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Hally Darnell's ADV 420 Final Project


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Hally Darnell's final presentation on online retailer, Net-A-Porter.

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Hally Darnell's ADV 420 Final Project

  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE “Since launching in June 2000, NET-A- PORTER has established itself as the world’s premier luxury fashion destination.” -NET-A-PORTER The audience for Net-A-Porter can be broken down into two separate groups. ● Frequent shoppers ● Window shoppers Net-A-Porter’s audience is composed of people who crave luxury and aspire to lead a life of luxury. Image courtesy of @NET-A-PORTER on Instagram
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA STRENGTHS Tone & voice Content promotion Visually engaging RECOMMENDATIONS More tailored content on each specific platform Increase engagement on social media
  4. 4. WEBSITE STRENGTHS User friendly Visually engaging RECOMMENDATIONS Improve SEO & Metadata Work to engage new customers, rather than rely on loyal customers and word of mouth
  5. 5. ONLINE ADVERTISING STRENGTHS High quality score according to Google RECOMMENDATIONS Retargeting Implement a PPC campaign Sponsored social media posts
  6. 6. INBOUND MARKETING RECOMMENDATIONS Create content that benefits users i.e. YouTube Tutorials Blog posts Rewards for new customers and loyal customers i.e. Shop pre-sale Exclusive blog content Request customer feedback Engage on social media
  7. 7. MOBILE & APP STRENGTHS ● Visually engaging ● App is user friendly ● Consistent with desktop version RECOMMENDATIONS Scale down size of navigation bar Make product details more concise Move contact information so it is easier to find Connect social media profiles to app
  8. 8. BIG IDEA Position themselves as the only source for luxury fashion. Focus on gaining new customers, rather than relying on Word of Mouth advertising from already loyal customers.
  9. 9. KPI’s, METRICS, & TIMELINE Hire content creators to create videos, social posts, blog posts, etc. Organic marketing on social media Use keyword research to implement SEO campaign Monitor organic trafficking from social media Monitor results from implementing SEO campaign 1 mo. 2 mo. 4 mo. 6 mo. Distribute customer feedback survey Compare sales from month 1 to current month. Monitor number of items saved to cart & wishlist Implement changes based on customer feedback If there is a dramatic shift in sales, paired with social media engagement, and a rise in new customers,move forward with this strategy
  10. 10. BUDGET Hiring staff to create content for inbound marketing strategy (3 employees) PPC Advertising Display advertising and social media sponsored posts Google Keyword Planner ~$1,392 TOTAL ANNUAL BUDGET: $300,000 $223,608 $65,000 $10,000