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H&K is one of the world’s leading communications consultancies.
We have over 250 consultants with specialist expertise based in our London office in Soho Square.
Our experts come together by discipline and industry sector to form the best team to tackle every aspect of our clients’ assignments.

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Hill & Knowlton - Successful Ingredients

  3. 3. CONSUMER COMMUNICATIONS: WE pUT ThE CONSUMER AT ThE CENTRE OF EvERyThING WE DO. CORpORATE In an information rich, time poor society creating communications programmes that carry your message to the right audience, & BUSINESS at the right time, through the right channel is critical. We can tell your story. By putting the consumer at the centre of everything we do, COMMUNICATIONS: A STRONG CORpORATE we create relevant and compelling narratives that engage new and existing audiences, enliven brands and deliver measurable REpUTATION outcomes be that behavioural or perception changes. TRANSLATES INTO These insight driven narratives are delivered through offline and online media channels, in one to one conversation with REAL vALUE. consumers, through ambassador endorsement or influencer marketing campaigns, and product seeding. Our sector expertise includes retail, food and drink, home and household products, cars and travel, media and entertainment, and technology. And our team of specialists are leading thinkers Reputation attracts staff and business partners, builds market on the big issues of the day — sustainability, climate change, share and enhances shareholder value. ethical consumption, health and obesity, skills and education — and the constant evolution in our media consumption. We offer a fully integrated approach to corporate and business communications, from media relations, reputation management, thought leadership, crisis and issues management, digital and stakeholder communications to sponsorship and event management. This mix and experience provides any client with the resources and expertise they need to develop and implement an effective corporate communications programme and help clients to build, manage and protect the reputation of their brands.
  4. 4. TRAINING: GETTING hEARD IS hARD IN TODAy’S NOISy WORLD. Delivery of message is vital to any successful communications programme. H&K’s expert trainers from the world of media, commerce and drama arm you with the skills, techniques and confidence to engage your audiences. Media training H&K trains spokespeople in virtually every sector and at every level. Rather than offering ‘off the shelf’ training, each training pUBLIC AFFAIRS: course is specifically developed to meet the client’s specific needs. With the right skills and techniques, a spokesperson can pUBLIC AND get key messages across in a crisis to diffuse it, communicate the benefits of a new product and advance an organisation’s position pOLITICAL AFFAIRS on key issues of the day. Unfortunately, spokespeople who don’t know how to design and deliver their message to fit the media’s ARE AT ThE hEART OF agenda often go unheard. In a positive media climate that means missed opportunities. In a crisis, it can mean millions of pounds MODERN SOCIETy . worth of, often irreparable, damage to a company’s brand, image and reputation. presentation training An effective presentation gives you a professional and competitive Whether you are a major international commercial organisation, edge, whether you are persuading Board members to adopt your a national trade association, an NGO or a governmental body, recommendations, selling your services to clients, promoting your understanding the public policy agenda and media environment company at an industry seminar or briefing colleagues on your within which you operate is paramount in ensuring competitive plans for the future. Our training programme provides you with advantage, growth and development, successful delivery, or the tools to make your presentations hard-hitting, memorable even survival. and, where appropriate, entertaining. Most importantly, the course is designed to help you achieve a higher degree As part of the world’s most extensive public affairs network, we of audience attention and recall. provide the very best that UK and international public affairs has to offer, informed by a deep seated understanding of how global trends help shape the political environment. Among our range of services you’ll find: • Political monitoring, intelligence gathering, public policy research and analysis. • UK parliamentary and government relations, with national and regional outreach. • International diplomacy, multi market campaigns and awareness, and governmental capacity building and issue management • In depth political stakeholder mapping, campaign development and implementation. • Political media relations, digital communications and social media strategies. • Sector expertise including food and retail, financial services, the environment and sustainability, health and pharmaceuticals, energy, utilities and transport.
