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Handmade English slides


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Handmade English slides

  1. 1. “HANDMADE ENGLISH” Just swap or drop! A new teaching strategy by Anna Piermattei and Paola Reggio ESOL Teachers October 2010
  2. 2. graficol1.xls How to use and tackle different tenses – present, past, future, conditional - in questions, sentences, negative forms with an absolutely new and innovative approach. •global system •a rule that is just one page long though it covers 80% most common mistakes •short time – 20 LESSONS Students will be ready to use their communicative skills much sooner than with any other method.
  4. 4. GRAFICO TRIENNIO.xls Focus is completely different from traditional methods. They introduce tenses one by one (3 years) LIMIT IN COMMUNICATION LIMIT IN PRACTICE •miss the chance to optimize what students are learning •miss the opportunity to easily re- apply it to other tenses
  5. 5. 1a media (tot. 90 ore) Handmade English (20 h.) present/past/future/conditional dict verbs (5 h) conversation + listening/speaking/writing/reading (65 h.) (thanks-greeting-introducing myself or others - meet new friends - likes and dislikes - suggest, refuse, accept and arrange something together) 2a media (tot. 90 ore) Handmade English (10 h.) present/past/future/con ditional dictionary and conversation (80 h) + listening/speaking/writing/reading (describing people/places, daily routine, weather, shopping, at the table, travelling, talking (ask and answer about present, past, future) film/songs 3a media (tot. 90 ore) Handmade English (10 h.) present/past/future/con ditional dictionary and conversation (80 h) + listening/speaking/writing/reading (test ket/pet) (conversation games and cards) more grammar rules (comp/superl, if clause, reported speech, etc. film/songs GRAFICO TRIENNIO
  6. 6. We do the opposite: Focus is first on the way auxiliaries work, and then on the tense they are made for. EASY TO LEARN 4cartellone orizzontale_Layout 1.pdf
  7. 7. Main concept – English auxiliaries just swap or drop. Which are the auxiliaries that “swap”? (be+ing, have+participle, will+verb, would +verb) Which are the ones that “drop”? (do, does, did) (DVD lesson 2- 10 minutes) Learning strategy - “TPR – Total Physical Response” Render more visible and fun the grammar rule by representing the rule with the hands and fingers. This enables teachers to make their lessons more fun and interesting and students to love learning. (DVD Are you kidding?- 6 minutes)
  8. 8. Objectives: To highly fasten and secure the learning process of English, so as to prepare the groundwork for simple conversation about what has been done or what will be done or what is happening at the moment. To synthesize in one page all main grammar rules, so that all students will learn more easily and much more time can be devoted to communicative activities. To let students understand the basic mechanisms of the English language, which apparently no school/method seems to have yet realized or pointed out to students. They change their way of thinking, not only their dictionary or language sounds, into something completely different from the Italian, French or Spanish language. Most of the students who tested this project said at the end ... “Now I understand how English works!!!” “I’ve got it! And guess what, I can speak!”
  9. 9. Benefits Very few lessons allow those students who have best mathematical-logical- musical skills to perfectly use all tenses, so they can sooner get to more challenging language activities. Those who need more time, often complain with other teaching methods because of getting bad marks and think they do not understand or like foreign languages. With this method they get great satisfaction in overcoming different obstacles, so that they feel they know some steps and are slowly going on through others. They feel they are making progress whilst “getting to next level”. TUTOR1.pdf With short specific projects (max. 10 hours) to be carried out at any time of their learning path, they will be able to revise a lot and attain to same skill level of the rest of the class. Finally, the teacher knows exactly what each student knows and still doesn’t know or remember, so he can work more efficiently to solve individual problems.
  10. 10. TUTOR
  11. 11. Main Steps of the project 1st hour class: to be – to have – will – would (in order of sequence, forwards and backwards, and then “haphazardly ”) 2nd hour class Handmade English – The super grammar rule Just….swap or drop! 3rd hour Hand practice
  12. 12. 4th to 9th hour Choose the tense and the auxiliary First written exercise in class with teacher support WHICH AUXILIARY MODELLO ESER.BREAK Other exercises by themselves with score and register REGISTRO statistiche ausiliari 10th hour class and following ones Oral practice for 0+0 students TO EAT TO HAVE TO LEAVE
  15. 15. REGISTRO
  16. 16. statistiche ausiliari
  17. 17. TO EAT
  18. 18. TO HAVE
  19. 19. TO LEAVE
  20. 20. “HANDMADE ENGLISH” (DVD achievements 1 -5 minutes) Register (DVD It works!- 3 minutes) (DVD class ativity- 5 minutes) (DVD achievements2 – 15 minutes)