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Halifax Gateway - Make the Connection


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A presentation on the Halifax Gateway given in May 2011

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Halifax Gateway - Make the Connection

  1. 1. Gateway Cargo Facilities
  2. 2. PORT OF HALIFAXServing over 150 countries on every continent
  3. 3. Port of Halifax Canada’s Atlantic Gateway • Deepest container berths on the East Coast of North America • Infrastructure to handle the worlds largest vessels• Direct calls with more continents than any other Canadian Port • Quick inland service to the Midwest
  4. 4. 11 of the world’s top 15 container lines call the Port of Halifax
  5. 5. Reach Central Canada up to 5 days faster• 2 day discharge advantage from European/Med/Asian ports than ECNA ports• 1 day dwell advantage (minimum) over other ECNA ports• 2 days faster to Central Canada than other ECNA ports Strategic Import Markets • North Europe & Med • Southeast Asia via Suez • Pearl River Delta • Latin America
  6. 6. Port of Halifax’s inland market40% of the North American population can be reached in 72 hours
  7. 7. North America’s First Inbound Port Gateway Fastest scheduled transit times to Halifax: • 2 days faster than New York • Same-vessel service – no transshipment • Scheduled reliability between terminals & rail • Defined KPIs – 1st Canadian port to provide clear performance metrics for terminals & rail service for cargo owners
  8. 8. Halifax – Worth A Closer Look• Deepest container berths on the East Coast (55 feet)• Uncongested and seamless link to on-dock rail• Capacity & infrastructure to handle the largest vessels• Excellent alternative port for all-water Asian routings• Direct line-haul calls from 20 shipping lines• CN double-stack service to Toronto in 46 hours• Faster factory-to-DC transit times (transit/discharge/dwell)
  9. 9. Complete TransportationSolutions Shortest route from the Atlantic coast to the U.S. midwest Two days to Toronto, three days to Chicago 20,000 route-miles serving ports on three coasts On-dock, double-stack rail service to over 43% of the North American population Halifax is the preferred gateway for food shippers
  10. 10. The only railconnection to 3 coasts20 Intermodal Terminal
  11. 11. “We have people with a deep DNA ofinnovation at CN. It’s our people thatmake the difference.” Claude Mongeau, President and CEO
  12. 12. Our First Mile/Last Mile Roughly 5800 containers and chassis More than 1000 drivers covering Canada and the US State-of-the-art technology Recovery capability Top tier safety performance Leader in the SmartWay fuel conservation program
  13. 13. Logistics Parks Connects to Ports on all North American coasts Co-location with CN Intermodal terminal significantly reduces dray and handling cost
  14. 14. Significant environmental benefits280 440 6xtruck loads on a single miles = 1 gallon of fuel less GHGs than heavy trucksintermodal train
  15. 15. Prince RupertSigned Sept 17 Halifax Signed April 29 Montreal Signed Sept 24 Vancouver Signed July 23