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An autonomous uav with an optical flow sensor


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this ppt is prepared from the research paper and this ppt is basically about the avionics systems.

Published in: Engineering
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An autonomous uav with an optical flow sensor

  1. 1. An Autonomous UAV with an Optical Flow Sensor for Positioning and Navigation Group Memebers Nouman Ali Shakir 12063122-033 Waqqar Haider 12063122-045
  2. 2. UAVs “Unmanned Air Vehicle”  ICAO  Autonomous UAV  Introduction  Flight Control  Control
  3. 3. This Research Paper  This system provides collision avoidance approach of UAVs. Six DOF (degrees of freedom) of UAVs is generally controlled by external computer system.  Optical Sensor
  4. 4. Advantage  This technique helps especially in the non-GPS environments like deep seas, caves and etc.  The use of OV7076 is a right descion by rejecting TAM2 and uCAM due low resolution ,slow processing and lesser data transmition respectively.  . Now, the optical sensor fitted under the base of AQopter was responsible for transmitting and receiving the signal from the ground.  Less Error  This system has very low error of about 30 cm of the pointing image.
  5. 5. Addition  The interesting part of this paper is its working in “Nikalaus Houses”.