Hamptons Creative Group Presents "Early Bird Marketing Breakfast" at NFCC


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Learn about the 4 social media networks your business must be using and the 3 strategies to ensure success. Presented by Matthew Iscoe, MALM of Hamptons Creative Group at the NFCC Early Bird Marketing Breakfast on 6/2/11.

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Hamptons Creative Group Presents "Early Bird Marketing Breakfast" at NFCC

  1. 1. Presented byHamptons Creative Group
  2. 2. Hamptons Creative Group Linda A.B. Miller  CEO Matthew Iscoe, MALM  Mission Controller & Project Manager11 Main StreetSouthampton, NY 11968success@hamptonscreative.comwww.hamptonscreative.com
  3. 3. Social MediaMyths, Rumors, & Misconceptions It’s a meaningless fad Businesses are exempt It’s about controlling employees’ bad behavior
  4. 4. Social Media Reality Here to stay Involvement is mandatory Utilize staff for growth IT MATTERS
  5. 5. What We’ll Discuss Today The 4Major Social Media Networks  Why should you be on it?  What does it do?  Who uses it?  How does it work? 3 Techniques for Success
  6. 6. Social Media Overview Social Media is part of “Web 2.0” Web 2.0 is about sharing & collaborating in groups  Original WWW was about searching & broadcasting  Web 2.0 focus is on connecting & engaging Professional/General Social Networks Microblogging Multimedia Networks (Blogs, Bookmarking, Rating, Audio/Video Casting) The key is the term “Networking”
  7. 7. Networking We Know what Networking is We know it leads to Success Social Media = Networking  It’s just a new platform “Social” means it can involve customers and non- stakeholders “Media” means it’s conducted using technology
  8. 8. The 4 Social Media Technologies LinkedIn  Professional YouTube  Video Twitter  Micro Facebook  Ubiquitous
  9. 9. LinkedIn – The Numbers 101 million+ users 70% of the World’s Largest Businesses have a Profile Just went public Most Important B2B Social Media Tool Average user:  41 years of age  Higher income than average user of other social media  More likely to be a business decision maker  Most likely to review products and give advice  Highly Credible Word of Mouth
  10. 10. LinkedIn – What is It? Professional Networking site  No games  No embarrassing photos  No drama For individuals, LinkedIn creates:  An online work history/resume  A list of professional connections  References  A way to connect with businesses & brands  (And the people behind them)
  11. 11. LinkedIn – What is It? (2) For businesses and brands, LinkedIn creates:  A way to find & prequalify employees  A way to share knowledge  A way to gather and feature testimonials  A platform to feature products and services  A way to highlight the people in your business
  12. 12. LinkedIn – Company Profile There are 4 parts to a Company LinkedIn Profile:  Overview Tab  Snapshot of the company  Products and Services Tab  Product/service recommendations  Showcase of best stuff you have to offer (or promotions!)  Analytics Tab  Learn more about the people who follow your company  Careers Tab  Post jobs, interact with job seekers
  13. 13. LinkedIn - Tabs
  14. 14. LinkedIn Overview Tab Admin PrivilegesCompany IntroductionCompany Specialties Web 2.0 Integration Additional Info Location, etc.
  15. 15. LinkedIn Profile Best Practices Be descriptive and compelling  “We sell shoes”  “We offer top-brand casual, formal, and athletic footwear for men at exceptional prices” Be honest and accurate  “We’re the best fishing charter boat on the planet”  “We serve 2,000 charter fishermen every summer” Be thorough  Main Street vs. 123 Main Street, This Town, 12345 Pick Admins wisely!  Not everyone in the company needs access
  16. 16. LinkedIn Product/Service Tab Default Page Product/Service Name – 100 characters max Image – 120 x 80 pixels Description – 2000 characters max Features (8 bullets; 100 characters) Who to Contact YouTube Video URL to more info Publish & Repeat!
  17. 17. LinkedIn - Segments You can create 4 specific segments  Show products based upon filtered criteria  Job Function, Industry, Seniority, or Geography  NY City Residents are shown a weekend promotional rate  East Ender’s get a Monday – Thursday deal  Remember: filtering means limiting  Most successful product/service feature a banner image  May need a Pro to design/format You can ask for Recommendations!  Target those who know the product/business
  18. 18. LinkedIn – Creating Segments Segmenting Products/Services Select Default and Segmented Audiences Logo - 2 sizes: 100 x 60 & 50 x 50Overview Product/Service InformationDescriptive Image Banners - 640 x 220 5 Products or Services Featured YouTube Video & Offers
  19. 19. LinkedIn - Integrating Get LinkedIn Followers Directly from your Website http://developer.linkedin.com Plugins  Company Profile Choose display mode/behavior Show/hide connections Get Code & Give it to your web designer
  20. 20. LinkedIn – Last Notes Use URLs in and out of LinkedIn Delete old promotions, products/services Keep prices accurate Switch it up and keep it fresh (i.e. seasonal) You can have a Pro admin outside of your company Encourage follows
  21. 21. YouTube – The Numbers User demographic is very dispersed between 18-55 Nearly 5 million people connect with other social sites Over 50% of videos have ratings and/or comments 10s of millions of websites embed the YouTube player Millions of channels are subscribed to each day 30% of all users are in the U.S. 2-3 Billion Views Each Day!
