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BrightonSEO September deck - Finding data for your campaign

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BrightonSEO September deck - Finding data for your campaign

  1. 1. Research and where to find data for your outreach campaign Hana Bednarova | Shout Bravo @Miss_HanaB
  2. 2. Data driven campaigns are great!
  3. 3. They allow us to use so many angles, and contact so many publications @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  4. 4. The media list is like heaven, right? So many niches @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  5. 5. But buying the data we need (external research) can be expensive @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  6. 6. The good thing is, we can find the data!
  7. 7. Now, it is free data – but not for free
  8. 8. We do need to invest our time
  9. 9. But the less we spend on data, the more we can invest in production and outreach @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  10. 10. So – where to find statistics? @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  11. 11. Let’s have a look where you can find data – depending on which industry/what topic your campaign focuses @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  12. 12. So, let’s get started! @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  13. 13. Industries @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  14. 14. Industry Accommodationand Food Service Administrativeand SupportService Agriculture,Forestry and Fishing Arts, Entertainment andRecreation Construction
  15. 15. Education Electricity,Gas,Steam andAir ConditioningSupply Financialand Insurance HumanHealthand SocialWork Information and Communication Manufacturing Industry
  16. 16. Mining and Quarrying Professional,ScientificandTechnical RealEstate Transportationand Storage Water Supply;Sewerage,Waste Managementand Remediation Industry
  17. 17. Wholesale and Retail Trade Advisory & Financial Services Consumer Goods& Services Online Retail Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors Technology Industry
  18. 18. Accommodation and Food services Data 9111/
  19. 19. Administrative and Support Service Activities
  20. 20. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  21. 21. Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  22. 22. Construction
  23. 23. Education statistics
  24. 24. Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply
  25. 25. Financial and Insurance Activities
  26. 26. Human Health and Social Work Activities
  27. 27. Information and Communication
  28. 28. Manufacturing
  29. 29. Mining and Quarrying
  30. 30. Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
  31. 31. Real Estate Activities
  32. 32. Transportation and Storage
  33. 33. Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation
  34. 34. Wholesale and Retail Trade
  35. 35. It’s about finding the right source and taking it further @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  36. 36. Don’t forget you can request data from: @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  37. 37. Local Councils
  38. 38. English local authorities n-councils/ Welsh local authorities Scottish local authorities local-authority Northern Ireland local authorities in-northern-ireland
  39. 39. Police the-police/
  40. 40. NHS Foundations ories/pages/nhstrustlisting.aspx
  41. 41. Ambulance Service NHS Trusts
  42. 42. Schools
  43. 43. By sending FOIs @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  44. 44. The press has been sending FOIs for ever @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  45. 45. Sometimes I wish I came up with ideas the press features with their FOIs @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  46. 46. Submitting FOIs @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  47. 47. What Do They Know
  48. 48. Or you can email them directly using their publicly available FOI email @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  49. 49. You can see all other FOIs @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  50. 50. That means other people (marketing professionals or journalists can find it) … @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  51. 51. What ever way you choose – just be aware that your FOI response will be always published online @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  52. 52. So, use it ASAP @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  53. 53. It does not happen that often, but it’s something we should be aware of @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  54. 54. Ensure you have a strong timeline and plan in place so once you get your FOIs responded to, it does not take too long until you launch your campaign @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  55. 55. Check out other FOIs there - Use it for ideation @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  56. 56. You can also track published and new reports @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  57. 57. Don’t forget internal data @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  58. 58. Always ask your client if they have any data, you never know what amazing statistics they can have @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  59. 59. And also, you can do good old desk research @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  60. 60. Because it’s not just about public data published by government bodies @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  61. 61. You can use relevant sources to figure out a new story and angle or making public data even stronger @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  62. 62. We then carried on with desk research @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  63. 63. Whatever methodology you choose to use
  64. 64. You need to make sure our data is correct
  65. 65. Analysing your data
  66. 66. Is it the latest available data?
  67. 67. It could be data from 2019 – that’s not wrong, we just need to state this (and ensure) it’s the latest available data @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  68. 68. Do your data breakdown! @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  69. 69. This will help you write your headlines and angles @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  70. 70. That’s when your story starts showing up
  71. 71. Is it still the direction of the original idea? @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  72. 72. No – that’s okay? Maybe it’s even better! @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  73. 73. And from there … @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  74. 74. The production and outreach @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  75. 75. Data in production … @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  76. 76. Choose how you visualise the data @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  77. 77. There is no right or wrong @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  78. 78. But the rule is .. @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  79. 79. Make sure that whatever visualisation you choose to use @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  80. 80. It’s easy to … @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  81. 81. Navigate
  82. 82. Read
  83. 83. And digest
  84. 84. Don’t overcomplicate your campaign
  85. 85. Always keep a list all your data sources @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  86. 86. Because journalists ask questions, correct questions @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  87. 87. With our strong research – we can quickly answer @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  88. 88. And the data breakdown you did?
  89. 89. Creating your media list
  90. 90. Targeting niche publications @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  91. 91. Use it in your outreach
  92. 92. The more angles @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  93. 93. The more link opportunities @Miss_HanaB @ShoutBravoUK @BrightonSEO #brightonseo
  94. 94. Thank you @shoutbravoUK @Miss_HanaB