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Are demons real

  1. 1. Are Demons Real1. Are Demons Real Or A Myth2. The Meaning Of A Demon3. Demon of Alcohol4. What Is A Demons Characteristics5. Demon of Drugs6. Demon of Sex
  2. 2. Are Demons Real Are Demons real or a Myth? Only by understanding demon history, their origin and how they exist will anyone be able to draw their own conclusion whether they believe demons are real or not. This has lingered in the hearts and minds of the curious from the beginning of time. Myths of demons along with religious understandings have dominated our hearts and minds from the beginning of time. Currently they are portrayed in all kinds of games, movies and throughout the media and celebrated on Halloween.Even though we seem to have this obsession with them no one has ever seen a Demonthat I know of. But I think we all have seen the results of a demon.Demon OriginIn the ancient Greek culture, demons were idolized andStatues were made representing their being. Demons arecreated from the words used in a lie or deception that does notrepresent truth. This occurs in our lives knowingly andunknowingly. The result of this lie brings fear, distrust,separation, death of our spirit and then death to our body. Forthis reason whenever they are portrayed they are portrayed asbeing ugly.Authoritative institutions like the Catholic Church haveacquired documentation of testimonies that prove that thesedemonic forces operate and exist on this planet.The word demon was used by Jesus Christ and His disciplesthrough out His teachings, although the word devil is used inthe King James Bible translation instead of the Greek word daemon or as we know theword demon. Jesus was the first to come along and confront them and cast them outthrough the truths of life. His teaching primarily focused on teachings about theircreation and casting them out of the lives of his believers bringing to them peace ofmind through understanding. This was His expertise and should be the same for anyonefollowing His instructions.
  3. 3. Are Demons RealChanging the Meaning of WordsChanging a word from one meaning to another, leads to confusion that leads tomisrepresentation, then leading to a lie. In this manner we give birth to a demon in ourlives.The demon then permeates society spreading more lies. In this way Satan and hisdemons deceive us into accepting their ways, Satan is aware that by altering a wordsunderstanding it becomes very difficult to separate truth from a lie. No matter how welook at it, I believe from my own experiences that demons exist within our livesrepresenting lies as truth. Unfortunately very few ever take the time to identify them tocast them out. Seductive Demons Demons are not the ugly being that is portrayed in the movies and media. They are just the opposite, very seductive, enticing, alluring, pleasurable and inviting. They invite us to indulge in their offerings. Our nature for pleasure easily obliges their invite. To name just a few of the offerings of demons are money, alcohol, drugs, sex, self righteousness and thousands more. Their objective is to have us focus and become all knowing of the goodness and pleasure by involving ourselves in their indulgence. In this manner we become consumed and no longer can see the value of life without them. We become their slave to our own inequities.Angels and DemonsYou might ask how does this happen? When we are introduced to a new belief and weaccept it. It then becomes part of our life. When it bears a witness of reality understandit is good and the spirit of truth when it does not reflect truth understand it is a demon. Inthis way the demon enters into a persons life. The only way to get rid of them is to learntheir truth and then cast them out individually. Demons cannot be legislated against as asociety, even though we all try to do it. When this happens one persons demonsbecome everyones demon. It then chokes a society with its regulations.
  4. 4. Are Demons Real An ExampleI have had a weight problem throughout my adult life. Food demons came upon me in my childhood. When I was a young I was told to clean my plate and to eat everything upon it, because there are a lot of starving people in the world and you should be thankful that you have so much to eat. This statement and this demon probably came as a result of the Great Depression. Another demon came when I would be told, “There is just a little bit more of potatoes and gravy why donʼt you just eat the rest.” I would think how good it taste and would eat until I could hardly move. The demon used what I liked to gain access to my life. Currently we have all kinds of restaurants that entice us into eating their delicious foods and eating everythingthat is in front of us. While attending my favorite restaurant it never occurs to me what isevil about their food, I can only see what I want to see. Unaware of the results that awaitme in time. They make it taste so good and provide enough calories in one meal to lastone or even two days.Spiritual WarfareThis is where the demons enter into our lives thinking that the food is not going to haveany repercussions. But the reality is that overeating leads to obesity, heart disease andall kinds of health issues. This is the goal of all demons. Their overall objective is todestroy the life of people. Demons come upon us through our desire to be satisfied withour choices, unwilling to look at any thing other than what we know to satisfy our needs.Satan uses demons to cause wars within ourselves, families, friends and countries.Demons enter our lives because we like their message and their offering. They arenever ugly when they enter in, their result is always disastrous. Demons create spiritualwarfare and this is the war that needs to be fought, against the demons in our own lives.Through out the history of time there has been only one person that has walked thisearth that was able to cast them from His own life and the lives of others and that isJesus Christ. He exposes their reality with truth for anyone willing to take the time tolearn. You then can cast them out of your own life in the same manner that Jesus does.Any one doing this will know the answer to the question, “Are Demons Real?”
