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Radio Drama Script Congkak


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Dramatizing :)

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Radio Drama Script Congkak

  1. 1. PrologueThat night, the wind was howling around the school. It was a silent night only to be break by an owl hooting and thesound of rustling dried leaves in the chilly breeze.SFX: (wind howling, owl hooting, rustling leaves)Ammar looked upon the moon.SFX :( loud ticking of the clock)The clock struck at 2 o’clock. Ammar felt very upset and he needed some space to think thoroughly. He keeps thinkingabout her. He hoped to find some peace that night. Indeed the chilly breeze gave him the spirit that encourage him evenmore to help the girl that has caught his eyes somehow.Ammar This is the journey that I must encounter. God puts me here. It’s His plan that it will be the girl that I put my eyes on to be in this situation. So, I just have to carry on and trust Him the Almighty.Suddenly~SFX : ( nisha screams, very loudly)Ghost Don’t go!~ Let’s play. You promised me. (sad tone)Nisha No! Go away you crazy girl! No, you are not even a human… (Voice become shaky)SFX : ( panting breathe)Ghost What? But…. You promised me! Don’t you?!! (thunderous voice) We will play together forever… (A witch, creepy laugh)Nisha is a free-spirited teenager. Being the only child in the family sometimes makes her such a spoilt annoyinggirl. She hardly had any friends ever since she was a little kid. She comes from a wealthy family backgroundand was never exposed to hardship. She loves throwing tantrums.SFX : Classroom noiseFriend 1 Nisha, can you please reach that pencil for me?Nisha Why don’t you do a favour for yourself? It’s not that far anyway.Friend 1 Oh, come on Nisha~ Please. It won’t hurt helping your friend.Nisha Yes. It won’t hurt you too. Plus, you need some walk to lose that fat of yours.SFX : (Nisha laughing)Indeed she is immature and arrogant.
  2. 2. One day her parents sent her to a boarding school which taught her to be independent and how to mingle andbe nice to others. She went to the boarding school with a reluctant heart and she did not dare to protest herparents’ decision because deep down she always know that parents’ decision are always the best. Nisha hadthis good side of her. She never speaks against her parents.SFX : Door being knock. Knock knock.Papa Nisha,.. Nisha..?After a while, Nisha’s father entered his daughter room.SFX : Door creakingSFX : Loud, head-banging musicPapa Nisha, no wonder you don’t answer me. Now, don’t blame me for not knocking your door.Nisha I’m not blaming anybody. What’s the matter papa?Papa I heard from “Mak Cik Beah” you’ve got an offer letter to a boarding school. Congrats darling.Nisha Yeah. Thank you. But don’t expect I’ll accept the offer.Papa What? But, why darling?Nisha Ah, papa. From what I heard boarding school is just a hellish place. It’s a real torture over there. You won’t let me go right papa?Papa Hahaha. What nonsense. You must hear them wrong. You must go~ I promise sooner or later you will find it heaven over there. It’s what we call twists and turns of life. Believe me darling.Nisha Papaaa~~ But,,,Papa No no. No more excuses. You must go.Nisha No way papa. Over my dead body. No!Papa Nishaaa..Nisha Uhhhh *sigh* Alright alright. You’re always right.Papa Now, that’s my girl.When she first arrived, she was shocked to see the room which is called dorm and it has at least 18 people in it.Plus, the locker was so small compared to what she had back at home. She sighed heavily.SFX: sighing, stomping her feetNisha Oh snap! Where can I put all my belongings..? My goodness!!Roomate Errr, excuse me. I’m Anis, your roommate. Nice to know you..Nisha Ohh yes. I’m Nisha. Nice to know you too.Roomate Where do you come from? I’m from Johor.Nisha Ah, Anis. Can we just skip this introduction? I’m busy right now. Can’t you see? *sigh*Anis Oh, I’m sorry. Do you need my help?
