Motion Manipulation: Art Portfolio- Haley Simone


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First semester of freshman year at SXU. First art portfolio

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Motion Manipulation: Art Portfolio- Haley Simone

  1. 1. Table of Contents . Inside My Mind -- pg. 2-3 . Bird of Paradise -- pg. 4-5 . Enter Through the Blackhole -- pg. 6-7 . Night Light -- pg. 8-9 . Face Melt -- pg. 10-11 . Line of News -- pg. 12-13 . Underwater Vision -- pg. 14-15 . Japanese Sunrise -- pg. 16-17 . Falling -- pg. 18-19 . Bliss Chord -- pg. 20-21 . Intertwined with the Vines -- pg. 22-23 . Pieces of a Bird -- pg. 24-25 . Zoomin’ Through -- pg. 26-27 . Movement of Emotions -- pg. 28-29 . Rising From the Clouds -- pg. 30-31 . Chlorophyll -- pg. 32-33 . Ballroom Dance -- pg. 34-35 . Resurrection -- pg. 36-37 . Inside the Creative Mind -- pg. 38-39 . In the Middle -- pg. 40-41 . Grace of Time Travel -- pg. 42-43 . About the Artist -- pg. 44 VIEW BLOG VIEW MAGAZINE1
  2. 2. 2 Inside my Mind “The barrier towards the top of the picture is based off of the "heavens" so to speak. This is a very spiritual image to me.” The main focus of this piece is the buddha I wanted the viewers eye looking man. It makes to drift up the picture till him the main character you get to space. First I for the piece and what is started with the buddha being unlocked from the looking man, I wanted mind. The message of the there to be a center focus picture is to see things to the whole picture. Next, in new perspectives and I started working my way not be so closed minded. up and out starting with I wanted the audience the barcode looking lines, to get a dream like state I felt that it had sort of while viewing this piece. an egyptian look to it. Also, I wanted the audi- Next came the peacock ence to see how we are feathers, I always found one with the universe and peacocks to be a beautiful not just a small part of animal. I then thought of Earth. I wanted the pic- a million eyes staring out ture to have somewhat of the picture but I ended of a dreaming effect. up making a design within The eye in the center of the oval instead. I created his head symbolizes the a barrier or wall look- "third eye". As you notice, ing structure and finally his eyes are closed so I space. wanted the piece to be in a whole new perspective. 2 3
  3. 3. Bird of Paradise This piece was done with Blick colored pencils on sketch paper. It took me half a year to do. I started drawing a tree, then I transformed it into a plant, and finally it ended up being a peacock. I drew the peacock from the in- side out started with “ I started this at my the veins and ending friend’s apartment in with the feathers. I Chicago and finished it wanted the viewers in a hammock in Sher- eye to mostly look at wood Forest when I the peacock since it attended Electric Forest is in the center and Festival”. there are so many lit- tle details to it. Then the viewers eye could travel backward start- ing from the top and then making their way down the spiraled rectangular pattern. I also added a couple of leaves so I could continue my style of using organic objects or shapes.4 5
  4. 4. Enter Through the Blackhole This piece was done with acrylic paint on canvas board. When I finished it, the image had an animated feel to it. I wanted the viewers eye to start at the bottom of the bird and then shoot up so the first thing you see is an orange flower with the birds eye as a nose. Then the viewers eye should transition from the flower into a bird flying foward. “When painting, I don’t re- The viewers eye could also ally think in the beginning, start from the top right I just start with a mark that I like and branch out corner where the entrance from there”. to the blackhole is located. The lines coming form the center of the blackhole are supposed to lead you to the bird as if he flew out from the entrance. Again, I used abstract and organic shapes to fill all around the bird. I made all the small marks and shapes because black- holes bend time, space and also spaghettify anything that comes through it. So I wanted to add a little bit of my knowledge to the image.6 7
  5. 5. Night Light This piece was done with acrylic paint on canvas. I finished it in one day surprisingly and ended up selling it to one of my co-workers. The elephant is supposed to be afraid of the dark and his trunk is his night light to see where he is going. The light is also being re- flected off of the water he is standing in. I wanted to “Even though my make a surreal painting. elephant isn’t pink, It was also an experi- my inspiration for this ment for me, I didn’t use piece was the song the same mark making, “pink elephants”. I tried to make differ- ent textures to the image so each layer standed out differently. I didn’t want everything to be as smooth as the elephant, such as the dirt and grass in the background. I left the elephant smooth be- cause that was the texture I think of when I picture an elephant. I wanted the viewers eye to start at the elephant, travel down the trunk, around the reflect- ed light and up the tree.8 9
  6. 6. Face Melt This was created with acrylic paint on canvas. The main focus of the image is the melting face in the middle. I started painting a flower and it was too plain for me so I “ My inspiration for added eyes and it turned this piece was the out to be a transitional movie Alice In Won- image from a face to a derland. “ flower. I added a lot of abstract shapes to fill up the negative space around the melting face. In the background, I also wanted a transition from hot to cold. On the hot side, the face is melt- ing and on the cold side the leaves towards the bottom corner have a frosted look to them.10 11
