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Succession assessment tool

  1. 1. How does your succession planning strategy stack up?
  2. 2. Yet, Bersin & Associates, reports that 21% of organizations have no succession management of any kind in place.* DO YOU? * Bersin & Associates Succession Management Maturity Model® There's no doubt about it. HR and senior leaders in most organizations have spent some time considering the ideal succession program. Get started now! Free Report
  3. 3. • Respond effectively to change • Recruit and retain the best talent • Support organizational growth When well executed, succession planning can help your organization: Get started now! Free Report
  4. 4. But, you'll notice some big differences in companies that value and execute a best-practices succession planning program vs. those who do not. Get started now! Free Report
  5. 5. • Leaders are actively involved in creating succession goals that are connected to strategic vision • Competency models are effectively used to measure the performance standards for each position • Promotion readiness is measured effectively because each position has clear standards in place • There are methods in place to evaluate performance, promotion potential and assist in closing any performance gaps Here are just a few of the elements that successful programs share in common: Get started now! Free Report
  6. 6. Wondering how your succession program compares to industry best practice? Find out by taking this succession assessment created by industry expert Dr. William Rothwell and Halogen Software. Get started now! Free Report
  7. 7. After answering 20 questions, you’ll receive a complimentary customized report that identifies the key criteria your company excels at, and what needs to be improved for you to become best in class at this mission-critical talent program. Here’s how it works Curious about the questions? Read on. Get started now! Free Report
  8. 8. 1. Established measurable goals to guide the succession planning program? 2. Established a regular means by which to recalibrate succession planning program goals annually against changing competitive and organizational conditions and priorities? 3. Found effective ways to keep senior managers involved and committed to the succession planning program? 4. Linked succession goals to career planning goals so that individual development has a clear “what’s in it for me” for individuals? 5. Established talent pools by levels based on the strategic strengths of the organization? 6. Created a means to review talent on a continuing basis to ensure that promotable individuals are being properly developed over time? (Conduct talent reviews.) Some questions at a glance Get started now! Free Report
  9. 9. Get started now Start your online succession planning assessment now. Free Report Visit our website to learn more: »