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Content Marketing Plan

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  1. 1. What‟s Being Said About Direct TV online
  2. 2. DIRECTTV.COM CONTENT MARKETING PLAN12.14.12 Presented by Akilah McMullan
  3. 3. Mission/Objective/Goal The purpose of this content marketing plan is to provide educational material for consumers on the products and services available on by:  Becoming a „go-to‟ site for trends, interests and innovations in the televised digital space  Improving clients relations/retention by highlighting our many client services features available on site  Attracting new customers through positive word-of-mouth, and specials & promotions run on-site, and through other outlets later outlined in this plan  Increasing social media reach that will help boost organic SEO placement, reinforce positive references about our business online an assist in meeting the first three goals
  4. 4. Identifying Prospects Where is the bulk of our existing Indicators (KPIs) traffic coming from?  KPIs related to business objective: What existing platforms can we How many lead generations and improve upon to engage and grow direct conversions our happening existing audience? already (sites with conversion rates of 7% or higher) What avenues are we not using that  KPIs related to the content may be effective in generating new marketing objective:new places leads and increasing conversions? where we can establish brand Who are the social influencers that awareness and overall can help spread the word? How improvements in brand reputation frequently do they post? Credibility online in our field?  KPIs related to the conversations: Measuring the number of How soon could other outlets begin conversations (positive vs. negative, promoting our initiatives? (relates to was it impactful?, ect.) from previous every KPI) promoted products and services of similar brands  Key Performance
  5. 5. Target Audience MillennialsSpend between $170-$200 billion a Existing Customers year Negative Reviews customerheavy internet users – 93% of adults 18- complaints billing issues directtv.comhas more than 8 million29 go online daily 83% rely on USER unique visitors per monthGENERATED CONTENTwhen researching a product or service to purchase Social Influencers/Bloggers Amplify brand message positive reinforcement of products & services link building
  6. 6. Recommended PlacementExisting Social Media Sites Partner Website s • Blogs • • • Listen to what is selective placement of when people are being said about Direct TV initiatives on inquiring you and various partner sites, about products & see how people establish services, have been influencer relationships, have complaints, responding to your content ensure everything is available ect. Positively chime in and direct YouTube in the digital them form to shorts
  7. 7. Why these places?Social Media-you‟re already there so utilize it! Social media mentions are an eaand cost-effective way to boost organic SEO placement, link build and it enables yougain valuable first-hand customer insights.Websites this site from work.• link; reaches Blogsover 12 million unique visitors & 37 million page •– more than 7,000 uniqueviews per month visitors per month; reviews apps and games for• independent technology children…opportunity to promote Direct TV appnews site and online community; nearly 20,000 for free TV and movie streaming on-the-gounique monthly visitors; frequented by males • other “mid-tier” blogs because they have a loyalwho are in the age range 25-34, have no following and tend to have the strongest impactchildren, are college educated and browse as influencersYouTube ShortsYou‟re a television company, video marketing just makes sense ☺.Premise: Cut out the middleman and go directly to the source., your source for ______ (servicesavings, entertainment, news, ect.)
  8. 8. Gaining Placement You already have access to your Social Media Sites Just ask! Smaller blogs/websites want to be recognized and increase there own site traffic, so more than likely they‟ll be flattered to be selected Offer discounted or free service for a trial period as a trade off for “product placement” within blog posts Let them be the FIRST to try a new product or service (ex. “Be the first to try the genie HD DVR and tell us what you think”) Take the scenic route and submit through the advertising department of the website/blog
  9. 9. Content Assets Videos created for YouTube shorts Comparative infographics about satellite vs. cable for partner website submittals and to add on social sites other graphic designs needed to market specific products and services digitally
  10. 10. Tracking SuccessPartner Websites/Blogs/Social Media (tracking daily, weekly, monthly)Track conversion from blogs/websites through a touch-point conversion landingpage Currently using Omniture, Levexis, Facebook Domain Insights, Omniture AdobeTest and Target, Omniture Adobe Test and Target mboxCreate, Questions to answer to measureOmnitureSiteCatalyst, success: Technologies to measure your website. and Tea Leaf Have we seen an increase in retention Social Success (tracked daily, weekly, monthly)Rates and renewals? Track if user engagement is steadily Have we seen a decrease in complaints increasing each weekon our social pages?  response to new content (positive vs. negative) Have we established new relationships with  increased site traffic to 24/7credible social influencers? If so, what have we customer service pages ongained? Lead generations? Conversions? Whatpercentage? Is our target audience responding to us? If so, what is the sentiment?
  11. 11. Risk The LARGEST risk you are taking is allowing others to dictate what is being said about you online.
  12. 12. Sources Articles/Studies   Next-Generation-of-Spenders-79884.aspx   purchasing-power.aspx   generations.html# 