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Dunn Presentation

Role of Library at a Community College

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Dunn Presentation

  1. 1. Library The Focal Point of a Campus Emily Dunn Observation Presentation LIS 6120
  2. 2. Where the Observation was Completed • An academic library at a community college
  3. 3. Making Students Aware • The library is an important resource. • It is important that students are comfortable. • What Library X did that made their students feel welcomed and aware of the resources offered.
  4. 4. Why the Students are coming to the Library • Studyhub • Exams • English classes • Library and Information Science Classes • 3D Printer
  5. 5. Informal Activities Available • Adult Coloring • Board games • TV area • Reading for fun section
  6. 6. Academic meets Public • Open to the public • Right to information • Services available to everyone
  7. 7. Striving for the Best • Attending conferences • Looking forward to the future
  8. 8. Conclusion • Bringing events and resources into the library • Making the students feel comfortable using them • Building lasting relationships between students and librarians. Thank You