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Room 13


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Room 13

  1. 1. Room 13
  2. 2. Room 13 We will show you the future of room 13 (maybe). By: Hamish and Jaydan
  3. 3. Movie Minor Questions Answer to Question Front View Big Question Roof View The Inside
  4. 4. Our big Question • How much money does it cost to buy the equipment for an ecological school room?
  5. 5. Minor Questions • How much does it cost to buy solar panels. • How much does it cost to buy pink batts. • How much does it cost to buy double glazed windows.
  6. 6. Front of room 13 • The front of room 13 has double- glazed windows and solar panels including the grass for insulation.
  7. 7. The Roof • The roof has 2 solar panels and grass around the the solar panels for more insulation.
  8. 8. The Inside • The inside stays the same though we tried to change it around a little.
  9. 9. Answer to Question • Solar panels: $10.000 for 2 • Double-Glazed widows: $59.99 per square meter • Extra pink batts: $105.00 each • The total will be around: $10.000 - 20.000