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D2: Kenyatte Nelson, P&G


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Kenyatte Nelson of P&G discusses telling a luxury story at H+K's Demystifying Digital 2013.

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D2: Kenyatte Nelson, P&G

  1. 1. Luxury Storytelling Kenyatte Nelson P&G Communications
  2. 2. Luxury is Different… - Artisan vs. Advertiser - Language vs. Communication - Dreams vs. Insights/Needs - Emotional vs. Rational - Value vs. Price - The Few vs. The Many
  3. 3. 10 Observations on how Luxury Brands Tell Stories
  4. 4. It’s Not You….It’s Me
  5. 5. Luxury story telling is less about specific consumer insights and more about the basic psychology that builds desire It is less about sales and more about seduction
  6. 6. The consumer doesn’t tell me what to design… I tell the consumer what to wear
  7. 7. This is just a shoe….
  8. 8. Until I show & tell you the story….
  9. 9. Desirable vs. Attainable
  10. 10. Luxury story telling lives in the emotional…not the functional. The primary aim is to seduce, entice and drive desire beyond reason…
  11. 11. Hermes Sound of Silver
  12. 12. Live in the Dream
  13. 13. Luxury story telling understands that dreams are… • Beautiful • Aspirational • Relevant
  14. 14. Emotional Benefit Fundamental Truth/Need Functional Benefit Product Environment/C ontext Insight
  15. 15. Anticipation D L I U B
  16. 16. Luxury story telling introduces itself and then walks away …leaving you wanting more Trailers are used to drive interest, leading to the reveal
  17. 17. Coco Mademoiselle A Man’s World
  18. 18. Think Big…Not Mass
  19. 19. Luxury story telling is designed to be seen and admired but not necessarily relevant to all
  20. 20. Use 985146297 …(Archetypes)
  21. 21. Luxury story telling uses tools that drive familiarity. (The Hero, The Damsel, The Journey, The Great Love…) Familiarity builds comfort and intimacy. Comfort and Intimacy build trust
  22. 22. Gucci Bamboo Confidential
  23. 23. Be Relevant… But Be Timeless First
  24. 24. Luxury story telling is generally not concerned with cultural relevance. The brands value classicism and timelessness
  25. 25. Dior Dior J’Adore
  26. 26. Entertainment Supersedes Education
  27. 27. Luxury story telling seeks to use entertainment to drive engagement…and spares no expense doing so
  28. 28. Chanel Nowness
  29. 29. Celebrate (History, Heritage, Values, Product)
  30. 30. “…The more provincial an idea the more universal it may become…”
  31. 31. Luxury story telling often celebrates the things that define the brand/house. Even prioritizing them of the product message.
  32. 32. Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Collection
  33. 33. Don’t Tell Stories… Build Legend
  34. 34. Luxury story telling ALWAYS pays homage to the house. EVERY story is designed to expand the legend of the house.
  35. 35. Chanel For the First Time