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Graham Brown-Martin - Game Based Learning


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Presentation by Graham Brown-Martin given at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, August 08

Published in: Business, Education
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Graham Brown-Martin - Game Based Learning

  1. 1. gaming in education graham brown-martin +44 7966 279 271 (SMS your questions)
  2. 2. Looks who’s talking ‣ Derek Robertson, LTS - Overview of Game Based Learning ‣ Anna Rossvoll, Nintendogs in Primary Learning ‣ Stacey Betteridge, Guitar Hero in Secondary Learning ‣ Comfort break ‣ Kim Applin, Endless Ocean for Endless Learning ‣ Susan Yeoman,Game Based Learning in Action ‣ Patrick O’Luanaigh, Inanimate Alice ‣ Discussion panel, the above plus special guests
  3. 3. Who? Online Community Annual Conference Learning research market intelligence
  4. 4. What are learners using?