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Jan mucha


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Jan mucha

  1. 1. Jan Mucha<br />
  2. 2. Dateofbirth: 5 December 1982<br />Placeofbirth: Belá nad Cirochou, Slovakia Height: 1.89 m <br />Position: goalkeeper<br /> <br />Clubs: Inter Bratislava (2000-2002), MŠK Žilina (2002-2005), Humenné (2005) , LegiaWarszawa (2005-2010), Everton (2010-present)<br /> <br />Presentclub: Everton FC<br /> <br />Hobbies: football, flying a plane, playingwithhisson<br /> <br />Ján Mucha is a goalkeeperofthe Slovak nationalfootball team. Hewasborn on 5th. December 1982 in Belá nad Cirochou, East Slovakia.<br />Hestartedwithfootball in thevilageboy-team „Orion Belá“. Ján used to playwithmucholderboysthanhewas. Hewasworkingveryhard to be a goodplayer. Itissaidheevensleptwith a ball.<br />Early Ján Mucha lefthisvilagefootball team and moved to reinforcethefootballclub in thetownof Snina. Histrianer, Ondrej Duda, consideredhim a fearless and calmgoalkeeper. <br />Notonly Ján wastheexcellentfootballplayerbut a goodpupiloftheelementaryschool.aswell. Hiswomanteacherslovedhim and someofthemwho had never beeninterested in sportbeforestartedwatchingfootball.<br />
  3. 3. Hismumdidn´twant to allowhersontogointotheworld. Jan Mucha playedforYoungerpupils in Orionclubin Bela nad Cirochou , hisnativevillagewherescoutssawhim . Hisfatherwasreadyforhisgoaliecareerfromthecradle. „I trainedhimeveryday.“ said. Jan Mucha workedhard on himself. Hesleptwith a ball. Whenhewaslearninghewasdribblingwithonehand on thefloor. Whenhewasgoing to thesecondclass, about 5 yearsolderboyswantedhim to play in theirclub. Jan Mucha wasnotafraidofany duel. Aftercomming to Snina Ondrej Dudabecamehistrainerwhosaid : „ Hewas a verygoodstudent“. <br />Jan Mucha in representationof Slovakia under 16.<br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Jan Mucha startedhiscareer in hislocalclub TJ Slovan Belá nad Cirochou. Thenhetransfered to thetown´ssportsclub Snina and later to Inter Bratislava. Heplayedtherefor 2 seasons in theA-team. Howeverhedidn´tplay in anyfootballmatch. Hetransfered to thetown´ssportsclubZilina in summer 2002 and hisclubwonthe Slovak league. In 2005 hewasrented to thefirstfootballclub in Humenne. Hesigned a contractwithLegiaWarszawa in Polandinsummer 2005. In the 2005-06 seasonhewasthesecondgoalkeeperafterLukaszFabiański. WhenFabianskitransfered to Arsenal in 2007, Mucha becamethefirstgoalkeeper. WiththeLegiahewon 2007-08 thePolish cup and thePolishSupercup in 2008. In January 2010 hesigned a contractwith FC Evertonbuthetransferedthere in August 2010. Mucha madehisinternational debut for Slovakia in February 2008. Heplayedallmatches in theWorld cup 2010. <br />