  3. 3. Nisha No thanks! *arrogantly*Anis walks away with frown face.SFX : Locker being slammedNisha Curse this locker!! It’s just..too small.. Urggghhh!Nisha complains about everything including the “Dewan Selera’s” food.(SFX : Bell ringing)Person 1 : Nisha,let’s eat. You haven’t eaten anything since this morning right?Nisha : Nah,, no thanks. I would rather eat my biscuits than eat those “food”. I mean, how can you even call them food? Geez.Person 1 : Nisha, you should be grateful for the food. Don’t you think about our brothers and sisters in Palestine? They hardly got any food to eat.Nisha: Why should you compare us to them? It’s their own problem.She never joins her friends to eat lunch or dinner there. She has no friends and slowly began to becomerebellious and very rude towards everyone including her seniors.SFX : Classroom noise(SFX: Girls gossiping around)Student 1 : Did you hear? There is a new student that is really rude towards our seniors.Student 2 : Wow, that is really brave of her! But, I think she will taste her own medicine soon enough though. People like her often taste their own medicine after a whileStudent 3: I hope we can see that girl being in a sorry state one day. (Evil Chuckles)One evening, as she was bored, she watched the girlsplay netball.SFX : Ball bouncing. Court noiseThen, she saw two girls carrying a beautiful carved wooden which she has never seen before. Due to curiosity,she approached the girls.Nisha Hey! What are you guys carrying?Girl 1 Errrr… What? This one?Nisha YeahhhGirl 2 Its congkak~Nisha Congkak? It seems interesting. What do you use the congkak for?Girls It’s a game!Nisha Oh really? Can you teach me how to play it? I’ve never seen this thing before. Like never in my life.Girls *Laughing* Ahah~ Sure. Follow us.SFX : Congkak/Marble sounds.
  4. 4. Surprisingly, every time she plays, she will always win even though she has never played it before.Nisha Yeahhhh!~ I win! Agaiiin.Girl It’s getting boring. *sigh*Nisha Haha. You just don’t know how to play.Girl Believe me. It’s just your luck today.Nisha No no. You’re just jealousNisha soon becomes addicted with it and she can never get enough with it. She even played it during nightwithout knowing the consequences from playing “congkak” late at night. One night, after the prep class bellrang,SFX : Bell ringingShe quietly sneaked out from her dorm and went to the equipment room where the “congkak” was placed.SFX : Creaking doorShe secretly hid the congkak under her bed. When she wants to play it, she realized that no one was interestedto play with her as everyone was so sleepy and tired.Nisha Anis, do you want to play congkak?Anis Urrmmm.. Sorry. I’m sleepy. Plus, aren’t you afraid of playing congkak at night?Nisha Duh~ Come on. Release your tension! Why should I be scared?Anis You know why. Please don’t play congkak at night.Nisha What are the things that I should know anyway? Uh fine if you don’t want to play. Just say it. Hypocrite!Anis Up to you buddy. Good night!She asked everyone in her dorm. Unfortunately, everyone just looked away and refused to play. She frownedand sighed again. Then she climbed into her bed and tried to sleep but she could not.Nisha One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…. Like seriously ~ Why is it so hot tonight?Suddenly, the curtain beside her bed fluttered as though there was a breeze passing through it. However, Nishaignored it. She was still thinking about the “congkak”.SFX : BreezeNisha Hurmmm, I wish someone would want to play congkak with me…Later on, a girl appeared from beside her bed without her realizing.Ghost I will play with you.
  5. 5. The owner of the voice, was a pretty young girl with a long pony-tailed hair. Nisha got energized and jumpedfrom her bed. Without suspecting anything, Nisha just played along with her. After all, Nisha won all the wayaround. Soon, Nisha excused herself to go to sleep but the girl refused to let her go. However, Nisha ignored thegirl’s tantrum.Nisha It’s already 3am. Let’s just go to sleep.Ghost No, play with me until dawn.Nisha What??.. No! We have class tomorrow don’t we? I promise, we will play it again tomorrow night.Ghost Oh really? Ok! *cheerful tone*Days after, Nisha went to bed early. She doesn’t keep her promise. Then, she encountered a bad dream. Shesaw herself hanging from the tree branch. Her throat had been slit which caused so much blood that she wasnearly decapitated. The wind swung her corpse back and forth so that it thumped against the tree. Bump, bump,bump…SFX : Sound of corpse bumped against treeThen, the mysterious girl appeared out of nowhere with the Congkak which was covered in blood. Nishascreamed out loud when she woke up from her nightmare.SFX : Nisha screamsShe felt relieved that it was just a dream.SFX : Phew! SoundNight after, when the lightning flashed, thunder roared and the sky went red in torrential downpour,SFX : Thunder roaring,heavy rainNisha saw the figure of a girl then it disappears. That night, she can’t sleep because she keeps hearing thesound of the rolling marbles. Sometimes, the sound of marbles bouncing seems to be played beside her.SFX : Rolling marbles, Bouncing marbles.She tossed and turned on her bed until she realizes the sun has come up. She felt drained out and exhausted. She believesshe was being disturbed by the spirit of the congkak.That morning, she tells her classmates but none of them believe what she said except for Ammar who is quite religiousand a trustworthy person in school. He knew this paranormal thing does exist and he wants to help her.Classmate Nisha, why do you look so tired. You even have an eye-bag. Did you stay up all night?Nisha Uh~ No, actually something bothers me.Classmate Poor you. What happened? You can tell me if you want to shareNisha Actually… I’m not sure if you will believe this or not but…Classmate What? Just tell me.. I’ll help
