31st congress kashmir final


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31st congress kashmir final

  1. 1. Dr. Amjad Pervez, PSO, DirectorDr. Amjad Pervez, PSO, DirectorSyed Muzaffar Ahmed SSOSyed Muzaffar Ahmed SSODEVELOPMENT AND DISSEMINATIONOF PARC DEVELOPED RODENT PESTSCONTROL TECHNOLOGY FOR URBANAND AGRICULTURE STAKE-HOLDERS.Vertebrate Pest Control InstituteSouthern Zone Agricultural Research CentrePakistan Agricultural Research CouncilKarachi University Campus, Karachi-75270
  2. 2. • Vertebrate pests/deteriogens are of great concern world wide and inPakistan too. Among these, rodents are the most important pests at thegobal level. Rodents have three major impacts.• The first is the substantial damage they can cause to field and horticulturalcrops, forest plantations, and vegetation of range lands.• The second is the losses they cause post-harvest to stored food and feedproducts.• The third and often overlooked impact is on the health of small farmers andurban communities, and hence, influences productivity out put of humansand health-care costs. The loss of human health and lives cannot beassigned any price tag. Serious attempts have not been made to evaluatehealth risks in monetary terms. In poorer farming communities, if a rodentzoonotic causes disability to a poor farmers for a month at a key time then itmay lead to no crop, a late crop, or reduced crop yield. Each can lad to debttreadmill. Rodent are carriers of at least twenty severely debilitating humandiseases.WHAT ARE RODENT PESTS ?
  3. 3. Major rodent pest Species:Urban Situation:• House rat, Rattus rattus• Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus• House mouse, Mus musculusAgricultural area:• Rice Rat, Bandicota bengalensis• Short-tailed mole rat, Nesokia indica• Indian gerbil, Tatera indica• Soft -furred field rat , Millardia meltada• Field mouse , Mus booduga
  4. 4. Pest CropMeanDamageRs. MillionRats and mice Wheat 3.5% 1841.269Rats and mice Rice 8.0% 20.27.681Rats and mice Sugarcane 9.2% 140.604Porcupine Forestry 20.0% 120.00Porcupine Maize 0.4% 29.651PorcupinePotatoes othervegetable12.0% 231.259Rats Groundnuts 3.0% 214.612Rodents Food storage 3.0% 814.00SUMMARY OF LOSSES TO VARIOUS CROPS DUE TO RODENT PESTS
  5. 5. Crop Damages
  6. 6. PARC / VPCI Developed Rat Baits• Grain baits for rats & mice• Pellets for rats and mice• Wax coated baits for porcupine• Capsule baits for wild boar
  7. 7. Development of PARC Bait- Lab Studies
  8. 8. Baits offered TilleringMean ±SEFlowering/GrainFormationMean ±SEMaturityMean ±SEMean Consump(gm /Station /day )±SEMeanpreference(%)Brodifacoumwith egg 20.45±4.85 43.69±5.91 12.75±1.58a25.63±4.22 53.28Bromadiolonewith egg 8.00±1.10 22.61±9.97 5.00±0.22b12.00±0.76 24.95Zincphosphidewith egg4.90±0.80 1.22±0.38 1.80±0.99c2.65±0.72 5.51Development of PARC Bait- Field Studies
  9. 9. Baits offeredNo of active burrows Reduction ofrodentPre. Treatment)n(Post treatment)n(Activity) (%BrodifacoumWith egg 97 2 .97 74BromadioloneWith egg 75 5 .93 33Zinc phosphideWith egg 89 10 .88 10
  10. 10. DATE LOCATIONNO. OFPARTICIPANTS06-04-2010 Shaheed Benzir Bhutto, Research Station (SBBRS), Sakrand 7013-04-2010 National Sugar Crops Research Institute (NSCRI), Thatta 6022-04-2010 Agriculture Office, Sujawal 7005-05-2010 Town Hall, Chuhar Jamali, Thatta 8013-05-2010Govt Boys High School Building Organized by Agha Khan EconomicPlanning Board for Shah Bundar10327-05-2010 Mirza Sugar Mills, Ltd, Lowarisharif Badin 1311-06-2010 Mirza Sugar Mills, Ltd, Lowarisharif, Badin 2412-06-2010 T.M.K Sugar Mills, Tando Mohammad Khan 0819-06-2010Hussaniabad, Jati Organized by Agha Khan Economic Planning Boardfor Shah Bundar,3419-06-2010 Tarr Khowaja, Jati 2022-06-2010 Deh, Dalel Dehro, Sakrand, Shaheed Benzirabad (Nawabad shah) 3123-06-2010 Sanghar Sugar Mills, Sanghar 6028-06-2010Agriculture Workshop Organized By PSST, Sindh Hotel, Indus,Hydereabad6014-09-2010VPCI/SARC Karachi for B.S student of Agriculture and Agric BusinessUniversity9422-09-2010VPCI/SARC Karachi for M.S student of Dept of Zoology, University ofKarachi4703-11-2010 Agriculture training institute, Thatta 5723-11-2010 Mirza sugar Mills, Ltd lowari shairf Badin 2508-12-2010 NSCRI, Experimental farm, Thatta 3228-12-2010 Palejo farm, off Jhang Shah Road, Thatta 3817-02-2011 NSCRI, Experimental farm, Thatta 180Total 813
  11. 11. Action Speaks Louder
  12. 12. FARMERS AWARENESS THROUGH LITERATURE;• To aware the stake holder’s i.e urban and rural clientele,following advisory booklets /leaflets were distributedamong participants:-• Rat control in Paddy crops (Urdu)• Rat damage to sugarcane crops and their control (Urdu)• Commercialization of products and customize services invertebrate Pest Management (English).• Rat of wheat crops and their control (Urdu)• Ready to use “PARC Rat baits” (Urdu)
  13. 13. Farmer’s training and field demonstration activitieswere reported by local reporters in national andlocal news papers, such as• Daily Juriat, Karachi• The News, Karachi• Daily express, Karachi• Daily Sindh, Hyderabad• Daily Faisalo, HyderabadFlash in print media
  14. 14. VPCISARCThank UThank U