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Information Security (InfoSec) Skills - Talent and Market Insights


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Information Security (InfoSec) Skills - Talent Pool, Identity and Access Management, Market Insights, Market Share, Industry Acquisition & Merger timeline, Evolution

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Information Security (InfoSec) Skills - Talent and Market Insights

  1. 1. Demand on Information Security (InfoSec) Skilled Expertise in India Han Digital Talent Consulting This report is solely for the use of Han Digital personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Han Digital Solution. Han Digital Solution Confidential Growing Demand on Information Security (InfoSec, IAM) Talent Across IT Outsourcing Destinations Among top 25 HOT Skills in 2017 in India
  2. 2. Infrastructure Regime Data Eruption 24/7*365 Online World Tomorrow’s Finance Complicated Regulations & Standards Infinite Internet Potential Multiple Identities & Trust Models IT Security Trends Network Security Cloud Security Mobile Security Threat Intelligence Information Security Areas 145 million Potential User Login Data Stolen on the year 2014, Hacker still Unknown 3 million Encrypted Credit Card Numbers Stolen; About 150 million Adobe Accounts Compromised, Source code of Adobe Photoshop & Other Products also was stole, Hacker Still Unknown Year 2013 The personal information of 150,000 consumers who went into bankruptcy between 2007 and 2011 – including their social security numbers – were exposed after Citi failed to properly redact court records before they were put on the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. Year 2011 On January 29, 2015, Anthem, Inc. (Anthem) learned of a cyberattack to their IT system. The cyber attackers tried to get private information about individuals with data on Anthem systems. It is believed that it happened over the course of several weeks beginning in early December 2014. Organizations today are highly vulnerable to data and identity theft, especially with the popularity of social media, cloud computing, and mobile devices. Members of Mozilla’s developer community have been alerted about an accidental leak of email addresses and encrypted passwords, after the failure of a “data sanitisation” process the organisation was carrying out. Year 2014 The market is segmented into solutions such as;  Identity and Access Management  Risk and Compliance Management  Encryption  Data Loss Prevention  Unified Threat Management  Firewall, Antivirus and Antimalware  Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)  Disaster Recovery  Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation, and Whitelisting. The Global Information Security market is currently in a state of growth with the high adoption of IAM solutions by SMEs, large enterprises, and government organizations wanting to improve efficiency and productivity. Reactive Proactive Consumers Information Security Recovery Backup Restore IT Hacks, Leaks & Threats 1 in every 10 consumers has already been victimized by #IdentityTheft Identity and access management - IAM means management of individual users, their authentication, authorization, and privileges within or across system and enterprise boundaries. 2Source: Han Digital Solution
  3. 3. Identity & Access Management Market & Talent Tier1Productvendors •OpenIAM •OpenDS Directory Server •OpenSSO •Shibboleth (SSO) •Gluu Open Source Identity Management Solutions IAMRoleplay2020Benefits  By 2020, 80% of digital access will be influenced by new mobile and non-PC architectures, an increase from 5% today 13,200+ Talent pool Available in India Estimated 46,000+ Globally Available Pool Estimated Total Market Size 2015 : $400 million (Only Licences Cost) Identity and Access Management Market to Grow at a CAGR of 15.1% to 2018 Supply Worldwide spending on information security is $78.5 billion in 2015, an increase of 8.2 percent over 2013  Reduced help desk costs and improved service through the self-service of password changes and access requests. Eliminated security threat from active accounts that have no valid owner or unapproved configurations. Oracle Identity & Access Management IBM Tivoli Access/Identity Manager CA Identity Manager/Access Control Sailpoint Identity IQ NetIQ Identity Manager EMC – RSA Secure ID Forgerock OpenIDM  Use of monitoring tools and big data analytics will rise and spending on IAM will fall. (It evokes the rise of Identity Intelligence)  By 2020, 70% of all businesses will use attribute-based access control (ABAC) to protect critical assets, up from <5% today. Avoiding the existing Role-based access control (RBAC).  Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) will play a significant role in future of IAM  By 2020, the Internet of Things will redefine the concept of "identity management" to include what people own, share, and use.  Improved security and scaling of administrative staff through the division of workload among administrators that have an accurate knowledge of user access needs.  Reduced security risk and auditing costs through the establishment of a system- of-record for access changes and approvals.  Improved accuracy and reduced costs associated with the creation and revocation of user access rights to internal resources and to resources that are external to your organization.  By 2020, overall IAM product and pricing will drop by 40% relative to today in real terms. I. Financial Services, Healthcare & Public Sector II. Manufacturing & Telecommunications III. Utilities & Retail According to Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach for an organization in 2013 was $3.5 million U.S. dollars — a 15 increase since 2012 OtherProductvendors Demand n Number of small & medium sized IAM solution providers went through a series of acquisitions in the year 2005 With an increased use of IAM solutions and the entry of new vendors, the market is expected to experience strong growth 85% in tier 1 Indian Cities 3 More than 40% of the installed IAM pool contributed by Tier I IT service providers Non - Exhaustive IM & AM Source: Han Digital Solution
