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  • HTML5 is the new standard for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It incorporates features like video playback and drag-and-drop that have been previously dependent on third-party browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Google Gears.
  • Meetup html5 aug162012

    1. 1. ENTERPRISE MOBILITY Is HTML5 Ready For Enterprise Mobile Apps? vs.SPONSORS UCSC Extn. & Halosys
    2. 2. The Mobile Guild - Sponsors High quality Continuing education and Professional development Weekend classes, New online courses & programs Enterprise & Consumer Mobile Solutions Pre built solutions for Enterprise customers:  People-Finder Enterprise, WorkzBox, Enterprise App Store  MEG - Mobile Enterprise Gateway
    3. 3. Agenda Meetup!! Presentation:  Avinash Harsh  VP, Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Halosys  AnusheelBhushan  Software Adventurer, Halosys & Entrepreneur  About HTML5  Current state  Development Frameworks  Deployment Flexibility  More.. Networking
    4. 4. What is HTML5?  Incorporate features like video playback, drag-n- drop  No longer dependent on 3rd party plug-in:  Adobe Flash  Microsoft Silverlight  Google Gears
    5. 5. Why HTML5? It’s here to stay!  Web browsers  Smart phones & Tablets  Appliances  Automobile Dashboards  Retail Kiosks
    6. 6. Why HTML5? Re-usable across many platforms Full control – No need to go through AppStore approval process Ease of deployment – Flexibility to deploy in multiple ways Availability – Online & Offline mode Leverage Web development skills
    7. 7. Development Stacks Titanium PhoneGap Sencha jQueryMobile Sproutcore
    8. 8. Development Stacks Backbone.js Knockout.JS Angular Google WebKit (GWT) Node.js
    9. 9. Deployment Apple App Store  Native Apps  Approval by Apple Enterprise App Center  Apple Enterprise Program  Full control on applications, No approval required Direct Web URL  Browser based access Direct URL for offline HTML5 file downloaded on the phone  Browser based download of files  Native app like feel thereafter
    10. 10. HTML5 Challenges Well designed native apps have a better performance than HTML5 (as of now) Limitations of offline database Offline storage security is questionable Synchronization of offline data Cross domain challenge/s Support on Blackberry (OS 6.0 onwards)
    11. 11. Is HTML5 right for you? BYOD Roadmap MEAP – Mobile Enterprise Application Platform dependency MDM – Do you have a Mobile Device Management System in place? Type of Applications needed in your organization Infrastructure considerations Development Stack – In house expertise Preferred Deployment Approach Real Usability of the application
    12. 12. Thank you for coming! Questions?? Avinash Harsh