  5. 5. Are Demons Real All knowing Pride Based Upon A Lie Is A DemonThe word meaning demon, was founded from theGreek word daemon. The demon meaningrepresents an unseen, influential, and bad force inthe lives of humans.A demon is a spirit that results from misrepresentedwords and actions in our life. A demonʼs words andactions are a deception leading to distraction anddestruction. Unfortunately we use words representinglies and misrepresentations in our daily lives. We do this knowingly and unknowingly.The more we use deceptive words or lies the greater the power the demon has over ourlife.I call them knowing ones because demons present themselves as knowledgeable whenin reality they deceive with their lies making believe a lie is truth. The demon meaningas we understand it comes from a Greek word daemon meaning supernatural bad spirit.All three words Demon, Satan and Devil are opposed to life.Demon Characteristics The main characteristic of a demon is they create an illusion, making us think that our words and actions are truth, when in actuality we are representing a lie that we believe to be true. When this happens and people agree with our demons and we all justify the lie together. Demons work with other demons knowing our beliefs and using others to confirm and encourage our original presumption and justification. When we realize that our presumption and justification is wrong often embarrassment to admit the truth will arise, and the lie continues usually as a result of peer pressure. When this happens the demon haswon its battle and becomes a part of our life and those that believe the same asourselves. Unwilling to change, we then fall victim to the result of the action of thedemon and are unable to consider any truth other than the demons legislated beliefs.
  6. 6. Are Demons RealDemons of This PublicationThis publication will fall under the same characteristics and judgment as well. To gainthe most from this publication it is really important to only look at these words as theymay relate to our own life and remain neutral as to legislating them as being good orbad. Demons get their start with justified or legislated words and expressions. The spiritthat we accept with any word or understanding will fall into a message from Satan orfrom an Angel. The words of this website will also fall under this scrutiny.Godʼs Use Of DemonsGod uses demons to teach us, so do not absorb ademon establishing that demons are bad for theyhave their purpose. God uses demons to changelives for those that do not believe in Him. When the words from this article or any articlebecome legislated as truth a demon is created. Thewords from these articles should only be lookedupon as a testimony. If a truth is revealed to thereader of this publication whether it be for oragainst the article, realize that it has two possiblesources one is yourself, the other is from God. It isup to each individual to determine the truth of thesource. Whether it is good or evil. Legislation is goodfor governments but creates walls in our relationship with life, preventing a relationshipwith God. A testimony of Gods influence with the idea that your testimony may changeaccording to Gods revelation upon your life leaves the door open for growth.Demon CreationOne Way a Demon Is created is that someone will come along and say demons are notreal, at the same time justify themselves then try to get others to believe what they aresaying is right or wrong. The demons will enter in when a position is established as tothe righteousness of the belief. This happens with all issues in life. Because we havegovernments and educational organizations that teach to us right and wrong accordingto the society we live in. It is important to follow the laws of government where ever welive. Also realize that laws create demons, knowing ones that will defend a belief withlegislation supporting it. Benefitting its producer and evil for its victims.
  7. 7. Are Demons RealAttitude Without DemonsAn attitude without demons makes no judgment as to right or wrong, good or bad but isable to look at the information and not place judgment. But use the information to makebetter decisions. By overcoming our mistakes and issues at hand with truth. In thismanner we cast out demons and become closer to the realities of life. Our success willbe measured according to our ability to cast out these demons. When we do notconfront the demons we end up being there slave to what ever they would like us toserve. We become consumed by there lust of destruction and end up destroyingourselves through what ever the lust or lie is that we believe in.To be freed from any demon it is important to understand what Satanʼs Presumption ismeaning for our lives. Is the demon meaning one of food, drugs, alcohol, belief or one ofthe many thousands not mentioned here.
