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Music magazine research


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Bhangra Magazine research

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Music magazine research

  1. 1. Music Magazine Research -Bhangra MagazineByHamzaButt I have been given the brief of producing a music magazine aimed at a specific target audience. There are a lot of music magazines in the media industry that’s why it was a challenge for me to choose what genre my magazine will be based on. I made the decision to produce a magazine that will be based around Bhangra music, so to understand the Bhangra genre of music and to see who I will be competing against I did some primary and secondary research. As you can see the two magazines which I have chosen follow all the conventions of a typical music magazine. The first magazine I am going to deconstruct is called Brit Asian, the second magazine is called Blender and the third magazine is called Stardust.
  2. 2. Conventions of Magazines• Mast head: The masthead of a magazine is usually refereed to be a nameplate of a magazine; it is usually bold and bright so it stands out to the reader, it’s in a clear big font which makes it stand out, the masthead is usually used on the front cover as well as the contents page. It is made in a style that makes it look unique and different from all other headlines in the magazine.• Main Image: The main image is quite important for a magazine as it placed in the middle of the magazine and also it is the first thing the readers see when they pick up the magazine. So it has to attract the reader the image has to be of a good size and it has to stand out to the readers• Cover lines: Magazines use a lot of a cover lines that usually are based around one image, a mistake made with cover lines is that they are aimed at the picture which usually changes colour.• Main Cover Lines: This is quite large as it takes up almost a quarter of the magazine, the cover line is usually in 3 different colours so that it can stand out, the cover line is usually placed against the models shoulders who is on the magazine front cover.• Selling line: short, sharp description of the titles main marketing point (for Cosmopolitan: The Worlds No 1 magazine for women).• Left third: The left third of the magazine is vital for the sales in shops where the magazine’s full frontage is not shown, so the title must be quite recognisable to readers as they will be a lot of different magazines placed there as well. The start of the masthead is important here, as are short cover lines that are easy to read.• Date Line: A date of publication is very important for a magazine as if it is a monthly magazine it hits the news stands the month before the actual magazine is released. Also a price is meant to be included on the magazine.
  3. 3. Deconstruction of a Music Magazine Selling line: The selling line is a important part of the magazine as it helps to catch theMast Head: The mast head readers eye, in this magazine the selling line Main Image: The mainis bold big and it stands out is ‘The worlds leading interactive Asian image is of a Bhangra andso that the reader can see magazine’. This line is quite catchy and it RnB artist Jay Sean on thethe mast head. The mast attracts the right audience as well which is the front cover. The reasonhead says Brit Asian which Asian ethnicity. they have used this imagerepresents the audience the is because jay Sean ismagazine is aimed at, also it quite famous, so to attractrelates to its audience as its audience they havewell. used this image. Cover lines: TheMain Cover Line: cover lines in theAs you can see the magazine are quitemain cover line is bold and their getbased around the straight to the pointmain image, it says with what they areJay Sean I came, I talking about, thissaw, I conquered. helps as it interregesThis is a very strong the reader to read oncover line as it shows more to see the fullhow he became the he is today andthe way he did it.
  4. 4. Deconstruction of a Music MagazineSelling line : The selling line is a M ast Head: The mast headimportant part of the magazine as it is bold big and it stands outhelps to catch the readers eye, in this so that the reader can seemagazine the selling line is ‘INDIA’S the mast head. The mastBIGGEST MUSIC AND head says Blender whichENTERAINMENT MAGAZINE. This line represents the magazine asattracts the right audience who are the not just for Bhangra andAsian audience as it represents their Bollywood but also RnB andmusic and their country and it also has hip hop actress to show this. Date Line: In the bottom corner youMain Cover Line: As you can see the main corner you can see a bar code andcover line is based around the main image, it date of when the magazine wasreads ‘Kareena Kapoor Exclusive Bollywoods released, this is quite important as ifHottest Diva Speaks’. This cover line is really the magazine is a monthly magazinecatchy as people will read this cover line and then it will hit the news stands awill automatically want to read on, to see what month before its release. Also theshe says, also in the main cover line you can price is included for the customer tosee that Bollywood’s hottest is written in red know how much the magazine isand it is very bold this has been done to Main Image: The main image is of Bollywood going to cost.represent her as the hottest there is in leading actress Kareena Kapoor. The reasonbollywood this image has been used is to attract all readers’ eyes towards the magazine, as Kareena is a role model for Asian girls all over the world.
  5. 5. Deconstruction of Magazines P ull Quote : The pull quote for this magazine is “failure doesn’t bother me now –Priyanka Chopra. Mast head : The mast head of this The pull quote sounds interesting this is why magazine is bold it has a bright colour this is people will want to buy this because when people the reason what makes it stand out this is aMain image: The main image for pick the magazine up and look at it and it says this good thing because with the title being bold pull quote the people will want to but this it will attract the people and it will come tothis magazine is the Bollywood actor magazine to read what the actress is saying and their eyes and It will make them buy thewith his sunglasses on, this image is the will want to read her interview this is reason magazine.going to be appealing to the girls the pull quote is an important thing for thebecause in the image as you can the is wearing his sunglasses andhis shirt is open and he is showing abit of his body this is reason theimage will be appealing to the girls Main cover line: The main cover line is very important for a magazine the main cover line is the thing that makes a magazine so interesting. The main cover line for this magazine is “who isImages : There is also images of other bollywood’s next superstar”. This is describing the actor on the front coverbollywood actors in the magazine and because he is one of the most successfultheir stories the first picture is of Aamir actors of the Bollywood industry right now.khan who is another successful The superstar is in bold big lettersbollywood actor he made one of 2009’sbiggest blockbuster. The second pictureis of bollywood actress the story abouther relationship with her co-star.
  6. 6. Analysis of a Brit Asian, Blender & StardustAs you can see the magazines above which I have deconstructed follow all conventionsthat are to be included in a music magazine, all three magazines are different in their ownstyles, as you can see all three magazines are presented with famous celebrities on thefront cover which represent the magazine and the content of the magazine, on the first onethe front cover has a dark background which is then followed with a bold picture whichthen stands out and also makes the magazine stand out it also has a large mast headwhich is placed behind the celebrities head however the mast head still stands out and canstill be seen by consumers, the magazine also has quite big headlines and also a sellingline which reads ‘The worlds leading interactive Asian magazine’ this is also a pluspoint on behalf of the magazine as it is attracting its right audience. My second magazinehas a plain white background which is then replaced with a picture that brightens the frontcover up, these conventions help as this is what helps to attract customers to buy themagazine as the celebrity has a big impact on the buying of the magazine as the celebrityon the magazine is quite famous so seeing her on the front cover will help the magazineto catch the attention of the target audience. Headlines included on the front cover areshort and quick to attract the readers eye, they entice the reader to read on and buy themagazine. The third magazine which I have deconstructed is called Stardust, this alsofollows all conventions and codes of a typical music and entertainment magazine, it hasthe bold headlines and pull quotes that are made for the readers benefit.