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Representation of Disabiltiy


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Representation of Disability from A touch of frost

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Representation of Disabiltiy

  1. 1. A Touch Of FrostA Touch of Frost is based upon the frost novels, it starsDavid Jason as the main protagonist Detective inspectorJack Frost, known almost universally as Jack, anexperienced and dedicated detective who frequentlyclashes with his superiors. In his cases, Frost is assistedby a variety of different detective sergeants, with eachbringing a different slant to the particular case.
  2. 2. Background of my clipMy clip is about a disabled boy called Billy. Billy is captured by the police, the clip shows the way in which disability is represented, and the way people talk to Billy and the way Billy reacts towards the different situations.
  3. 3. Link To Video• Studies? blend=1&ob=0#p/c/AC15C50BB775177D/ 12/1C6thBrPD6g
  4. 4. Representation of DisabilityIn the beginning of the video you have seen that Billy is walking throughthe woods during the night, suddenly he starts to clean his pants with hishands, which suggests that Billy has done something wrong, during thistime disability is associated with strange behaviour, the representation ofstrange behaviour is continued with the use low key lighting, and the useof horror type non diegetic sound. Further on the clip starts to associatedisability as being dangerous as you can see the police dog is looking forBilly, the clips signifies that disability is dangerous and is in the need ofbeing captured quickly. The MLS shot in the video of Billy walking makesthe viewer think that he is naïve and he doesn’t know about the policepresence, Billy is then frightened as he does see the police men cometowards him, at this point of the clip disability is being represented asfrightened, vulnerable and naïve. The use of low level shot of Billy onthe ground allows the audience to see that Billy is struggling with thepolice officer, during this disability is being represented as weak. Duringthe scene of when Billy is captured you see that he pleads in front of theofficer saying “I haven’t done anything wrong” which represents disabilityas being powerless.
  5. 5. Representation of DisabilityBilly’s father kneels next to him as he walks into the room, this furtherunderlines the fact that disability is being represented as child like, this isshown by the high angle shot which suggests that those who are lookeddown on are easily intimidated. Billy’s face in the video tilts to the side asdetective frost comes to talk to him, this gives an interpretation that disabledpeople are easily confused, when the inspector talks to Billy, his tone ofvoice is very low, which again gives the representation that disabled peoplehave a child like nature.