  8. 8. Are Demons Real Demon Alcohol The demon alcohol has a great influence upon everyones life that indulges in its seduction. Its seduction occurs through the peer pressure of friends and family. It is not referred to as bottled spirits for no reason, when consumed we become filled with a legion of alcoholic demons. These spirits have only one goal in mind. Seize and destruct. Demons Use Peer PressureI am very familiar with their seduction, even within my own family and I am nodifferent. Most demons are usually absorbedfrom the peer pressure from the environment.In this manner a demon will get its start inalmost everyone’s life. We end up liking themand they become part of our subconsciousmind living silently until called upon. It seemsmany of us live as the old saying goes, whenin Rome do as the Romans do, after all it isfun.I Just Can’t StopOnce a demon has manifested itself into our lives we no longer can have just onebeer or one drink the demon reminds us of how much fun we are having andthen we have one more. Even though we think we are in control, the reality is thedemon is at this point controlling our life. A demon tempts us in many differentways. When we see someone we know drinks the same brew as ourselves it is areminder of the possibility of indulgence with that person when the moment isright. The end result of this will lead to just about any kind of evil that isimaginable, especially the creation of health and mental issues.
  9. 9. Are Demons RealMy RewardA common demon temptation is to reward ourselves with alcohol at the end of the day for finishing a task or to reward us even though we failed to accomplish our goal. This temptation is often expressed by the demons words, “If I want a drink, I deserve it anytime I like.” This reward applies to just about anything that is done and this demon uses food, sex, drugs or anything that will distract us from seeing the reality of the demon. A demon looks for all kinds of ways to lure us subconsciously into their grasp.Needless to say, while thinking of having a drink I am not focused on doing agood job at whatever I am doing. I end up neglecting reality, all for the love ofalcohol. What does happen is I become focused on spending time with my loveof doing nothing and become complacent to life, neglecting the most importantissues in life. Even to using the excuse of drinking to cope with my spouse andany other adversity that may come along.Demon AlignmentDemons with in us know and recognize demons within others and immediatelyalign themselves with each other. The demon connection happens within anyenvironment. It is sort of like what I call the smokers alliance. Smokers openlyshare with one another their smokes or tobacco product, even though they maynot know one another. Drinkers finding other drinkers become immediate friendsas well.
  10. 10. Are Demons RealWhat Demons DoBy accepting the demon alcohol invitation weend up turning our lives over to this demon, oneof Satan’s workers. When this happens beassured of one thing their goal is to destroy anyrelationship that we might have that does notinclude them. Then to take our lives if possibleand the lives of others if possible.This demon alcohol alters our senses andmakes us feel we are doing the right thing and our actions are responsible. Whenin reality we are irresponsible in our actions and with the words we speak. Wesee what is wrong as right and what is right as being wrong. This irresponsibilitycauses death of relationships and individuals. One example is when we drive acar when intoxicated and there is a deadly accident or a murder do to angercreated by the demon. Then there are the health affects of the diseases causedby the consumption of alcohol. Sclerosis of the liver, sugar diabetes, cancer anda host of other diseases all related to the demon alcohol. So when the alcoholdemon is cast out so are other related demons.Cast Out DemonsWhen in alignment with this demon we are influenced in a very negative way,even though we may think we have a positive attitude. It is a positive attitude tofail. Thus affecting not only ourselves but all of those around us. When indulging in alcohol our lives become altered from a natural state or what God would have us to be and transforms us into what Satan would like us to be. Jesus Christ was the only one that has ever really understood Demons, since he was able to cast them out of the lives of people that believed in him. Jesusism teaches how to live life by overcoming the Demons of our lives removing the burden of their seduction.
  11. 11. Are Demons Real What Is A Demonʼs CharacteristicsJust what are a demons characteristics? Quite simplythey deceive, misrepresent, accuse, and justify lies.The problem comes in accepting these characteristicsas part of our life. No one ever wants to admit thatthey have been influenced by a demon.Unfortunately they are part of our lives even thoughwe do not want to acknowledge there existence. Theycause us to accuse one another separating us fromfamily and friends leading to broken relationships andearly death.Finding DemonsWhen trying to understand demons it is best to find them in our own lives rather than tolook to others and accuse them by saying they have a demon. This very action is a demon within ourselves. How can we help cast them out of others when we have them within ourselves. Acknowledging Demons Even though you may not want to acknowledge Jesus and demons in the same sentence Jesus was the only person to ever master control over demons in the time span of humanity. The words of Jesus create identification and definition of these supernatural forces that affect our lives. He represents the goodness of life while Satan the evil in life. More specifically their workers are angels and demons. They are the messengers usedby these supernatural forces, giving us direction according to their master.In this manner we can look at the mistakes we make as being initiated by Satanʼsdemons. Then look at the goodness we have experienced of life as being initiated bythe angels of God or Jesus. By looking at these supernatural beings in this manner weavoid accusing each other of the inequities we possess. By ignoring our own inequitieswe become an instrument for Satan to do his dirty work.
