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Flight control and system 100


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this ppt is prepared from the research paper and this ppt is basically about the avionics systems.

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Flight control and system 100

  1. 1. and The System 100 PRESENTED BY: AHSAN ZAFAR 12063122-087 NAEEM RAZA 12063122-084
  2. 2. Background  An Airplane contains different avionics systems.  Examples are communications, navigation, radar, collision avoidance, transponder, weather, and weapons systems. Having different control systems for each avionics system occupies a large space
  3. 3. Background The Cockpit is very small. Presence of different control systems make the cockpit crowded Training is required for each control system
  4. 4. System 100 System 100 is a single control system. Different avionics systems can be controlled using this single device. Easy to use. Requires less space.
  5. 5. System 100 Less Training is required. Avionics systems can be from different manufacturer's. Has a graphical screen i.e. consisting of 7 colors.
  6. 6. Functions
  7. 7. Functions Power On/Off Enter Clear Luminosity Card Reader USB Connector
  8. 8. Functions Left Keys Line Select Keys Receive selection of a radio by a pilot or other user. For example, for use or interaction with.
  9. 9. Functions Right Keys  Encoder pushbutton is used to ,for example, invoke communication channel selection. Lower knob is used to adjust radio frequency. Knob is also used to control the cursor in GUI.
  10. 10. Functions Lower Keys These Keys are used to select between different avionics systems. Different types of avionics system can be controlled. The functions available for selection are indicated by labels displayed above the soft keys.
  11. 11. Block Diagram
  12. 12. Block Diagram A number of radios can be connected. Transponder for air radio system. Tactical Air Navigation System Global Positioning System
  13. 13. Circuit
  14. 14. Working CPU act as the Brain of the Machine. CPU consists of different devices like microprocessor ,ALU etc. Buses are used for two-way communication between different parts.
  15. 15. Working Two Type of memories are used in a System 100. Non-Volatile memory stores the permanent data like the device’s operating software. Volatile memory stores temporary data used during the functioning of system 100.
  16. 16. Working Communication Interfaces are used to link the device with different avionics systems. Different type of ports are available for connecting different systems. Power interface is used to provide voltages to the machine. It Receives the voltages from power source available in the airplane.