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8 indian art


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8th Lecture

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8 indian art

  1. 1. Indian Art
  2. 2. Queen Maya’s dream, railing medallion from the Bharhut stupa. Shunga, 2nd C. BC. Red sandstone, D. about 21 ½ in. Indian Museum , Calcutta
  3. 3. King Vidudabha visiting the Buddha, from the Bharhut stupa, 2nd C. BC. Red sandstone, H. 1 8 7/8 in. Free gallaery of Art, Washington , D.C.
  4. 4. Buddha from Gandhara Kushan mid 2nd C. AD or later Schist, H. 4ft 7 ½ in. Central Museum, Lahore
  5. 5. Gold Coin of Kanishka bearing representations of the Buddha (right) and the king. Kushan, late 1st early 2nd C. AD. Museum of fine arts Boston, Seth K. Sweetser Fund
  6. 6. Athena or Roma from Gandhara Kushan late 2nd C. AD. Schist, H 3 2 ¾ in. Central Museum, Lahore
  7. 7. Sections of frieze from Gandhara showing the birth of the Buddha and the assault of Mara's host. Kushan, 2nd C.AD. Free gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
  8. 8. Detail of a frieze from Gandhara showing the first sermon in the Deer Park and the death of the Buddha
  9. 9. Bodhisattva from the Gandhara Kushan C. AD 150-200. Schist, H. 22in. Museum of Fine Arts, St Peterburg, Fla.
  10. 10. Guldara, ruins of a Gandharan stupa
  11. 11. Votive stupa from Loriyan Tangai, Swat valley, Gandhara. Kushan , Schist, H. 4ft 9in Indian Museum, Calcutta
  12. 12. Bamiyan, Afghanistan, colossal rock- cut Buddha. Gupta style, H 175ft
  13. 13. Ajanta the rock cut chaitya halls and viharas around the gorge 2nd C. BC 7th C. AD the numbers refers to the caves, sequence not their chronology
  14. 14. Ajanta cave view 1 from the assembly hall toward the shrine. Gupta , late 5th C.
  15. 15. Ajanta cave 1 wall painting of Bodhisattva Padmapani. Gupta, probably late 5th C.
  16. 16. Ajanta cave 1 detail of painted ceiling. Gupta, probably late 5th C.
  17. 17. Ajanta cave 17 wall painting illustrating the Vishvantara Jataka 5th C.
  18. 18. Ajanta cave 17 wall painting illustrating the Simhala Adavana Gupta 5th C