  4. 4. IAM Acquisitions - TimeLine Distributed Computing Birth Grid / Cloud Computing Era 1990’s Internet of Things / BYOD 2014 Internet Based Computing / Web services Late 1990’s 1990 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2013 2014 2015 2020 Today Oracle Acquires Oblix CA Acquires eTrust Cleanup March,2005 Bull Evidian Acquires Enatel Microsoft Acquires Alacris Sept,2005 Oracle Acquires Thortech Oracle Acquires Octetstring Nov,2005 Novell Acquires Fortefi Oracle Acquires Bharosa Oracle Acquires Bridgestream Sept,2007 Feb,2007 July,2007 Oracle Acquires BEA Systems Jan,2008 CA Acquires ID Focus Oct,2008 Jan2009 CA Acquires Orchestria Microsoft Acquires Sentillon Dec2009 Oracle Acquires Stellent 2006 Nov2006 Oracle Acquires Sun Microsystems Jan2010 Aug2010 Vmware Acquires TriCipher Oracle Acquires Passlogix Dell Acquires Enstratius May2010 Kaseya Acquires Scorpian Vmware Acquires Airwatch IBM Acquires CrossideasEMC Acquires Aveksa LogMeIn Acquires Meldium IBM Acquires Lighthouse Security Microsoft Acquires Aorato Jan2014 July2014 Aug2014 Sept2014 Nov2014 Sailpoint Acquires Whitebox June2015 July2015 CA Acquires IDMLogic 20021999 IBM Acquires MetaMerge IBM Acquires Access360 Microsoft Acquired Zoomit SAP Acquired Maxware Oracle Acquires Phaos Technology July,1999 June,2002 Sept,2002 May,2004 May,2007 2004 Size of Digital Data has increased in the last decade at a exponential rate. Proportionally the Data Hacks & IT Security Threats has been increased Enterprises are spending 46% on security technologies in 2015 IAMDemandacrossITEvolutionIAMProductAcquisitionsovertheyears bring your own identity (BYOI) Projected The Identity of Things (IDoT) is a new extension to identity management meant to encompass all identities, regardless of whether it is a person or device 4Source: Han Digital Solution
  5. 5. Han Digital experience in IAM and other InfoSec Areas’s Identity & Access Management Functionality Based IDMS Class Deployment Based IDMS Class Cloud - IAM Isolated Cloud IDMS Centralized Cloud IDMS Federated Cloud IDMS User-Centric Cloud IDMS Anonymous Cloud IDMS • IDM365 • NetIQ/Novell • Atos • Oracle • Sailpoint • Gigya • Intel McAfee • Avatier • Courion • Evidian • AWS Webservices • IBM • Covisint • Hitachi • OSIAM • Gemalto • OneLogin • Dell • SecurAct • Microsoft • Vmware • SAP • Octa • security • Good IDM • Omada •OpenIAM •OpenDS Directory Server •OpenSSO •Shibboleth (SSO) •Gluu On Premise - IAM Most IAM are moving into Cloud based Solutions 6Source: Han Digital Solution
  6. 6. What do we help on InfoSec?Why do your peer’s adopt InfoSec? Greater agility, Reliability & Threat Detection Can be secure with the acts of Human Error or Failure Secure the company’s intellectual property such as Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets & Copyrights Safeguards the technology assets in use at the organization Enables the safe operation of applications implemented on the organization‘s IT systems  Talent availability study for your InfoSec skills  Location feasibility for hiring  Compensation insights  InfoSec skill mix analysis  Alternative talent pool for cross skilling  Peer companies hiring best practices  Hiring competition and trends  Talent fulfilment in less time Write us for further InfoSec Domain/Skills Market View – SIEM, Vulnerability Tools, Cloud Security, Application Security, Disaster Recover etc. 6 India – Hiring Demand India - Talent Pool Industry Adoption of IAM Global Market Penetration Contact
  7. 7. Need detailed insights or Talent Fulfilment support? Contact 080-61341500  Talent Pool Analysis  Hiring Outlook And Forecasting  Talent Acquisition Channel Tracking  Top Trading Skills And Trends Tracking  Attrition Data Validation And Analysis  C&B Benchmarking And Analysis  Candidate Discovery And Engagement  University Hiring And Trends  Location Strategy  Company Profiling  Emerging Cities  Integrated Talent Solutions  Market Tracker  Emerging Skills Trends  Vendor Benchmarking  Employer Perception Study Han Digital is a talent consulting partner to several Domestic and International companies. More than a decade experience in niche offerings with consulting capabilities Talent Consulting Practice Management Consulting & Advisory Who we are Top trading skills in India Storage & Datacenter IBM SAN EMC SAN File System Netbackup Open Source Python HTML5 User Design & UI Java/J2EE Package Suite Workday Salesforce CRM Callidus Microsoft Dynamics Oracle Apps SAP Hybris Information Security Identity Management Archer Arcsight Qradar Splunk Qualysguard Cloud security Data Analytics Hadoop Data Science Tableau Oracle BI Database Management MySQL & PostgreSQL Mango DB Cassandra DB2 UDB Cloud & Virtualization Vmware Amazon (AWS) IBM Softlayer Rackspace Engineering/R&D Protocol development System programming CAD/CAM engineering Firmware development Emerging IT Practices DevOps IoT/IoE RPA Enterprise Mobility Mobile commerce 5G AR/VR/MR Talent Intelligence Store Emergingcitiez Talent Market Tracker Sourcing Lab Product & Solutions 7