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Here We Are - 40 Years Later!


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A few highlights of "All I know, I have learned in the last 40 years."

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Here We Are - 40 Years Later!

  1. 1. Here We Are – 40 Years Later THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY40 Crazy Years – Quakertown, to Kitchener, Ontario, to Ft Lauderdale, to Lancaster, to Guatemala, to Denver…. And we‟ve still got another 25 years to go!
  2. 2. The Spring House… Is this still thebest place totake yearbook  All that I know,photos, wedding . . . . I learned in the last 40 Yearspictures… orwhat?
  3. 3. Dad, what WAS it like back then, in the “old days”? (Yes, dear, we had electricity!) (And no, we didn’t have dinosaurs.) Let’s take a quick glance at 1971Barney, the and onward . . .dinosaur didn’tarrive until 1992. Time flies…. Barney seems like soHere he is at the long ago – but that dinosaur was bornCD parking lot. 21 years after you graduated!;-)
  4. 4. CD Guys’ Car of Choice - Camaro1971 Camaro - $ 2,795 (but now worth $46,000!)2011 Camaro $39,000
  5. 5. Well, I also learned that prices can change over 40 years 1971 2011 Eggs $ 0.53 $ 1.29 Gas $ 0.36 $ 3.60 House $ 28,300 $ 284,750 Salary $ 9,028 $ 51,740 Gold $ 41 $ 1,750 Population 207,000 312,540 DJIA 950 12,100
  6. 6. I learned things don’t always last, including people.• Ronald Reagan Died 2004 George R Brunk 2002• John Denver, my Aunt Lavina and Grandma Martin• Berlin Wall 1989• Popular then: Tony Orlando & Dawn, Jackson Five• John Lennon. Jesus People Note: Started: Heritage Singers, Maranatha Singers
  7. 7. And, I learned that things do change over 4 decades. “rapper”“wrapper” Lil‟ Wayne,gum, 1971 2011RememberFruit Stripe?Computers:$4,000,000 in1971 = $400iPhone in 2011
  8. 8. I also learned that War isn’t the Answer :-( Wars – 1971 and onward Vietnam War Afghan War Bosnia Sudan Gulf War Kosovo War on Drugs Somalia War in Iraq War on Poverty1971 Edwin Starr top radio song – “War! What is it good for? (absolutely nothin’)My birthday February 8, 1953 was draft pick . . . 347 !
  9. 9. And, I learned time flies even if we “think” we are youngerJustin Bieber?Uh,His MOTHER wasn’teven born until 1976 !!Trivia: (Biebers lived near us in Stratford, Ontario)
  10. 10. I also learned that some people are confused
  11. 11. • God has a Great Plan for YouI learned • Give praise and encouragement • Forgive. Oftenthings we • Say “I’m sorry” – quicklyneed to tellour children A guarantee, isn’tand our • Hurt people, hurt people • Stay in touch with friendsgrand-children, • Life isn’t “fair”.and . . . All things do work out for good*remember • Sponsor someone else’s child toourselves. go on a mission trip. My contractor went bankrupt – God readjusted me
  12. 12. • Be extra-generou$ Share and Read bedtime stories teach what • Say “You’re right” more often. • Smile at strangers, clerks you’ve • Hug more (One-Minute Rule*)learned over This December, give $500 to someone those 40 who needs it. years. Deliver gifts & food to poorThat’s the families; take your children along • Say “I love you” more oftenbest legacy Fly First-Class once in awhile you can • Encourage others often create. • Get a puppy * hug your spouse, child, friend for one solid minute!
  13. 13. Guatemala? We: - Sold a company - 1997 What was - So comfortable in LancasterGod thinking? Can’t He find Never had gone on a mission trip.someone else, Only spoke Englishsomeone who is actually Didn’t “like” poor people, Spanish qualified? food, or living without heat, cell phones or Internet…… Moved in April 1998 Please, please, don’t take me to the mission field, I prayed.
  14. 14. 13 Million people in Guatemala, 50% under the age of 17 80% live in poverty58% non-literate It’s a beautiful country . . . ButHigh infant & corruption, horrible “health care”,maternal death prejudice; extreme poverty rate
  15. 15. Did God Actually Call our Family to Guatemala?Anita is an RN.(Yes, I know. I “married up” ! )70 indigenous patientswalk an hour & line up atour mountain clinic by 8in the morning. ------
  16. 16. We learned  God wants the glory, so He buildsto trust testimoniesGod.  At first we felt unsafe and scaredSeriously.  God protected us 100% (Kidnapped and left to die?)No faith in Police and military everywherepolice were common sight when we arrived.
  17. 17. But He can useanyone Hecalls. • Began by delivering food, clothing, medicine • Started a mobile clinic – in a school bus • Built nice permanent clinic in 2001; 10 workers • Hundreds of lives saved. Thousands improved. • God provided funds, people and protection.
  18. 18. . - Corn stalk shacks; up to 9 children - Dirt floors are cold and damp - Poverty. A family on $2 a day
  19. 19. I learned the meaning of: “What good is it to say, „Bless you, go and be well-fed‟, yet do nothing”. James 2:16 - Blind lady, alcoholic husband, 5th Child. No food. - Baby died inside the Mom? Rush to hospital odd hours. We might be the only “Jesus” these people ever see. Pray for the poor? Sure. But also feed and help them.Right: Built house for family, providefood; husband run over by bus, invalid.
  20. 20. Do we know Moms… what would you do, what it’s really? What could you do? really like?. - No food at all for your children - Violently beat for taking your sick child to our clinic (not leave house without permission) - Kicked & beat for giving birth to a girl? - Watch your child die of malnutrition? We provide ministry and help at the clinic. ( I learned that a mother’s life is very hard )
  21. 21. Children must workto help the family.Girls attend schoolless than boys.Most children onlygo to 3rd grade, thenhelp in the fields orhelp care for evenyounger children - These 3-year olds help outI I learned that a child’s life can be - Sell fruit all day hard, too. - 13 cents each sale
  22. 22. I learned that we don’t - Curses they live under - Must stay in bed with baby or be KNOW cursed with no more children - Don’t leave village without a priest’s WHAT blessing (even if child is dying) - Don’t wash if sick (can cause deaths) IT’S - Witch doctors (take money for nothing) REALLY Have you ever held a dead baby? LIKE (It clarifies life’s meaning) (And, it happened to us; despite the many babies we helped to save, we couldn‟t save our own.)
  23. 23. So that’s about it. All I really know, I learned in those last 40 years. You can do more than you imagined. It’s never too late to start. Do more for others than you feel like doing.God will always keep His promises. (And He has made so many) Share more of your money than you feel like sharing/giving. Tough times don’t last… God’s plans & people do. He is a Master at Restoration. Thank you very much for letting me/us share. Gregory and Anita Giagnocavo