Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. AudienceResearch AndTarget Audience
  2. 2. Finding my TargetTo Audience attract the right audience towards my magazine, I will have to do some researchso then I can find out what my target audience are wanting , also I will use thesame conventions used by the magazines which I have analysed and deconstructed,to do this research I will carry out a small questionnaire. The initiative behind thequestionnaire is to find out who my target audience are and what features they wantto see in my magazine and what they are looking for from my magazine. Once I findout who my target audience are I will become even more determine to make thismagazine as I will know which type of audience I am providing for as then it willbecome clear to me what I have to put in my magazine and the things that I will notneed in my magazine, to show wider range of my results and my audience I willmake a graph which will show the features of the magazine which are most popularwith my audience. In the questionnaire I will ask questions which are relevanttowards the magazine and also relevant towards my research on how my audienceswill react towards my magazine. The questions will range from •Age •Gender •Ethnicity •Prices paid by consumers for magazines •How often do you buy magazines •What genre’s of music do you prefer •Where do you usually buy magazines from •What regular features would customers like to see in my magazine
  3. 3. Questionnai reAge: (Please tick one box)15- 17 18-20 21-22 23+Gender: (Please tick one box)Male FemaleWhat is your ethnicity ? (Please tick one box) Or write if not any of thebelowPakistani Bangladeshi Indian CaucasianHow much do you pay for your magazine? (Please tick one box)£1-£3 £4-£6 £7-£9 £10+How often do you buy a music magazine?Daily Weekly Monthly RarelyWhat genres of music do you prefer ? (Please tick one box)RnB Hip hop Bhangra Classic Indie RapWhere do you usually buy magazines from? (Please tick one box)Newsagent Co-op Supermarkets Entertainment storesWhat regulars features would you like to see in magazines ? (Please tickone box)Interviews Free Product Celebrity Gossip Music
  4. 4. Questionnaire DataWhat Genre of Music Do You Prefer 15 15 10 7 5 5 3 0 0 Number of People Bhangra 15 RnB 7 Hip Hop 5 Classic 0 Indie 3 Bhangra RnB Hip Hop Classic Indie Here is the first set of my results from my questionnaire presented in a graph, this bar graph tells me that out of the 30 people who I handed the questionnaire out to, 15 of them people preferred the Bhangra genre of music, also the questionnaire shows that the people who I handed the questionnaire out to had very varied taste for music as their were 7 people who preferred RnB and 5 people who preferred hip hop
  5. 5. Questionnaire Data Age Range of Target Audience 15-25 30 26-35 25 20 15 36-46 10 5 0 Age Of Audience 15-25 26 26-35 23 36-46 10 15-25 26-35 36-46 This graph tells me that my target audience ranges from an older group to a younger age group of people as you can see that I asked people of different ages, with the majority of people being young who were interested in the Bhangra music, this was people who ranged from the age of 15-25, this shows that my target audience starts from young youths to middle aged people.
  6. 6. Questionnaire Data Regular features you would like to see 25 20 15 Interviews 10 Free Products 5 Celebrity Gossip Music 0 Number of PeopleInterviews 10Free Products 25Celebrity Gossip 20Music 16 In my last set of results I have shown what audiences of my magazine and audiences who read magazines on a regular basis want to see more of in the magazine they read and what they want to see in my magazine, after doing the questionnaire and carrying out all other data. I established that audiences who are going to being reading my magazine would like to see more free products as one of the features which should be included in monthly magazines being bought by them.
  7. 7. DemographicsDemographics is the study of us looking at people. It isthe most recent statistical characteristics for apopulation.
  8. 8. Demographic Graph •A – This would be people who are rich executives, managers of companies that are well known •B – This group would be made up of people who are teachers, GP’s, police officers •C1 – Middle men, trained plumbers working for firms, electricians working for firms. •C2 – skilled workers, workers under self-employment •D – unskilled labour, building site, trained brick layer •E – pensioners, unemployed and university students •Audience are also looked at in different categories such as: •Age •Gender •Ethnicity •Location
  9. 9. Katz & Blumler TheoryIn the 1960’s, media theorist came up with a theory thataudiences made decisions about what media text they wouldwant know about, passive mass audiences were made up ofpeople who on a regular basis consumed media text fordifferent reasons and in different ways, this would mean thatwhen somebody would read a media text it would be fordifferent individual reasons, for example when a womanpurchases vogue magazine it doesn’t necessarily mean thatshe would read it but it could mean that she buys it to keep upwith moving times, or just as a fashion statement. It alsosuggested that media texts had following functions such assurveillance, correlation and entertainment for individuals andsociety.
  10. 10. •Audience Research: Measuring an audience is very important towards allmedia institutions, the research is done at all stages during the production ofthe media text.•Audience Engagement: This tells us how an audience reacts towards amedia text, as different people are bound to react differently towardsdifferent texts•Audience expectations: Expectation are advance ideas a audience hastowards media text, this is why producers deliberately play with audiencesexpectations•Audience Foreknowledge: This is information that an audience has about amedia text.•Audience placement: This is different types of strategies that mediaproducers use to directly target a specific audience•Audience identification: This helps as it connects to the audience whichmakes them feel connected towards the media text
  11. 11. Audience ReactionBefore the production of my magazine Asian Beatz had begun I carried a questionnaire, Ihanded this questionnaire out to 30 different people, I did this to determine who mytarget audience would be and what they are expecting from my Bhangra musicmagazine. Now that I have produced my magazine I will now ask my target audiencewhat they think about my magazine and their views on it. I will ask my audience if themagazine:•Has a realistic front cover which resembles to a real music magazine.•Does my front cover represent the magazine as a good product does it relate to thecontent included.•Are my pages easy to understand and easy to relate to.•Is my magazine at a good standard in comparison to a real media magazine.Audience response“I found the front cover to be very appealing to the target audience which Is youngAsians”.“The magazine is very eye catching because of the colours used by the maker”.“The articles were very interesting”.“Articles are brilliant they kept me engaged”.“Asian Beatz is worth its price £2.00”.
  12. 12. Summary of Target AudienceAfter all the research that I have conducted I have come to aconclusion that my target audience is Asian male and femalesfrom the ages of 15-25, I have chosen this specific age groupbecause in my graph it shows that the age range of my targetaudience who the magazine has been produced for is people whoare in this age group, this is why I have decided to choose thisage group of people for my target audience.