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Fleet management


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Published in: Business
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Fleet management

  1. 1. Fleet Management Maximizing your fleet performance at least cost.
  2. 2.  Fleet management is the management of companys vehicle fleet. Fleet management includes commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks
  3. 3. Typical County Fleet Typical County Fleet Seal Coat Operations
  4. 4. Functions Fleet (vehicle) management can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management etc.
  5. 5. Fleet Mgr’s Responsibilities Repairs Rates Replacement Schedules Manage Shop & Fleet Maintenance Crews Communicate  Formal (Written & Meetings) & Informal Select Fleet Equipment
  6. 6. Fleet Composition Help Users Decide What They Need (And Can Afford!) Full Time Operations Equipment  Items used often and regularly  e.g. Cars, Dump Trucks, Graders Limited Use Equipment External Equipment **