  22. 22. YouTube – What is It Site to Discover, Watch, and Share original videos Connection & Distribution platform A means for organizations, businesses, media groups, individuals, causes, and groups to engage via video Purchased by Google  Google Loves to Tinker and Muddle
  23. 23. YouTube - Success Sign Up with a new account and Google account (link)  Make a throw away account so it can be shared Create videos (off line)  May need a Pro for editing, etc.  Record on Cell phone, digital camera, etc.  Use images or slides to create a montage  Don’t infringe on protected material! Brand all of your videos  Start each one with your logo  End each one with your contact info
  24. 24. YouTube – Making it Personal Create your own Channel  “The Home” of all your YouTube content  Uploads, Favorites, and Playlists Editing Tabs Custom Background/Colors Featured Video Your Uploads/Playlists Your Friends & Followers Your Company Profile
  25. 25. YouTube – Making it Personal Personalize it with your branding elements Use the Editing Tabs  Settings  Colors  Modules  Lists
  26. 26. YouTube - Colors Preset, Edit, New Custom Background Image
  27. 27. YouTube - Settings Enter the Title of your YouTube Channel  Business Name Always Works Best Select your Channel Type  YouTuber or Guru (Unless you qualify otherwise) Make Visible and Let Others Find Me: YES Tags: Use keywords similar to your website  Remember, these are not for a specific video
  28. 28. YouTube – Modules & Playlists Select only the Modules you wish to display publicly  Good to have: Comments, Subscribers, Event Dates Select these Settings (business best practice)  Content: My Uploaded Videos  Featured layout: Player View  (Individuals can change their view to grid; this is a default)  Featured content set: My Uploaded Videos*  *Unless you have lots of playlists  Featured video: Most Recent OR Create a Custom Video Turn on “Autoplay featured video”
  29. 29. YouTube – How to Communicate Use the Post Bulletin feature to Broadcast a Message  Good for: telling subscribers about a video you’re working on or including a link to a new video Keep your message short Include a URL Include the link to the video (if you have a video) Bulletin will be posted to your subscribers and friends homepages, and your channel page
  30. 30. YouTube – Sharing Videos (social) Share your YouTube videos automatically YouTube  Account  Sharing Customize activities to share Connect accounts Click Save Changes! This is why you need a Google account
  31. 31. YouTube – Sharing Videos (website) Automatically post videos to your website Saves having your web designer embed new code Embed a strip of YouTube videos on your on your web page and let your users watch the video channels youve selected without leaving your site http://code.google.com  More Tools  AJAX Search Wizard  Video Bar Customize it!
  32. 32. YouTube – Get Videos Why make only your own Videos? Where YouTube truly connects you with customers Originally designed for traditional media http://code.google.com  YouTube Direct  Allows you to easily solicit user generated content from your site visitors, moderate the submissions, and display them on your website You need your web designer to embed the code But you call the shots with the Moderation Console
  33. 33. YouTube – Get Videos 2
  34. 34. Twitter – The Numbers 1 Billion Tweets (Messages) sent each week Whole group of users (perhaps 50%) don’t send Tweets  Just read other people’s Tweets 13% of U.S. online users actively use Twitter 25%+ of users do so for Customer Support 18% of users 18-29 years old, 14% of users 30-49 300 million users globally – 460,000 added each day Banned in China  China has it’s own service
  35. 35. Twitter – What Is It? A Microblogging site OR an Information Network Read, Write, & Share messages (tweets) in 140 characters Businesses can:  Share information (promotions, etc.)  Get consumer insights  Build customer relationships  Monitor Competitors  Find partners & experts
  36. 36. Twitter – The Lingo You have to know the terms! Name: Your Twitter user name (i.e. HamptonsCG) Tweet: The 140 characters you send Retweet: Resent tweet Mention: “@” -- @HamptonsCG  Call a user out Direct message (DM): Private tweet  “DM @HamptonsCG This stuff is crazy!” Hashtag: “#” Your Tweet’s “theme”  “This stuff is awesome! #socialmedia” URL Shortner: A tool to shrink URLs to fewer characters
  37. 37. Twitter – Create Your Profile Settings  Profile Logo Business Name Include URL & Important stuff first
  38. 38. Twitter – Create Your Page  Settings  Design  Change background  Change colors  Don’t use Themes  Use your Branding  Click Save Changes
  39. 39. Twitter – Get Followers Use the “Who to Follow” Feature Follow important people Follow the people that person follows Follow People who follow you Use a Following service (paid)
  40. 40. Twitter – Now What?Enter your TweetsMonitor Followers, Mentions, etc.
