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Valerie Thompson, e-Learning Foundation


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Universal Access: it's achievable, it's affordable, it's sustainable.

Published in: Technology
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Valerie Thompson, e-Learning Foundation

  1. 1. Strategies for sustainable funding Valerie Thompson Ray Moore e-Leaming Foundation e-learning foundation
  2. 2. About today ‘r Fun ‘r Informative Thought provoking P The answer to your prayers "r A relaxing day off (Delete as applicable)
  3. 3. What do we know? We raise funds as a charity We give grants out to those who successfully raise funds from us
  4. 4. While universal access to learning technologies at home as well as at school is desirable, is it really achievable given the cost?
  5. 5. The cost of universal access ‘r What have you already got? ‘r Over time, could you change how you provide access to technology for pupils? 2* How much more do you need to raise now, and in future?
  6. 6. Potential sources of funds >~ Your own budgets ‘r Somebody e| se’s budgets Your local community and parents P Government grants ‘r National companies ‘r Other national sources
  7. 7. Existing budgets ’r Your devolved capital budgets ‘r Your revenue budgets (for leasing) Major capital projects (e. g. BSF, Extended Schools, Academies, Specialist Schools) Trust community responsibility Local Authority funds
  8. 8. Local stakeholders ’r PTA ‘r Local charities Local businesses ‘r EBP r Parents
  9. 9. Parents 'r Overwhelmingly the best source of sustainable funding P Little and often contributions easier for less well off kr Most people can give something Offer a package of learning resources for the whole family (link to CLC or UK Online Centre)
  10. 10. Grants/ programmes ’r Computers for Pupils ‘r Home Access European funds '2 BSF/ PCP
  11. 11. Companies ‘r Large companies tend to want to support large charities and nationwide projects P but Head Offices sometimes want to support their immediate community kr Best to work in partnership with national chanfies ‘r Payroll giving Chosen charity
  12. 12. Other national sources ‘r City Livery companies ‘r Educational trusts Corporate CSR programmes ‘Ir Regeneration programmes ‘r Digital inclusion programmes
  13. 13. Who won’t support you? ‘r The Lottery ‘r Those who don’t support statutory bodies Those who don’t support educational projects >— Those who have other criteria
  14. 14. How organisations give Charity committee Charity fund Different timescales Different criteria Staff vote or management choice Staff fundraising Matched giving
  15. 15. Before you approach 'r Research and prepare 2' Be clear what you are asking for ‘r Find out about the company and what they want r Find out how the company likes to be approached ’r Find out the company's indicative support levels r Know the name of the person you should talk to ‘r Customise your application based on knowledge of the above, use their language
  16. 16. Give them what they ask for ‘r In the right format ‘r On the right date With all the required information P At the indicated amount "r if you don’t succeed ask for feedback on your application ready for next time
  17. 17. Your USP’s ‘r Local projects — people like to give locally ‘r Topical — digital divide a hot potato For children — emotional aspect ‘Iv Innovation — doing something new, or in a different way
  18. 18. How it works in practice DSGI Switched on Communities ‘r Researched the company Understood the programme (Switched on Communities) ‘r identified excellent match ‘r Found out the decision makers ‘r Complied with every request
  19. 19. How it works in practice Holmesdale Technology College ‘r Launched e-learning programme to parents June 2005 — 80% take-up @ £5 a week P Now covering 4 year groups ‘» Almost 100% participation ‘r Impact on school - immense
  20. 20. Mind your p’s and q’s! Don’t assume you will be successful Respond to requests for information on time Remember to say thank you!