  12. 12. Are Demons RealThe Blame GameWhen we blame one another we only create polarization without any resolution, but bylooking at the supernatural force of demonsand angels we can have a discussion toseparate their differences. Each individual onthis planet reckons daily with their own truthsand lies that they have followed.The result of our lives is based upon the truthsand lies that we have accumulated through outits span. If there is a life after death we willhave our own reckoning according to the waywe have lived our lives. Not by theaccusations of others perpetrated by Satanʼsdemons.The Evolution Of A Demonʼs Characteristics1. Misrepresentation of Reality2. Makes Presumption And Believes The Presumption3. Encouragement From Other Demons Making Same Presumption4. Justified Presumption When It is a Lie5. Creates Arrogance Regarding The Lie6. Arrogances Then Imposes These Deceptive Ideals Upon Others7. Resulting In A Moral Destruction and Premature Death8. The Misrepresentation is Realized to Be Self Destructive And It Is Cast Out. This evolution can be applied to just about anything from losing weight to quitting smoking. My Own Smoking Seduction An Example: Many years ago when I had my first cigarette it was represented as being something good that every one did. I had to look no further than my parents they both were smokers. So when I was offered a cigarette from a close friend there wasimmediate acceptance believing it was good. I came to believe there was nothing wrongwith smoking. Naturally I was encouraged by other smokers and when I did not haveany cigarettes they would offer me one of theirs.
  13. 13. Are Demons RealAn Unhealthy HabitWhen I would be challenged about smoking, my arrogance defended its righteousness.I encouraged others to smoke including my own children just by them watching mesmoke and believe it was Okay. I would freely offer to anyone in need, a cigarette evenwhen they were trying to quit. Realizing the truth that a demon was controlling my lifeand wanted me dead with emphysema, heart disease or some other ailment I began torethink my use of tobacco. From this I wasable to see where this demon entered intomy life as something good when in reality mypresumptive belief was a lie. At this point Ihad the strength to begin to cast out thesedemons by looking at their reality andrealizing it was a lie.The AntidoteThe antidote is very simple, just invoke thetruth of the lie this will cast out the demon.The words of Jesus are a guide to castingout demons through the truths of reality thatexist in life. The result of following thesetruths are a long lasting peaceful life withoutdemons. Demon characteristics can easilybe identified when a person understands thebasic truths of life. Jesus teaches us these basic understandings then breaks themdown in His teachings in the Gospels of Matthew and John.
  14. 14. Are Demons Real The Drug DemonAltered SensesThe demon drug has been with us from the beginning of time. This drug demonseduces us into its spirit of altered reality. While in this spirit Satan has his way with ususing the lust of our being. He has no mercy and entraps us with its pleasures. Thusmaking it nearly impossible to escape its grasp. These demons align themselves withother drug demons like smoking and caffeine to gain control over our lives.Drug DefinitionThe definition for drug comes from the Greek word pharmakeia, meaning to alter the senses. This is exactly what all drugs do. Mind altering drugs put us into an altered state of reality making us think that what we are doing is good. There is not much doubt when experiencing this good feeling. But, the results often lead to death and destruction by making foolish decisions. This is the exact way Satan wants his demons to make us feel. In this state of mind we make wrong decisions that ruin relationships and cause our own death in a multitude of various ways. What They Do The demon drug encompasses many other demons like marijuana, prescription drugs, alcohol, nicotine, coffee and thelikes of others. Then look at what they do when they alter our lives in ways that wecannot even comprehend. These demons create chaos in our lives. For instance thenicotine demon causes lung problems fromsmoking and creates the constant thought ofwhen is my next smoke or chew.The demon occupies our time while performingHis deed and robs us from doing somethingconstructive or even just enjoying life that exist.When demons are an influence upon our livesand we see any reminder of our favorite drug weimmediately become consumed by where we canget it. With the alcohol demon creates a newstate of mind, some people just becomecomplacent, and are happy doing nothing. While others become angry and take thereanger out on others.
