Kasi Fox - Visual Pedagogy Project: Art Integration


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Kasi Fox - Visual pedagogy project for M333 "Art Experiences for Elementary Generalists", Spring 2012 at Indiana University Bloomington. Instructor Hallie DeCatherine Jones.

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Kasi Fox - Visual Pedagogy Project: Art Integration

  1. 1. Why Art Integration?Teachers like art integration because it .. Is hands on, enables children to be creative, works with technology, helps students be self-expressive, ..and it boosts children’s self-esteem.
  2. 2. Art Integration: Reading/WritingSome examples:• Share a story aloud and have the students create the illustrations.• Can a child’s favorite song lyrics be poetry?
  3. 3. Art Integration:ScienceSome examples:• The Science of Color (color wheel)• Create a constant video of a plant growing, then speed it up to see the process.• Study your favorite animals habitat and recreate it using a variety of art materials.
  4. 4. Art Integration:Social StudiesSome examples:• Have the students draw a map of the US and color in the states they have been to. If they have never left their home state let them color in where they would like to go.• Create a timeline of their life with important events on it using pictures.
  5. 5. Art Integration: MathSome examples:• Create a picture using only geometric shapes, or recreate a famous artist’s picture using only geometric shapes.• Create a stamp and make a picture using a repeated pattern.
  6. 6. The Lesson…The lesson I chose to elaborate on is a variation of onethat I, as a student, have actually done before. In aprevious class, I created a timeline of important eventsthat have occurred during my lifetime. This lessonusually fits in well with Social Studies or CurrentEvents. This gives the children a chance to do someresearch and helps keep them up-to-date on what’sgoing on with the world around them. Instead of doinga timeline, I decided to find a picture for each event andcreate a collage.
  7. 7. The Project…The collage I created shows events in my life that are eitherimportant to me directly, or have impacted my life in someway. Some of the events I’ve illustrated are:• the birth of my baby sister (personal/family event)• Obama became president (U.S. history event)• Rock and Roll hall of fame opened (music history)• first Harry Potter book released in the U.S. (entertainment)• Colts win the Super Bowl (sports)
  8. 8. … and the ProcessTo carry out this project I first decided that I wanted to create a timeline collage ofmy whole life using an event for each year giving me 23 events total counting theyear I was born.Next, to help me find something relevant for each year of my life, I used a websitecalled “Info Please”. It listed hundreds of things to jog my memory of whatimportant happened that year or told me what happened for the years I wasn’table to recall anything because I was too young.Lastly, I found a picture that would represent each event I picked and then cut andpasted them to a poster board with the years underneath them.If I were to have my students do this project, they would have to do a shortpresentation in front of the class to explain what they picked for each year.*Note: this project would mainly be good for older students because they wouldhave to use technology and also would have more years to add to the college. Anadaption you could use would be to have them do all things from the month theywere born no matter what year it was from.
  9. 9. The Grading…For this project there are a number of things you can assessthe student on without actually grading the student’sartwork. Some of the things I would grade students on are:• use of color and creativity• having an event for each year of your life• using a mixture of different types of events (ie, not all sports, or not all history, but both)• time used wisely (ie, using class time appropriately)
  10. 10. My Philosophy:I believe art integration is very important for a lot ofreasons.It helps build student’s art skills without them realizingthey are even doing an art project. Using scissorsproperly and holding a pencil correctly are all thingslearned through art.Art doesn’t have to be a subject all by itself, it should bepresent in every subject during at least one period aday.
  11. 11. Connections:READINGS:• Like in Oreck, this class has shown us how to integrate arts in the general education classroom and shows us that even though we, as teachers, are working hard to improve test scores, the arts are a way of doing so.• Also from our readings, Goldberg uses the example of the student in nature who was observing and his poetry turned out better than previous ones. This just shows how much of an art poetry is and where observing can only help your piece.CLASSWORK:• This specific project connects to our class because it shows media exploration, technology integration and collage work all of which we have talked about or experienced first hand in M333.
  12. 12. Text Resources!Scholastic Website (majority of lesson plans- unless specified below):http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/collection/strategies-arts-integrationInfo Please Website (timeline website):http://www.infoplease.com/yearbyyear.htmlEducation Closet (fractions/decimals with art lesson plan):http://educationcloset.com/arts-integration-lesson-plans/Crayola Website (habitat lesson plan):http://www.crayola.com/lesson-plans/detail/a-special-place-lesson-plan/
  13. 13. Visual Resources!• http://mrscoonthirdgradeclass.blogspot.com/2009/09/examples-of-timelines.html• http://pulse.pharmacy.arizona.edu/9th_grade/from_global/world_geography/human_migration.html• http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://starcityartco.com/COMPUTER- GRAPHIC.jpg&imgrefurl=http://starcityartco.com/aboutme.htm&h=256&w=302&sz=44&tbnid=cuYlQG1kPvoFOM:&tb nh=92&tbnw=109&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dcomputer%2Bgraphic%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=compute r+graphic&docid=qxNaleCkIRExMM&sa=X&ei=dg2WT5OXLo7hggfkqfjnDQ&ved=0CGkQ9QEwBA&dur=296• http://www.google.com/imgres?q=construction+paper&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=nBr&sa=X&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&biw=999&bih=860&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=IJD6KZWpIwttGM:&imgrefurl=http://demo.3clickstogi ve.org/product.php%3Fproductid%3D219%26cat%3D2%26page%3D1&docid=A0KAGwAsL2CtFM&imgurl=http://de mo.3clickstogive.org/image.php%253Fproductid%253D219&w=275&h=294&ei=7g2WT92AOIfVgAef6dXvDQ&zoom= 1&iact=hc&vpx=323&vpy=466&dur=530&hovh=232&hovw=217&tx=155&ty=148&sig=113728342332907289792&pa ge=1&tbnh=170&tbnw=159&start=0&ndsp=12&ved=1t:429,r:5,s:0,i:152• http://www.google.com/imgres?q=art+supplies&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=yCr&sa=X&rls=org.mozilla:en- US:official&biw=999&bih=860&tbm=isch&prmd=imvnsr&tbnid=4v3B7D6BpNm4SM:&imgrefurl=http://colewardell.w ordpress.com/tag/art- supplies/&docid=MFaCkaAkGeUKBM&imgurl=http://colewardell.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/art-supplies- sm.jpg&w=1500&h=1125&ei=Nw6WT73LHIfsggfxl5XSDQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=525&vpy=534&dur=348&hovh=171 &hovw=229&tx=122&ty=96&sig=113728342332907289792&page=3&tbnh=145&tbnw=193&start=32&ndsp=23&ved =1t:429,r:2,s:32,i:223• http://www.thehealingatelier.com/magicalmusic.php• http://sewnnatural.com/blog/2011/04/tissue-paper-vegetable-stamps-little-kid-fun-oh-and-a-new-look.html