  5. 5. MESSAGE DEvELOpMENT: KNOWING WhAT yOU WANT TO BE ‘FAMOUS’ FOR IS NOT AS EASy AS IT SOUNDS. ISSUES & CRISIS Clear, controlled messages help your business grow by attracting customers. They can give investors a clear idea of your corporate MANAGEMENT: vision and they can limit damage during a crisis. LOOK AT ANy Our proprietary approach to creating robust messages and an effective storyhouse empowers our clients to effectively ANNUAL REpORT AND communicate with their stakeholders. A bespoke workshop then arms you with the techniques to handle any situation. The objectives of a messaging workshop are to develop a set of yOU’LL FIND ThERE IS ONE pRICELESS overarching key messages to be used in communications with the media; identify and agree which facts and figures will be used as ITEM NOT LISTED AS proof points by spokespeople; identify issues you’re likely to face when dealing with the media and agree key messages around A COMpANy ASSET, them; and road-test key messages in filmed interviews. REpUTATION. During the workshop we simulate a series of scenarios which focus on potential topics that the media are likely to want your view on. For each scenario, we will brainstorm key messages and proof points. This will result in you having a set of clear and coherent materials when speaking to the media. Businesses spend years and invest millions of pounds building credible and trustworthy reputations to capture market share and ensure long term growth. However, in a crisis, all that effort and investment can be undone in seconds leaving investor, customer and stakeholder confidence in tatters. In some cases, liability may be assumed where there is none and organisations can cease to exist. As well as brand promotion we are also world leaders in brand protection. In 2007 H&K drew up 50 crisis preparedness plans , and managed over 250 live crises. With immediate access to expert consultants in the UK and across our global network, we have what it takes to offer round-the-clock protection and strategy. Our issues and crisis team helps clients prepare for, manage and recover from crises. We provide the eyes and ears to spot and manage issues that cause crises, we build the defences needed to withstand attack during crises, and we supply the strategies to rehabilitate brands following crises. H&K manages a wide variety of issues and crises, including: product recalls/withdrawals; brand attacks by NGOs and activist groups; corporate restructuring; factory closures; mergers; litigation; corporate blackmail; fraud; leaked documents; pension fund black holes; system failures; hack attacks; employee activism and discrimination issues; terrorism; fires and explosions; fatalities and injuries, and corporate sponsorship issues.
  6. 6. SpORTS MARKETING & SpONSORShIp: IN AN INDUSTRy ThAT hAS GROWN 37% SINCE 2000, ThE DEMAND FOR SpONSORShIp EXpERTS IS hUGE. DIGITAL H&K’s team brings award-winning experience and knowledge. It is one of the industry’s largest and most respected sports COMMUNICATIONS: marketing and sponsorship operations, retaining blue chip sponsorship clients. We have a three-part offering focused around service excellence ThE RISE OF NEW MEDIA hAS CREATED in every aspect of brand sponsorship strategy and activation — whether it is an association with an individual, team, event CONSUMER ACTIvISTS or cause-related initiative. All have the same common goal: to deliver best-in-class media coverage and through-the-line NOT WILLING TO BE programme integration. Return on investment is measured by the impact of positive media coverage and consumer and staff IGNORED. engagement on sales and brand equity. Our services can be summarised as follows: • Sponsorship activation and amplification — sports media relations, consumer and corporate public relations, international media relations, multi-market network coordination, Companies can no longer push out information, they have to internal communications, digital communications, and listen and most importantly, engage with their audience. The ambassador activation. internet and alternative digital media now provide a platform for • Strategic consultancy — sponsorship audit, sponsorship search conversations and two way dialogue between companies and and select, contract negotiation, measurement and evaluation, their customers. issues and crisis management, and message development and media training. H&K’s digital team provides strategic counsel and execution on • Event conception and management — media conferences, how to manage our clients’ reputation online, integrating this photocalls, event media management/accreditation, seamlessly with traditional forms of communication. We engage launch events, and roadshows/tours. with online influencers to initiate dialogue in an ethical and transparent manner, enhancing our clients’ credibility with their audiences. Our proactive online monitoring provides a safe haven to gauge any negative backlash and potential crises, enabling H&K digital to lead the conversation and develop swift, effective initiatives to address particular concerns or misinformation online.
