How to play MOV videos with Windows Media Player on Win8 PC


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If you are looking for a tool for you to make .mov files playback on Windows 8 OS without any trouble, watch this video and get the fast solution with an MOV to MP4 Converter. Learn more here:

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How to play MOV videos with Windows Media Player on Win8 PC

  1. 1. How to play QuickTime/iMovie MOV with Windows Media Player? --by Lisa
  2. 2. MOV comes from Apple Inc. You are able to play this format files well on every Apple products. However, out of the Apple programs and devices, MOV could be really hardly to play back on devices or programs. As a result, you should convert MOV files to some other formats before it could be used. What if you want to play back MOV on Windows with Media Player? Read this presentation and you’ll get the key. Learn About MOV
  3. 3. To make MOV playable with Windows Media Player, you should convert MOV to MP4 at first with iOrgSoft MOV converter for Win (Learn more about the converter by clicking the link). About the conversion
  4. 4. 1. Add Files Click here to choose the files that you need, or, directly drag your files to the zone below this boutton.
  5. 5. 2. Choose MKV as output format Choose “Win Application”→ “Media Player(*.mp4)” P.S. If you are using the Mac version, there’s no “Win Application” option for you. But you can select “Common Video” → “MPEG- 4(*.mp4)”
  6. 6. 3. Do some further setting When hitting the “Setting” button beside “Convert to” bar, you can set about the specifications on Audio and Video, its encoder, frame rate, bitrate, channels, etc. If choosing this mode of resolution, the program will set due to the original resolution. Write down the preferable resolution you want in this mode Recommended resolutions
  7. 7. Click here and the conversion will be begun one by one automatically. 4. Begin the conversion When conversion is finished, click here to check the converted files
  8. 8. How to convert MOV to Media Player? How to extract MP3 from QuickTime MOV? Learn more on how to convert MOV files: Till here, the conversion have been done. However, the usage of this converter is more than these. You can explore the editing usage by yourself. Just try to click those buttons that I haven’t introduced to you.
  9. 9. The End AVCHD & VIDEO CONVERTER: More information: Any problem: Tel: +86-752-7813450 Email: