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Horror films


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Horror films

  1. 1. Horror film Lana & Kate
  2. 2. Negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audiences most primal fears.
  3. 3. Themes & Elements Cannibals HauntingSatanism Gore Ghosts Serial killers Demons and
  4. 4. Film references- title sequence House Of 1000 Corpses Devils Rejects. These films use a montage of clips for it’s sequence.
  5. 5. Film reference- Haunting / Paranormal • The basic plot of our title sequence will be based on a haunting or encounter with a ghost / paranormal
  6. 6. Filming Style - HandheldThis creates ascary effect as itsuggests that whatis happening isreal.
  7. 7. Filming effects Black and white with added colorization to add emphasis to certain aspects.
  8. 8. Brief overview of our idea For our project we would like to create ourtitle sequence using the horror genre. Tocreate this we would need to use elementsthat cause fear…- Montage of horror themed clips (e.g.locations, gore, references to ghosts /hauntings)- Filmed in black and white- Handheld camera- ‘Creepy’ soundtrack