  7. 7. 1 This is a photograph of newspaper stands out- side of the 159th train station in Orland Park. At the time I was doing a photography summer studio class at the Ameri- “I like the old look can Academy of Art in to the picture and Chicago. The class had the single filed the freedom to wander line of the news anywhere as long as stands”. we had pictures and the placement of the news stands seemed inspiring to me. It’s something you see everywhere but a lot of people ignore. We printed these in a darkroom and I think the black and white really has an emotional effect on the image. Line of News B 12 13
  8. 8. Underwater Vision This is the first image I made for my series “Living in a Dream”. I started with the purple and red curvey line in the middle of the pic- ture and branched out with other curvey lines. Eventually I saw an outline where an eye looked like it could fit in so I exaggerated that negative space. The blue “ The underwater background gave me the world is something idea of being underwa- that will always be ter so I added seaweed inspirational to me, and coral looking shapes especially the deep to make the underwa- sea with all the glow- ter image stand out. I ing fish”. wanted the viewers eye to start at the top of the long dark blue lines, around the coral, up the red and purple lines to see the eye and then up and around the sea- weed. The underwater world is very fanscinat- ing to me and has the most beautiful creations on Earth. I would hope that after my audience views this, they further their knowledge to learn about the deep sea.14 15
  9. 9. This is a third piece from the series “Liv- ing in a Dream”. It was actually the second piece made. I wanted the viewers eye to be scanned wherever their eye is attracted to first. I wanted the image to “ My inspiration for be radiant and peace- this piece was just a ful. I kept up with my beautiful sunny day. I style of abstract shapes, also like to use rect- organic shapes and angular patterns in my small details. It had a pictures”. japanese look to me af- ter I was done making the picture. Especially the blue moon in the top left hand corner. I named the image Japa- nese Sunrise because the sun in the image really sticks out to me. It is the most radiant part of the image and I liked the long light yellow lines that drag all the way down the paper. Japanese Sunrise16 17
  10. 10. Falling This is another piece from the series “Liv- ing in a Dream”. This is probably one of the most simplest ones in the series and speaks to me the most. It is noth- “ My inspiration for this ing but abstract. I want piece is all the small the viewers eye to begin things in life that are ig- at the bug like shape at nored but are the most the top of the image and miraculous and myste- work its way down the rious creations of life”. yellow goop, over to the caterpillar shape and explode from the lines coming out from that shape, over to the rain- drop shape. The concept of this image is how ev- ery shape has a natural or organic underlining.18 19
  11. 11. Bliss Chord This is another image from my series “Living in a Dream”. I wanted the viewers eye to begin at the top of the picture “I want the viewer to where the lines sprinkle feel the same uplift- down. Then down the ing feeling when two blue spikes, around music and art are the green spiraled vine, incorporated.” up to the headphones and down to the middle where the flower is at. The picture itself seems blissful especially with the theme of simplic- ity in the series. I made the headphones blue to exaggerate the “bliss” in the image.20 21
  12. 12. Intertwined With The Vines This is an abstract picture I made with chalk pastel. I wanted the viewers eye to start with the big or- ganic shape in the middle and travel all around the “I am always inspired picture in a circular form. by natural areas and I left a lot of negative organic objects.” space because I wanted the picture to be in the simplified as much as possible. I like the small shapes in their random places. This is also one of five pieces in a series of mine called “Living in a Dream”.22 23
  13. 13. Pieces of a Bird I had the birds tongue stick- ing out to have some sort of humor added. I wanted the viewer to see the pattern first and kind of get lost in every direction the lines go. This piece was inspired Also, I wanted the viewer by another called “Bird of to put the puzzle pieces Paradise” and I wanted to together. On one side of incorporate the same cool the picture, its the back colored bird in the picture. half of the bird and on the other side is the front part of the bird. I wanted to have a bright red pattern in the background because the bird is mainly in cool colors, and I wanted the pattern to stand out.24 25
  14. 14. Zoomin Through The arrangement was meant for the viewer to see in all different angles. I wanted the viewer to I first made the checkered view in the bubble like pattern in the bubble like forms, the checkered forms in really fine detail. pattern and how it was I then decided to expand morphed into the back- that pattern to create a ground. Doing that, it different perspective and makes the viewer focus more enlarged version of on the vocal point (which the same pattern. I didn’t is the face in the cen- want the picture to have ter). Also, the viewer’s one focus; I like to make eyes wonder throughout the viewer keep viewing the picture seeing every to see multiple things or shape, color, and pattern whatever they can point blend out that I didn’t notice. That way, I can con- nect with the viewer as well to understand their perspective on the piece.26 27
