnerships Challenge - Stories of Country: Tourism Incubator brief


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Stories of Country - Tourism Incubator brief
City Partnerships Challenge
Global Compact Cities Programme
12 November, 2018

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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City Partnerships Challenge - Stories of Country: Tourism Incubator brief

  1. 1. Partnership Initiative Stories of Country - Tourism Incubator Opportunity Statement Develop an Aboriginal tourism incubator to support development of aboriginal tourism product in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. This will create employment, education and skills development opportunities and contribute to economic self-sufficiency for local Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. The project will also support understanding and promotion of traditional and contemporary aboriginal culture. Strategic Objectives • Redress disadvantages for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this community. • Engender respect, understanding and appreciation of the diversity and richness of Aboriginal culture. • Create a sustainable enterprise that has the potential to be a ‘best practice’ model. There are a range of stories associated with Aboriginal inhabitation of Newcastle and surrounds that are yet to be explored and a significant opportunity to develop experiences to interpret and share these stories. Some examples of Aboriginal experiences that could be explored include walking or bike tours, whale watching, sites of significance tour, catch and cook fishing tours, bush tucker tours and an art and craft gallery. Key Challenges • How we connect with the local community and create shared value for all? • How do we build an understanding the market/demand for indigenous tourism in Newcastle and the Hunter Region? What do domestic and international visitors want to see and learn. What is working well elsewhere? • How can we build ownership within the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community to advance and sustain the tourism incubator? • How do we leverage the necessary investment/finance? • How do we find a sustainable space/location? Key Solutions • Buy in and support from community, including knowledge transfer • Building market demand • Investment and space Existing Partners • City of Newcastle • Guraki Committee • Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre • Destination NSW • Indigenous Business Centre • The Business Centre • EJE Architecture • University of Newcastle - Newcastle Law School • University of Newcastle - Newcastle Business School
  2. 2. Potential Partners • Awabakal and Worimi Land Councils • City of Newcastle Councillors and Executive Leadership • Port of Newcastle • Newcastle Airport • Hunter TAFE • NSWICC - NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce • IBA - Indigenous Business Australia