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Master of Arts for Teachers of Spanish Brochure


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Brochure on the Indiana University-Indianapolis Master of Arts for Teachers of Spanish program.

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Master of Arts for Teachers of Spanish Brochure

  1. 1. MASTER OF ARTS FOR TEACHERS OF SPANISH IUPUI CONTACTS: The IUPUI-Universidad de Salamanca IUPUI DEPT. OF WORLD M.A.T. in Spanish consists of 37 credit LANGUAGES & CULTURES hours of coursework, which may be Cavanaugh Hall 545 425 University Boulevard completed in three academic semesters Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140 at IUPUI and 2 consecutive five-week Tel: 317-278-3658 Fax: 317-278-7375 summer sessions in Spain. AcadMAT.htm Students seeking certification to teach in public schools in Indiana must complete QUESTIONS? additional coursework as required by the Contact Mr. Phillip Garver, Graduate Program Secretary: state and the IU School of Education. INDIANA UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL ONLINE APPLICATION Dept. of World Languages & Cultures apply.htm Cavanaugh Ha! 545 425 University Blvd. Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140
  2. 2. M A S T E R O F A RT S F O R T E AC H E R S The M.A.T. program in Spanish at IUPUI is a collaborative program between IUPUI and the University of Salamanca in Spain. The University of Salamanca has a well-developed curriculum for foreign students who wish to teach Spanish, and its programs have a high level of academic prestige around the world. The Department of World Languages & Cultures at IUPUI similarly enjoys an excellent reputation for its GRADUATE FACULTY leadership role in the promotion and development of successful second-language teaching and learning. MARTA ANTÓN, Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts) Hispanic Linguistics, Second Language Learning and Teaching A D M I S S I O N S Applicants should possess a B.A. degree in Spanish (provisional admission may be considered for ENRICA ARDEMAGNI, Associate those who did not major in Spanish, as long as they demonstrate the competency necessary for Professor. (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin) successful graduate work in Spanish). They must submit the following: the online application; an Translation Theory and Practice, Applied Language official transcript documenting a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with a Studies, Medieval Spanish Literature minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale); documentation of proficiency in the Spanish language (either the DELE Exam or samples of written and spoken Spanish); and three letters of recommendation HERBERT BRANT, Associate Professor & The IUPUI University Library (at least two from professors). International students will need to send TOEFL scores, and will Director of Graduate Studies in Spanish at sunset need to take the IUPUI ESL Placement exam. See the website for more details. (M.A.T., Ph.D., University of Illinois) Modern Latin American Literature and Culture, Gender and Sexuality in Latin America C O U R S E W O R K Students take courses on the IUPUI campus during regular semesters, and must participate in two KIMMAREE MURDAY, Assistant consecutive 5-week summer sessions at the University of Salamanca. Coursework at IUPUI Professor. (Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University) consists of an Introduction to Hispanic Sociolinguistics, Acquisition of Spanish as a 2nd Language, Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics, Methods of Teaching Spanish, Practicum in the Teaching of Spanish, Studies in Spanish American Computer-Assisted Language Learning Culture and Literature, and the MAT Thesis. In Salamanca, students take classes in Spanish language, and the culture and literature of Spain. ROSA TEZANOS-PINTO, Associate The historic library at the For students who are interested in Indiana State Teacher Certification, a track of coursework has Professor. (Ph.D., University of Miami) National University of Salamanca been developed with the IU School of Education. See the website for more details. Narratives in Hispanic America, Spanish American Women Writers, Post-Boom Writing F I N A N C I A L A S S I S T A N C E BENJAMIN VAN WYKE, Assistant A limited number of research and teaching assistantships are available from the IU School of Liberal Professor. (Ph.D., University of Syracuse) Arts on a competitive basis. Students who are interested in competing for one of these Translation Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Latin assistantships should submit all of their application materials by April 1 for the following fall American Studies, Contemporary Philosophy semester. Other sources of financial assistance are available to graduate students at IUPUI, including first-year fellowships. Long-term loans and federal financial aid are facilitated by the IUPUI Office of Financial The Wood Fountain on the Aid ( IUPUI campus