  6. 6. Nisha The spirit of the congkak has been disturbing me since last two weeks. I can’t bear it anymore.Classmate Whh.. Whhaat? Hahahahaha *big laugh* Are you done with your prank? *Laugh*Nisha No, I’m serious!Classmate *Laughing* Ok! Let’s see who believe youHer classmate spread the story to the whole class. Only one boy raises his hand.Classmate Ammar, you do believe in her?Ammar I don’t know if it’s the story is true or not, but I do believe those things called “ghost” or “spirit” exist.During recess, Nisha approaches Ammar…Nisha Hi. Assalamualaikum. I’m Nisha.Ammar looked up from his book and smiled at Nisha.Ammar Waalaikumussalam. What’s the matter Nisha?Nisha I’m sorry if I’m disturbing you. But, may I ask you some questionAmmar No, it’s ok plus we’re classmates. Is it regarding the story that the girls roared up just now.Nisha nodded silently trying to hide her heart-breaking face. She felt sad because no one believed her.Ammar Don’t take this matter to heart. At least, someone believes you. I do.Nisha I know I shouldn’t take what they say seriously because all these while I treated them badly. I never appreciated the things they did for me. What goes around comes around and… why did you believe in me?Ammar I’m glad to hear that you have realized your habit in doing things. Just like what I said, I believe in God and I believe the “things” are also one of His creations.Nisha *sigh* I’ve been in the wrong path. But, I have repented. I always pray to Him to ease my life.Ammar Alhamdulillah. Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure the hard ones.Nisha I don’t know if I’m strong enough. I can’t take this anymore.Ammar Nisha, you can do this. If He brings you to it. He will bring you through it. Put your trust in HimNisha feels her burden has been lightened up and she feels a bit embarrassed. Even though she can’t gain her friendtrusts, she knows, she can’t waste her time looking back at what she has lost. She has to move on. Her mom always saidthat life is not meant to be travelled backwards.Ammar Nisha?Nisha Oh sorry. I’ve been thinking of something. By the way, thanks a lot Ammar.
  7. 7. Ammar Don’t mention it. I’m glad that I could help you.Nisha left him a meaningful smile. She was glad that she had met with someone like him as her… classmate.Since then, Ammar always gives her a piece of paper which has his hand-written doa written on it. Ammar asked her toremember and memorize the doa. After a week, on a Friday night, the congkak sound was not heard anymore. But themysterious girl who played with her before, appeared every night and asked her to play the congkak again.Nisha thought God has been testing her. So, she ignored it again and went to sleep. When she was looking up at theceiling, the semi-transparent figure of the congkak’s spirit hovered above her. Her eyes was gleaming with red fury whileholding the congkak and crying. She tried to recite a few verses that Ammar gave her. The image disappeared but thenshe heard a raspy, very loud whisper directly at her left ear as though someone was standing very close next to her.SFX : Crying ghost, Whisper, breathe blows.She felt a cold rush of air on the side of her head as though someone was breathing icy breaths on her cheeks.SFX : Deep breathe, heart thumping loud and madlyThe icy breaths had her startled so much that she scream and quickly jumped down from her bed and ran out of her dorm.SFX : Running and gasping air soundShe ran towards the field as she saw the girl was after her. Her heart was thumping so hard that she could hear her heartbeats.SFX : Heart thumping heavilyShe screams as if she wants the whole worlds know. Then, Nisha collapsed. When she opened her eyes, she saw Ammarand the other boys coming. Ammar recites the azan.SFX : Azan, The ghost wails, and sound of fire burning somethingSurprisingly, after he recites the Azan, the Congkak burst into fire and the last thing that could be heard was the wailingof the ghost. Only after that, the girl disappears from her sigh,t and she was saved. The next day..Nisha Ammar, I want to thank you and the others for what you have done last night.Ammar You are welcome NishaNisha But, how did you know my whereabouts?Ammar smiledAmmar I felt that last night’s breeze was simply different than the others. As I was confirming with myself that it was just a normal night, I heard your scream. I don’t know how or why but your voice reached me even though the field is quite far from the boys’ hostel.Nisha That is amazing but still I still don’t get why you should help a girl like me? And because of me, you faced hardships just to find and save me from that thing.Ammar It is not very common for me to say this but I felt like I needed to protect you. That is why you are always under my gaze fromthe very first day you came here.
  8. 8. From that day onwards, Nisha behaved herself and she had learned a very painful experience. She keeps in mind thatwhen Allah tests us, it is never to destroy us. But He is preparing us for an even greater gift. Plus, she won’t throwtantrums any more. Anger always begins with madness and ends with regrets.(SFX: Violin playing @ piano playing that indicates the drama is over)