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CN & Port of Halifax presentation

HGC Halifax Logistics Park Summit 2012

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CN & Port of Halifax presentation

  2. 2. (video)8 minutes
  3. 3. KEYFACTORSSUPPORTINGSUPPLYCHAINFUNDAMENTALS Dedicated customer service Ports & terminals supply chain agreements Labour partnership Scheduled rail service Streamline customs inspections Key Performance Indicators (KPI) driven
  4. 4. GROUNDBREAKINGSUPPLYCHAINAGREEMENTS Halifax Port Framework ✔ Agreement Terminal Operator Service Level ✔ Agreement (SLAs) Daily scorecard ✔ Daily conference ✔ call Vessel Data Sharing (EDI ✔ Transfer) CN signed its first Supply Chain Collaboration Agreement with the HPA, Ceres and Halterm
  6. 6. TRANSIT RELIABLE RAIL TRANSIT TIMES Last 3 year average Toronto-Halifax: 8.4 minutes late Halifax-Toronto: 16.8 minutes late 114 hours 74 hours 65 33 hours hours Montreal 46 hours Toronto DetroitChippewa Falls Chicago
  7. 7. CARGOCOOL REFRIGERATEDSERVICE 6 weekly import and Vancouver export services Halifax Montreal For further information onCN’s genset service please Toronto contact our refrigeratedcargo specialist, Girish Nair 905-760-5153
  8. 8. CARGOCOOL REFRIGERATEDSERVICE Serving the ports of Halifax, Saint John, Montreal and Vancouver 15 weekly import services 23 weekly export services Reliable Import/Export Refrigerated Service Expanded fleet of 57 Gensets purchased between 2007 and 2012 Purchased 7 ‘new generation’ Gensets able to handle 17 reefers (+6% capacity) in 2012. CN will be securing clip-on style gensets for certain temperature protected service lanes in 2012 US service in 2012 1 3 5 7 17 9 11 13 15 2 4 6 8 GEN 10 12 14 16 Moving Temperature Controlled Cargo Safely and Reliably
  9. 9. FLUIDSAFEENVIRONMENT ATCANADAUSBORDER Transborder Dynamics Transborder Operation CN manages close to 44 transborder trains per  CN partners fully with both US and Canada day Customs agencies  C-TPAT, P.I.P., CSA On average US CBP clears CN train in 30 minutes or less  CN Risk Management and CN Police closely tied with US CBP, CBSA, and law enforcement Over 30% of CN’s revenues are attributable to agencies on border security cross border traffic  On average less than 1% of containers on CN trains Over 6,000 containers/week cross the Canada – are physically inspected at the US border due to US border on CN trains keen focus on security and process  4,000 at Ranier, MN  2,500 at the Port Huron, MI A Carefully Managed Border is Mission Critical