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How i generated a response


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media studies a level evaluation

Published in: Education
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How i generated a response

  1. 1. How I Generated a response<br />Media Studies – Hana Ellis<br />
  2. 2. Polls<br />The majority of the time I used polls to gain feedback about my work. This set out to be a really useful way to gain feedback as students could then browse my blog easily and simply click to give me there point of view. I did however find it very un-useful. I found that using these polls was unsuccessful as I didn’t get a lot of feedback and only did when I urged people several times. I then had to find the best means for communication<br />
  3. 3. Comments Box<br /> Every now and then my teachers would use the comments boxes attached to my posts. I found this useful as I could gain feedback about my work and what I needed to do to improve during non contact hours. <br />
  4. 4. Direct Contact<br /> As my attempts to create an easy feedback way to gain responces to my work has somewhat failed. I decided not to use other polls etc on my blog, instead I spoke to my peers and other students directly about my work and asked them what they liked and they didn’t like. I found this useful as they were able to point of mistakes with spelling in my trailer and problems with the music. My teachers were able to communicate this way better to and they could show me first hand what I should do to improve and aid me into learning the skills to be able to make those changes therefore I consider this way to be the best way to gain responses from my work.<br />