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Evaluation of asian beatz magazine


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Evaluation of asian beatz magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation Of Asian Beatz Magazine
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media productsThe magazine which I have created uses the same forms of a real music magazine, I havedone this by using alike layouts and using the same kind of style for my front cover, contentspage and double page spread, my layout is quite simple I don’t try to go over the top with anyof the content which I have provided, however I have made it look quite eye catching, I havedone this to attract my target audience which is Asian males and females from the ages of15-25.I have used all conventions that are included in a real music magazine, as you can see thesimilarities between my magazine and the Brit Asian magazine, as you can see that the mainheadline on the front cover of Brit Asian is bold and big so the reader will be able to see it. Ihave used that same kind of style where the main headline is on the front in bold where thereader will be able to see it. Also I have made the my main image quite big the reason forthis is so then it can catch the readers eye as soon as reader sees it, although I decided not touse any other pictures on my front cover as I thought it would start to look over crowded, bydoing this I have challenged a form of a magazine as some magazine do have the main imagebut also small images linking to their stories. But I included the titles to these articles as Ithought it makes it short and sweet and also makes the reader my intrigued to read on. I alsoused a short and quick line on the top of my magazine as it has been done in Brit Asianmagazine this is to make sure I am targeting the right audience towards the magazine. I havealso developed the ideas of my music magazine by adding a promotional advert at thebottom of my front cover.
  3. 3. In what ways does my media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My contents page is simple but at the same time is also attractive as it stands out andfollows the same conventions of a music magazine, as you can see that my contentspage picture is quite bold and it stands out on the contents page. I have used manybright colors in my contents page I have done this so that it can stand out in front ofmy target audience which will help my target audience to read on. This convention isalso shown in real media magazine as well.I also used different shapes in which I have placed my text I have done so that it willbecome easier for my target audience to know the different sections of my magazineand help them understand each section and make it easier and have them connectwith my magazine, this is also another convention that is used in real mediamagazines.
  4. 4. In what ways does my media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products ?My double page spread was quite effective and eye catching, I used all conventionswhich are to be used for a double page spread and conventions which are shown in realmedia magazine double page spreads. I wrote my article having my target audience inmind I did this as I had remember that through my article I will be addressing andreaching out to my target audience. By doing this I have followed a code andconvention which is included in a real media magazine.The images on my double page spread stand out and have an effect on the audienceand also represent the article which is included on the double page spread they do thisby representing the headline which is ‘East Meets West’.
  5. 5. What Kind of Media Institutionswould i distribute my magazine to and why?The media institution that I have chosen to distribute my Music magazine to isIPC. The reason behind me choosing IPC as a distributor for my magazine isthat IPC distributes many magazines around the UK and is quite famous. Alsothe reason for me choosing this company to distribute my magazine is becauseit makes over 350 million magazines over a year.Other factors which made me choose IPC as the distributer for my magazinewas that it has a very diverse audience as it doesn’t just provide magazines formale or females it provides magazine for both genders.I believe that IPC is the right media institution to distribute my music magazine’Asian Beatz’, the reason for this is because IPC also distributes magazineswhich are targeted at male and females, also IPC do not sell magazines that arethe same as mine, what I mean by this is that the same genre. This is a pluspoint for me as it shows that I will not have many competitors.
  6. 6. How do my media product represent particular social groups?My music magazine Asian beatz represents particular social groups through the music that it provides andthe content in the magazine. The particular social group that I have represented is middle class people. Ihave represented my targeted social group through my front cover as they want somebody that they canrelate to somebody they know and as my social is made up of young males and females so having this inmind I wouldn’t use an old man for my front cover as this would not represent my target social group.Other factors that I have used to represent my particular social group is the content included, I have writtenarticles that represent my social group as I have written the articles having the particular audience andsocial group in mind. On the economic level the groups which I have chosen are C1 and C2 the reason Ihave chosen these specific groups is because firstly people in these groups will be able to afford mymagazine, also it will be this group of people who will be more likely to read the content included in mymagazine, also C1 and C2 are the biggest social groups as in these groups you have different people fromdifferent professions so representing these two groups is a hard job but also when it will be time to sell themagazine I will have a lot more buyers as the group has such a wide range of people in it.However I have explained that my magazine represents middle class people but it also represents anothersocial group, this group is the E group even though this is made up of pensioners and unemployed peoplethe main people I am representing in this group is students as I believe that I have also represented themthrough the music which is included as they will also be interested in the music and also the content.On the whole I have shown that I have represented two different social groups and that my magazine willbe providing for these different social groups, as they have been represented through the content andmusic.
  7. 7. Who would be the audience for my media product? Their is going to be a wider range of people who my magazine will be targeting but my main consumer is going to be Asian male and females between the ages of 15-25, as stated in my audience research the reason I have chosen Asian males and females as my target audience is because during my research I found out that the Bhangra genre of music was most popular with this age group, this is the reason for me choosing this age range and this ethnicity for my target audience.
  8. 8. How did I attract/address my audience?I attracted my audience in many different ways, firstly I looked at a magazine whichwas called Brit Asian and I also looked at the different ways in which they attractedtheir target audience as I am providing for the same type of audience. I then usedthese ideas and followed them so then I could attract my audience.I priced my magazine at £1.99 this is a reasonable price for my magazine and alsofor my target audience as this will be affordable for them.I also attracted my target audience by using promotional adverts, as i had writtenon my front cover win tickets to see Jay Sean live, this helps to attract my audienceas Jay Sean is quite popular and a lot of people will want to see him live.
  9. 9. Looking back at my preliminary task, what do Ifeel I have learnt from it to the full product? As I explained in my presentation about the improvements which I have made since my preliminary task. Looking back at the school based magazine which I had produced my use of Photoshop has improved a lot as you can see the difference between my preliminary task and my main task. The value of my work has increased as the school based magazine was quite simple compared to my main task which is much more detailed and has much more to say about itself, whereas my preliminary task was quite dull and isnt anything in comparison to my main task. I have gained much more knowledge on how to use different software’s. Also my knowledge overall has improved as my work value and presentation has improved. You can also see that my main task quality is much better than my preliminary task.
  10. 10. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?During the production of my magazine I learnt a lot about how to use thesoftware Photoshop, by using this software I gave my music magazine a muchmore professional look and made it look like a real music magazine.I learnt how to use Photoshop from the beginning, and I have learnt a lotabout the software and also how to use different tool on the software such as(Opacity, gradient tool, lasso tool, quick selection tool, magic wand tool, blurtool), the software also helped me to edit my photographs which are includedin magazines, this is how I made my pictures stand out, also the softwarehelped me to change the font and size of my writing so I could make it any sizeso it could stand out.On the whole I am glad that I used Photoshop to construct my magazine as byusing this software my magazine was given a much more professional look.