  41. 41. Twitter – Success Factors Share info about you & Discounts/Offers (rewards) Share articles and links (resources) Listen – find out what people say about your brand/industry/location Ask & Respond  Respond to feedback – quickly! Be Human! Sound Human!
  42. 42. Twitter – Website Integration Have your Tweets appear on your Website http://business.twitter.com  Resources & Widgets  Widgets  My Website  Profile Widget – Displays your recent Tweets  Customize  Give code to your web designer
  43. 43. Facebook – The Numbers There are 650 million people on Facebook 30% are in the U.S.  75% of U.S. Internet users visit Facebook each month  Nearly 40% are older than 35 years of age 250 million+ people use Facebook on a mobile device Users: 60% of Major Business & 44% of Small Business Nearly 3 million websites integrate with Facebook There are 16 million+ Facebook fan/brand pages  The 2nd most popular one? YouTube!
  44. 44. Facebook – What is it? A way for people to communicate A utility to share  Events  Messages  Images/Videos  Social Connections An “internal social search” engine The fastest, most advanced networking device ever
  45. 45. Facebook Success for Business Build a Fan/Brand/ Business Page Fill in your business info Customize
  46. 46. Facebook - Fan Page “real estate”
  47. 47. Facebook - The Perfect Page Focused & Integrated in all areas:  Page Picture & Thumbnail  Navigation Links (formerly known as Tabs)  Custom Links  About  Favorites  Photostrip  Wall  Featured Owner
  48. 48. Facebook - Page Picture This is your Logo or Branding Image 180w x 540h pixels - Max  Always use full width  Customize height  Remember your Navigation Links will get smushed! Profile Thumbnail (50 x 50 only)  “Change Picture”  “Edit Thumbnail”
  49. 49. Facebook - Photostrip Can’t control the order of images Therefore:  Make them simple  Make sure they’re branded  Make sure they’re fun (or themed)
  50. 50. Facebook - Navigation Links (Tabs) Wall and Info are Permanent Others can be reordered, deleted, hidden, or replaced Don’t have Links with no information on the other end  Example: “Discussions” Don’t let important links get buried under “More” Do have customized Links to suit your business  Welcome Page (default landing), Offers, Custom  May need a Pro to do this  Search for Free Apps (Click “edit” under Navigation)
  51. 51. Custom Welcome Page CustomNavigation
  52. 52. Facebook - Featured Likes/Owners 5 OTHER Brand Pages are always displayed  Only pages you like (as YOUR page)  You can select which 5 to display  Edit Info  Featured  Edit/Add Featured Likes  Choose Wisely! You can Feature Page Owners (admins)  Useful if people know You more than the Brand  Will open up a link directly to your profile  Edit Info  Featured  Edit/Add Feature Page Owners
  53. 53. @ connection (@Matt Miller)Facebook - Wall Impressions & Feedback People who “Like” Likes Hidden Comments
  54. 54. Facebook – Website Integration http://developers.facebook.com “Add Facebook to My Site” Core Concepts  Social Plugins  Let you see what others have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web May need a Pro to help customize  Will need to work with your web designer Like Button OR Like Box are must haves
  55. 55. Pause
  56. 56. Jeopardy!YouTube Twitter Facebook100 100 100200 200 200300 300 300
  57. 57. YouTube - 100 Name the search engine goliath that owns YouTube, making it a great tool to attract customers.
  58. 58. YouTube - 200 Which of the following YouTube tools makes it easy to integrate video on you website? A. Video Bar B. Oxygen Bar C. Hyperlink Bar
  59. 59. YouTube - 300 Name just one way to improve viewership on YouTube.
  60. 60. Twitter - 100 A message sent on Twitter is called a: A. Twerp B. Tweet C. Tickle
  61. 61. Twitter - 200 True or False: Twitter’s 140 character limit means you can’t share links to other websites.
  62. 62. Twitter - 300 What’s just one way Twitter can help grow your business?
  63. 63. Facebook - 100It’s a good idea to do which of the following on Facebook:A. Use ONLY your personal account for businessB. Just ignore negative commentsC. Use the standard navigation linksD. None of these are a good idea!
  64. 64. Facebook - 200 What’s one way to attract customers to your Facebook Page?
  65. 65. Facebook - 300 Name the second largest brand page on Facebook. (Hint: it’s one of the 4 networks we talked about today!)
  66. 66. 3 Social Media Success Techniques Speak as a “person” and not a company  “The new office is now located at 123 Main Street.”  “Come visit our convenient new office space – 123 Main.” Listen and Respond  Fan: “I love XYZ deli.”  XYZ: “We’re glad to hear it! Tell your friends.”  XYZ: “We’re glad to hear it! What’s your favorite sandwich?” Follow the Trident Rule  Content, Company, Conversion
  67. 67. Common Mistakes Getting Way Off Topic Not Responding Negative or Critical Comments Only Self Promoting
  68. 68. Do This Now Start Using Social Media to Network Pick One Technology and use it Today  Improve the ones you have Work at it for 3 weeks Join us on our Client Webinar later this month
  69. 69. It’s Takes More Than Social Media