Middleware in the cloud platform-v2


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Middleware in the cloud platform-v2

  1. 1. SINGAPORE PLATFORM, ADVANCED Hammad Rajjoub Architect Evangelist, Microsoft SingaporeWindows AzureAppFabric – TheMiddleware for theCloud
  2. 2. The Cloud.
  3. 3. All Apps Move To The Cloud.
  4. 4. I would also like ….
  5. 5. Cure for Cancer…
  6. 6. World Peace..
  7. 7. Get rid of Famine…
  8. 8. Finish the book I am writing “on time”…
  9. 9. All Apps Move To The Cloud.
  10. 10. No They Don’t.
  11. 11. Analogy: Rural vs. Urban living ..
  12. 12. • IMAGE COMES HERE..
  13. 13. We need to connect the dots…
  14. 14. Agenda• Windows Azure AppFabric –The Middleware for the Cloud• Building Blocks• Service Bus
  15. 15. Speaker Intro• Architect Evangelist at Microsoft• Published Author• Microsoft Business Platform Technology Advisor• Microsoft Cloud Advisory Council• IASA Speaker and Member• 7 times MVP• @hammadrajjoub• http://www.hammadrajjoub.net
  16. 16. Likewise for software, we need middleware…
  17. 17. … all sorts of middleware, in fact
  18. 18. Windows Azure AppFabric
  19. 19. Windows Azure AppFabric Cache• A distributed, in-memory cache for apps running in Azure: – In-memory cache located near your Azure applications – Based on Windows Server AppFabric Caching• Benefits: – Highly scalable with low latency and high throughput – Can dynamically increase and decrease as needed, without redeploying or modifying your application – User doesn’t have to bother with configuration, deployment, or management of their cache infrastructure
  20. 20. Key Capabilities & Benefits Web Role• Easily integrates into existing apps Local Cache – Cache-Aside Model – One API for Server and Cloud Output – ASP.NET Session State Provider Sessions – ASP.NET Page Output Caching Provider Reference Data• Very low latency with Local Cache Activity Data• Caches any serializable CLR object Resource – No serialization costs for local caching Data• Secured w/ Access Control Service DB
  21. 21. A quick look at Cloud Cache...DEMO
  22. 22. Windows Azure AppFabric Access ControlAccess Control Free till Jan 2012• Federated Identity and AuthZ for any Application – Web, Desktop, Mobile – Identity Providers: OAuth WRAP • Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Live ID OAuth 2.0 • Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 Access Control WS-* Service • OAuth 2, OAuth WRAP • WS-Trust 1.3 Open ID Rules – Tokens Formats Google, Yahoo • OAuth WRAP SWT Facebook Websites and web • SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0 Live ID services• Authorization Rules
  23. 23. Windows Azure AppFabric Application ManagerWeb Services Workflow• Application Server Infrastructure – Deployment and Placement – Execution Lifecycle – Scale Out – High Availability – Isolation – Resource Management – Routing – Usage Monitoring
  24. 24. Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus Service Bus• Interconnect services across networks – Naming and Discovery – Connectivity w/ NAT and Firewall Traversal – Access Control Integrated Authorization• Cloud-Based Message-Oriented Middleware – Next Generation Message Queue Technology – Rich Publish/Subscribe with Filtering – Transaction Integration
  25. 25. Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus ? Connectivity Messaging Service Integration Service Relay Queuing Management Routing Protocol Tunnel Pub/Sub Naming, Discovery Coordination Eventing, Push Reliable Transfer Monitoring Transformation Rich options for Reliable, Consistent Content-based interconnecting transaction-aware management routing, document apps across cloud messaging surface and service transformation, network infrastructure for observation and process boundaries business apps. capabilities coordination.
  26. 26. Queues! P Queue C • Reliable, durable storage – up to 1GB per Queue* • Queues stay in the system once created, no TTL limit • Max message size 256KB, Sessions allow grouping • Messaging API, WCF, and HTTP/REST Interfaces
  27. 27. My Queue runs in the cloud. How about yours?DEMO
  28. 28. Topics! S C P Topic S C S C• All the Features of Queues + Publish/Subscribe• Up to 2000 Subscriptions on a Topic• Each Subscription is a virtual queue getting message copies• Subscriptions can have filters and actions
  29. 29. We have “Topics” in the cloud. Do you?DEMO
  30. 30. Bridging on premise messaging with the Cloud SB Queue C Cloud On Premise P MSMQ Broker• Messages are pushed to MSMQ• Broker reads off MSMQ and publishes to SB Queue• Service Bus Queue Client can reads it off the queue
  31. 31. Look ma! I can do HYBRID messaging…DEMO
  32. 32. Runtime API Choices Apps WCF Service Model WCF Bindings HTTP SOAP REST WS-* (Relay Clients) Service Bus Relay Protocol Implementation Messaging API (private) .NET Framework 4.0 Any Platform Service Bus
  33. 33. Summary- The Cloud Middleware- Service Bus enables connectivity between On-Premise and Cloud Apps- AppFabric applications are inherently cloud ready- Integration Services will bring BizTalk to the Cloud
  34. 34. Learn more..- Rayan’s Master Class on Windows Azure- Channel9 Videos - http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/ServiceBusTopicsAndQueues - http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/SAC-862T- Windows Azure AppFabric Samples: - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=2742 1- The Developer’s Guide to AppFabric – Alan Smith- Windows Azure Development Cookbook- Neil McKenzie- Customer Advisory Team: http://www.windowsazurecat.com/- @hammadrajjoub - www.hammadrajjoub.net
  35. 35. Thank Youhamadr@microsoft.com /@hammadrajjoub /Microsoft Virtual Academy IT Pro Trials Developer Downloadshttp://wwww.hammadrajjoub.net
  36. 36. http://azureug.sghttp://www.facebook.com/MWAPSG