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Six Free Tools from Google to Make Laser Targeted Campaigns


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Presentation I gave at the CUNA Marketing Conference this year, based on a post I wrote for CUInsight.

Financial institution marketers can use Google's suite of free tools to put together a professional, highly targeted auto loan campaign.

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Six Free Tools from Google to Make Laser Targeted Campaigns

  1. 1. MAKE LASER TARGETED AUTO LOAN OFFERS with free tools from the
  2. 2. WHO AM I? Chris Hall Head of Customer Development Marketing experience in Fortune 100, Non-Profit and Startup companies 10+ YEARS of experience eating only the finest carne asada burritos DECADES Onovative’s Core iQ platform automates 100,000s of personalized print pieces STREET CRED
  3. 3. WHAT WE’LL COVER TODAY Find Keywords with Google AdWords Discover Related Topics with Google Trends Use Google Search to find demographics Score Royalty Free Images with Google Image Search Modify Your Image using Google Photos Bring It All Together with Google Fonts and Drive 1 2 3 4 5 6
  4. 4. Use Google AdWords to find Keywords
  5. 5. Setting up AdWords • Free to sign up • Pay only when someone clicks • Connected to a Gmail account •
  6. 6. Keyword Planner • What is a keyword? • What is search intent? • Small keyword differences can have very different results
  7. 7. Adding Details • Add a URL for better results • Set product category • Set targeted range • Add negative keywords
  8. 8. Finding Keywords • Thinking by monthly searches • Framework for thinking about Competition • Ad Group Ideas
  9. 9. Discover Related Topics with Google Trends
  10. 10. Add Specifications • Add up to 5 keywords to compare at a time • Specify geography & timing • Specify other criteria
  11. 11. Query Manufacturers • Pit popular manufacturers against one another • Make sure geography is set to your metro area • Note the results
  12. 12. Related Queries • Find cities within the metro area with the most interest • Related queries will usually show a make and model being searched the most
  13. 13. Most Searched • Another approach is to find the most searched cars in the United States • Then use Google Trends to find which of those cars are searched most in your metro
  14. 14. Use Google Search to find demographics
  15. 15. Search Tips • Set Search Timing to past year • Search terms to use include “sales” and “demographics” • Use make & model or category, e.g. heavy duty pickup
  16. 16. Learn • Use proxies if necessary • Discover buyer age and income • Identify matching members in your geography of interest to build a campaign list Excerpt via
  17. 17. Score Royalty Free Images with Google Image Search
  18. 18. Search Tools • Find images that have been labeled for reuse • Customize your search around things like color and time • Even specify other criteria
  19. 19. Usage Rights • Find an image you like – “Wiki” images are usually good • Always visit the page • Has the image been released to public domain? Chevy Silverado Image - Wikipedia
  20. 20. Modify Your Image in Google Photos
  21. 21. Modify Your Image • Modify aspect ratio as appropriate • Crop your image to fit the specific look you’re going for • Add an effect
  22. 22. Before After
  23. 23. Spruce up your design with Google Fonts
  24. 24. Finding the Right Font • Serif, Sans Serif or Script • Look for lots of font weights • Use sliders to find the perfect match for your campaign
  25. 25. Bring Your Design Together with Google Drive
  26. 26. Why Google Slides? • It’s free & you can customize the size as well as crop and move things around freely • Change the size of the slide by clicking “Page Setup” in the File menu
  27. 27. Bring in Your Image • Drag the image you made in Google Photos to your slide • If the image is too big, use the crop tool around your slide dimensions to make everything fit just right
  28. 28. Add Shapes • Add semi-transparent shapes to your design, if needed • Make a shape, then select “Custom” when adjusting the color of the shape to change transparency
  29. 29. Add Fonts • Bring in Google Fonts to your Google Drive to get the look you desire • Click on the font menu and then select “More fonts…”
  30. 30. Bringing it All Together • Add your message • Bring in your logo or branding to spruce things up • Go to File > Download As > PDF and you’re all set.
  31. 31. Before After
  32. 32. QUESTIONS? Chris Hall can I make my life easier as a credit union marketer? HOW I get in touch with you about automating all of my outbound communications? CAN