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Photoshop Skills


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Photoshop Skills

  1. 1. PhotoshopSkills
  2. 2. Photoshop Improvements My overall skills in Photoshop have improved to a great extent as if you Front cover look back at my preliminary task and then you have a look at my main I have task there is a lot of differences, as used Bevel you can see the improvements IOnyx & have made by using different toolsFont Emboss to in Photoshop as I have used aUsed make my variety of different tools that have picture helped in making my magazine look stand out like a real magazine product, I have done this by using multiple of I have different techniques. used an Effect As you can see the development called that I have made from myClippingmask, Stroke preliminary task to my main task,Outer my use of Photoshop has improvedShadow, a lot as I have used a lot moreStroke effects and different tools in my main task than in my preliminary task.
  3. 3. Photoshop Improvements Contents page I have used a picture with music notes for my background II Have have thenused manipulate theshapes to picture by usingseparate a redsections background and blending it with the columns Opacity decreased and also colour fill
  4. 4. Photoshop Improvements Opacity and fill has been Double Page Spread reduced to make I have used drop shadow celebrities and stroke stand out effects to make my headline stand outDropshadoweffect hasbeenused.
  5. 5. Overall ImprovementsOn the whole I believe my main task is far better andprofessional in terms of a real media product compared tomy preliminary task, it is stronger in terms of colours andcomposition.I also believe it is stronger in terms of words as I feelthrough the language it reaches out to the targetaudience as well as I have not used to many intellectualwords, I have made it so my target audience can directlyrelate to my media product and understand the contentincluded.
  6. 6. SummaryOn the whole the progression I have made from my preliminary task tomy main task has made me value the importance of the use of colours,design and content as all these factors combine together to engage thetarget audience of my media product to buy it. As when a product iscreated it should always be created with its target audience in mind asif a product is created without the target audience views or interestinvolved then it could eventually become a loss.I believe that my factor to success has been Photoshop as all thecolours and designs were created through this software which hasgiven me authority to impress my main consumer which is my targetaudience