  15. 15. Are Demons RealAnother will want something someone else has and ends up stealing to gain what theywant and even killing a person in the mean time. The drug demon is by far the mostdestructive demon that exist. This demon can be cast out by following Jesusism throughrealization of truth in their lives. Jesus was the only man to ever known to cast outdemons He still does to this day.Government Legislation Governments cannot legislate against these drug demons because as seen in our society when there is a desire to consume drugs, people will find a way to purchase them. This has been this way from the beginning of time. The only way to overcome these demons is through seeing their truth, destruction and the motivation of Satan. The real question we should be asking is, “Are we going to be bound in heaven with the same spirits we are bound with here on this earth?” Satanʼs GoalRemember Satan and his demons are the ones behindthis intoxicating spirit. Satanʼs go for all us is to be dead tothe realities of life and then physically dead. The demonsgoal is to have us walking around life looking for our nextopportunity to consume our favorite drug. The demonwants us to always have that thought in the back of ourminds. This way we are unable to see life within our livesthe way God would have us see it. With this obvious goalof Satanʼs in mind, it makes me wonder if once we die thatwe are not doomed to this type of life in our after life.According to Jesus this will happen. Jesus says, “What soever is bound on earth will be bound in heaven and whatsoever is loosed on earth will be loosed in heaven.”The only option is seek after these demons of our lives and to cast them out daily. Wehave to recognize their lie or deception in our lives then replace them with truth or webecome victims of the lies.
  16. 16. Are Demons Real Demon SexDemon sex has been portrayed in folklore through out timewith the names of Succubus, Incubus, Trauco, La Fiura andthe list goes on and on, each having their own uniqueillusion. Often the demon sex will just cause people look fordown right wild sex. But wild loving sex does not mean thatit has to be demonized. Demon sex is when there is anillusion or a lie involved with the activity of sex.ResponsibilityWith sex comes the greatest responsibility known to humankind, a child. When a maleand female copulate, without taking precautions, there is always the possibility of thecreation of new life. This is great when planned. But can it lead to a life filled withdemons or hell on earth for all parties when no precautions are taken. One of thedemonʼs lies of sex that will enter is the lie that prohibits the parties to even look at the possibility of creating a new born or the transmission of STDʼs (sexually transmitted diseases). Thus allowing them to think that their fun filled event is going to be without cause or concern. In this instance the feeling of self gratification supersedes any thought of responsibility. Wild Sex In Truth Demons have a difficult time entering a relationship whenthere are two partners that are fully aware of what they are doing and take precautionsto prevent any unwanted issues from their encounter. They become emotionally free toindulge in their own well communicated delights. Demons cannot live in truth they onlylive in lies. Responsibility is usually left up to the female partner. When this happen andthe female takes responsibility you have many combinations of possibilities for demonsto enter.Donʼt Worry Be HappyThe lie that Demons make us think is that nothing will happen and their will be noconsequences when we indulge at the peek of our passion. They want us to be focusedonly on accomplishing what we want for ourselves. This is where the demon brings inother demons to gain control over our lives. Then when what was a wonderfulexperience begins to go bad. We may end up with an unwanted disease or anunintended birth of a child. The demons do their work in separating the relationship ofthe two parties involved or place a wedge in their lives.
  17. 17. Are Demons RealBut for those that are able to see the truth and recognize their mistake, the demons arecast out. But when they are not the demons then become passed on to the new child.The child then has the opportunity to recognize these demons and cast them out.Forget About ItThe main lie of the demon sex is they make us believe that what we are doing is rightwithout consideration of our sexual partner or the possibility of a pregnancy. They wantus to be self gratified in what we are doing. This is so different from a relationship thatdoes not allow the demon into their lives. Their indulgence in sex is free like a bird,openly discussing how to make each other reach the greatest amount of enjoyment,realizing that sex has its own parameters.Letʼs Have Another Beer The two demons that are often the third party to the sexual relationship are the demon alcohol and demon drug. They put a person into a state of euphoria having an exaggerated feeling of what is really happing and then placing the focus only on what is desired with or without the consent of their partner. Once these demons enter in they become part of the lives of those who partake in them. They cause a person to be constantly thinking of this euphoric state of mind and how good everything was even though they cannot relive the past. This of itself will distract the person from carrying on with a normal life. In their subconscious mind they will be consumed by the euphoria created by the alcohol or drug even when they are not on the substances. A relationship without the mind altering substances will not beplagued by the constant thought of the euphoria created by mind altering substancesand they will enjoy intimate sex and life far more than the demon obsessed person.Demon sex is lurking in the lives of all people waiting for the opportune moment to takeadvantage of our weaknesses. The more lies that we believe from the demon the morewe become a part of the demonʼs home, hell.For Updates Check Out Are Demons Real or What is Evil and Jesusisum. Website