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City Partnerships Challenge - Bayswater Business Precinct brief


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Bayswater Business Precinct brief
City Partnerships Challenge
Global Compact Cities Programme
12 November, 2018

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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City Partnerships Challenge - Bayswater Business Precinct brief

  1. 1. Partnership Initiative Bayswater Business Precinct Opportunity Statement The Bayswater Business Precinct has been a thriving industrial precinct for many years. It covers approximately 790 ha of industrial zoned land, supports 4,500 businesses, employees 30,000 people and generates $13.2billion in revenue which represents 10% of the total revenue generated in Melbourne’s East. However, the Precinct faces significant challenges which will inhibit its ability to sustain employment and to grow and prosper into the future. Lack of available land to accommodate business growth, traffic and parking congestion, poor public transport access, ageing buildings, inadequate IT infrastructure, the rising cost of utilities and an ageing workforce are significant barriers to investment and growth. Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Councils have come together to establish a Precinct partnership of key business/property/community and government stakeholders to develop a program of strategic regeneration which focuses on strengthening Precinct capability and competitiveness. The partnership will focus on the identification of critical projects to attract investment to address critical infrastructure issues, maximise business competitiveness and generate employment growth. Key Challenges • Identifying and assembling the appropriate leadership to drive and represent the precinct partnership/project/idea • Creating the political space to nurture and advance the precinct partnership/project/idea • How we resource the effort • How we leverage the necessary investment/finance Key Solutions • Establish alternative transport methods into the Precinct (of the 30,112 employees in the Precinct, 70% live in either Knox, Maroondah or Yarra Ranges and 27,085 travel by car each day). • Identify opportunities within the Precinct supply chain to drive significant economic and environmentally sustainable outcomes for the businesses and local community. • Establish an Industry/Community/Education Workforce Hub to address the issues of ageing workforce and unemployment amongst local 18 - 25 year olds Existing Partners • Businesses within the precinct - Micron21, ANCA • Land owners within the precinct - John Fabbro, Patrick Sette Potential Partners • Transport and Logistics Living Lab, Data61 CSIRO • Smart Innovation Centre , Transport for NSW • Transport Futures, VicRoads • Future Urban Mobility, Smart Cities Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology • Intelligent Transport Systems Australia • Public Transport Research Group, Monash University • Transit Systems Group