  7. 7. ANALyST RELATIONS: ANALySTS ARE ONE OF ThE MOST INFLUENTIAL yET OFTEN OvERLOOKED COMMUNITIES. ChANGE & INTERNAL As part of the world’s largest dedicated analyst relations practice, the H&K team is equipped with the resources and experience COMMUNCATIONS: to help clients build and maximise relationships with the industry analysts and external stakeholders that directly ChANGE IS impact their bottom lines. A CONSTANT Using sophisticated tools, we identify and prioritise the players exerting the most influence on purchasing decisions and assist IN TODAy’S clients in establishing an effective two-way dialogue with them that benefits all parties. Furthermore, the team helps clients ORGANISATIONS. align their agenda with that of these key market influencers and involve them in their marketing programmes, greatly amplifying the power of their messages. Throughout this process, our extensive analyst subscriptions allow us to test and bullet-proof messaging to maximise its impact with But you have a choice of whether you manage it or let it manage customers, investors, partners and other stakeholders. you. At H&K we have developed a winning approach, specialising in four areas: • Managing change — where we help organisations with the design and implementation of change strategy, organisational re-design, post-merger integration, and leadership communications. • Communication strategy and planning — where we advise on strategy development, integrated communications planning, organisational vision and strategy, communication and cultural audits, and measurement. • Communications services — where we have experts who specialise in writing, channel management, social media, employee engagement and storytelling, internal branding, and communication toolkits. • Leadership — where we provide communications training, cascade implementation and advice, and strategic leadership communications.
  8. 8. INTERNATIONAL & DEvELOpING MARKETS: ThE ECONOMIC GEOGRAphy OF ThE WORLD IS ShIFTING — AND ShIFTING vERy FAST. The increasing importance of the developing world as a provider of investment, products and services to more traditional markets as well as the emergence of millions of new consumers and businesses is changing the way the world thinks about companies, governments and countries. H&K has unique experience in helping companies and governments from developing countries communicate with their diverse stakeholder groups around the world. Our multi-lingual international team has experience covering Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Our services include: • Market access communications where we develop and manage reputations in key markets across political, business and other BRAND IDENTITy stakeholder groups. • Financial communications where we support merger and & DESIGN: acquisition transactions including regulatory approval and preparing companies for stock market listings. BRANDING IS ThE ‘F’ • Crisis and issues management. • Corporate branding and identity. WORD IN MARKETING — • Communications strategy and planning including training and development of internal departments. pEOpLE SWEAR By IT. Branding has become part of daily life — It is the promise that any organisation presents to its customers. A strong brand helps any business compete in its marketplace. Wholly owned by H&K, Bisqit, our brand and design service provides consultancy to clients around the world. Handling projects on a local and global scale, we offer brand research, strategic positioning, naming, brand identity, design implementation and ongoing brand management. Partnering with the communications teams within H&K, we deliver fully integrated brand strategy and communications all under one roof.
  9. 9. h&K IS ONE OF ThE WORLD’S LEADING COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANCIES. We have over 250 consultants with specialist expertise based in our London office in Soho Square. Our experts come together by discipline and industry sector to form the best team to tackle every aspect of our clients’ assignments. For more information please contact Sally Costerton CEO Hill & Knowlton 20 Soho Square London W1A 1PR Sally.Costerton@hillandknowlton.com +44 (0)20 7413 3000 www.hillandknowlton.co.uk Printed on material sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable commercial forests, certified in accordance with the FSC, and is manufactured by a mill that is registered under the internationally recognised environmental management standard ISO 14001 and is elemental chlorine free; an environmentally friendly bleaching process. Design by Bisqit. www.bisqit.co.uk