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Change the World through Education


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Case Study presentation: Change the World through Education
Mr. Do-hun Lim, RCE Tongyeong
11th Global RCE Conference
7-9 December, 2018
Cebu, the Philippines

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Change the World through Education

  1. 1. Change the World through Education Formal Education Committee in Tongyeong South Korea, RCE Tongyeong Do-hun Lim
  2. 2. Tongyeong is a small coastal city with a population of 140,000. Surrounded by more than 570 islands, the slogan is a beautiful tourist recreation city. It also has the name of the hometown of art, where famous artists from various fields such as music, literature, and art were born. In 2016, it was also designated as a music city designated by UNESCO. Most of the population is engaged in fishery or tourism, and the elderly population is increasing. In 2005, Tongyeong was selected as the 8th RCE city in the world and is making efforts to spread education on sustainable development. The Tongyeong ESD Foundation, which runs RCE Tongyeong has established in 2006 and opened the Tongyeong RCE Sejahtera Forest in order to serve as a platform for the Asia-Pacific region in 2015. Tongyeong & ESD ESD from classroom to Tongyeong
  3. 3. ESD from classroom to Tongyeong city Teacher is very important component in our society which can teach next generation and students are very well getting their teaching. RCE Tongyeong aim to all school can understand ESD and share their good practice with other school. Most of all, the important thing is willingness from teachers. Now, RCE Tongyeong manage everything but, we look forward to manage from themselves. RCE Tongyeong School in Tongyeong Tongyeong Education Office ESD ESD from classroom to Tongyeong
  4. 4. Formal Education Committee in Tongyeong ESD requires competent teachers to educate students. Since 2005, the RCE Tongyeong has announced the start of the school education committee by implementing the ESD research pilot school. Since then, the voluntary participationof teachers has led to activities for ESD in the Tongyeong area. They did some ESD programs which can understand easily to Tongyeong students when ESD was not familiar with Tongyeong students as designed shall island camp, encouraged students to participate in BTW program and made case study publications for ESD. ESD from classroom to Tongyeong
  5. 5. From 2011, through the MOU with the Tongyeong Office of Education, the ESD instructors were assigned to 58 schools in Tongyeong. With regard to the training of teachers' competencies, Gyeongsangnam-do has been interested in ESD since last year and 120 teachers have been trained in Gyeongsangnam-do teachers. Tongyeon g City Hall Gyeong sang nam do Office of Education Tongyeong Office of Education Formal Education Committee in Tongyeong 57 schools in Tongyeong, which 20 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 5 high schools and 1 special school and 19 kindergarden. Each school has one or two ESD teacher 2018. It is 58 ESD teachers and 6 standing committes member which included Former Director of Tongyeong Office of Education. ESD from classroom to Tongyeong
  6. 6. 10th Formal Education Committee in 2018 Projects SDGs and Targets: Target 4.7 ESD Target 17.16 enhance the global partnership for SD In 2018, committee has established 58 schools with 60 ESD teachers and 6 standing committees in 58 schools. The annual committee is strengthening its ESD capabilities through seminars and events. ESD from classroom to Tongyeong April First Seminar with ceremony May Education Festival with students June CooperatioveTeacherTraining November Tongyeong ESD global Forum
  7. 7. 2018 Cooperatiove Teacher Training with RCE Penang, USM 2018. 6. 29. ~ 6. 30. Tongyeong RCE Sejahtera Forest ESD from classroom to Tongyeong
  8. 8. Challenge for future ESD from classroom to Tongyeong  Continuous and Active involvement of all teacher  Build teacher network between other RCEs  Regular process of ESD in school  Participation of Principal and Vice principal Make strong & sustainable Formal Education Network
  9. 9. Thank you ESD from classroom to Tongyeong