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Film review research

Film review research

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Film review research

  2. 2. Purpose of a Film Review  To inform. The review needs to tell people who is in the film, who it is by and where or when readers can see it.  To describe. The review should describe the story, characters and some of the action - without spoiling the plot or giving too much away!  To analyse. A good review gives an opinion on whether the film is good or not and why.  To advise. Finally, the review should tell the reader whether or not to go and see the film.
  3. 3. Font Bold: In my process of research I found that text which is in bold is normally key places in the film e.g. Paris or it’s the name of the film, text which is in bold tends to be key parts of the review, things that the reviewer considers to be important and vital to explain the film. Italic: Text which is in Italic is either the year the film was released, the production company, the director and key people or information about the film and not the storyline. Underlined: I saw a trend in film reviews that any text in reviews such as the one we produced, don’t have any text which is underlined, as Italics and Bold are obvious to the
  4. 4. Structure  Introduction: this gives an overview of who is in the film and what it's about. It also sums up the reviewer's conclusion about the film (so readers can form an opinion without reading the whole of the review)  Paragraph 2: the reviewer then describes the plot and the action, while informing the reader which actor plays which role.  Paragraph 3: the reviewer then analyses the film, talking about the director and then the actors, looking at good things as well as bad things.  Finally: the review informs the reader when the film is out (and sometimes, in a local review, where it can be seen).
  5. 5. Images  In a film review make sure that you don’t use images which don’t contain important information e.g. don’t use one image of the main character and then another one of his or her’s funeral as it will give the plot away that he/she eventually dies, use images with the main character or interesting shots which get the reader intrigued as it will increase the chances of them watching the film.
  6. 6. Target Audience  The target audience for film reviews varies, publishers such as EMPIRE and Wired are aimed people aged 25+ as ages upwards are avid film watchers, the youngsters tend to watch trailers and watch reviews for the films online whereas film goers who are 25+ tend to read in depth reviews about films.