  15. 15. Movement of Emotions “Everyone lives their life and never know what will happen next or how you will feel next.” I arranged this piece The message is how pretty sporadically. I quickly emotions can wanted the viewers eye change because of cer- to travel in all different tain events. I wanted the directions. I figured that is viewer to see any of the what emotions are any- lines first, depending on ways, sporadic feelings. which shape stood out to The shapes symbolized them more. It may not be the different emotions the most detailed piece as well. The smooth long of work but I wanted the lines represented relax- viewer to see how art re- ation, the more rough, ally is expression and can rigid, brown, zig zags rep- be therapeutic during any resented stress and the time or emotion. Some circles were energy. The of the feelings I had were smaller lines towards the relaxation, stress, and center represented fading energy. of each emotion.28 29
  16. 16. Rising From the Clouds “I chose to make this project based on reusing previous unfinished projects, plastic and paper products.” I first want the viewer to It represents how I have start from the bottom up. been feeling since I start- Towards the bottom, you ed college. I feel like I am see the earth. Then, going pushing through every- up through the stormy thing that holds me back weather. If you focus in to achieve where I want on "the earth" youll see to be. The toilet paper roll the fine detailed sew- represents the ground and ing thread that I made a stormy weather and once design with. I made most you get passed the clouds, of it horizontal and di- you reach the sunshine agonal to represent wind. and freedom. The white Next, floating up above ribbon accents the clouds the clouds. Finally, you and gives it a shiny and see the woman fighting beautiful look with all the through everything reach- curves. ing beyond the clouds.30 31
  17. 17. Chlorophyll “I made this piece After finding out the to remind me of the objective of this new as- beautiful, sunny and signment, I decided to breezy weather that I pick a bunch of leaves love.” and make something out After that, I took a dark of it. I didnt just pick the green sharpie and made same leaves, I wanted to some of the creases in the get a variety of textures leaves stand out more. and shades of green in the Finally, I wanted to give I am not a winter person different leaves. I made the image a wet and shiny and I lack inspiration so look, so I painted two the background a pattern this piece will give me a of thin bamboo leaves. I coats of a glossy varnish boost. I kept it 3D rather over the entire piece. pasted them and cut them than pressing glass over down so it would have an Composition: I want the it, so the viewer could viewer to focus on the even look. Then, I ar- see the texture of each bird first. That is basically ranged all the other leaves leaf. After rearranging several times to see if I the main and only focus the leaves to get the set of the image. Then the could find an actual im- up I liked the most, the viewers eyes can wonder age in the setup. I pasted main focus ended up around the image looking them over the bamboo being the organic bird in at the placement of the leaves in an order so that the middle of the rain- tree leaves. They drape the bird is coming out forest. around and under him. of the rainforest but still covered.32 33
  18. 18. Ballroom Dance I created this piece as a spoof of Henri Tolouse Lautrecs picture "Doing The Bolero In Chilperic". At the time, we had learned about how some The main focus of this artists mimic anthers and image is the elegant I was very fascinated with elephant dancing in the that piece. I made them center of the room. With animals to incorporate the line style being a my image with the rest of freestyle and loose type, my series. I have a sort of I want the viewers eye to surreal style and I some- travel around the picture times find animals in my like scanning around a work. Also, I use a lot of ballroom or dance floor. movement in my work and the dancing going on in the picture was a great way for me to put every- thing together. “I used Vincent Van Goghs line style and Henri Tolouse Lautrecs color scheme.”34 35
  19. 19. The name of the piece sums up the overall idea The lilac represents me I was going for. Ive had and the leaf represents As for the clock, it is a the pressed flowers and my boyfriend who I have symbol for the passage of butterfly for a couple been with for about 3 time. Time and beauty are years and I knew I wanted years. I placed two small eternal in life through my to make a piece with it to flower petals between the perspective. Most of what bring them back to life. I two to form a heart. For a this image consists of like found the butterfly dead long time we would fight the color, pattern and ma- by a lake and I didnt want and hardly ever get along, terials are to bring in my it to disintegrate so I kept and recently we spent a previous pieces of work it to continue the beauty. weekend together to fig- together. Another example I feel that I did a nice job ure everything out. So the of "resurrection" in this bringing the lilac and leaf part at the bottom repre- image is the leaf and lilac at the bottom to life with sents our love resurrected at the bottom. the bright vibrate colors to continue to grow. behind them. Resurrection36 37
  20. 20. Inside The Creative Mind “I made this picture inspired by Kristen Murphys artwork.” She is in my major semi- nar class and makes a lot of pictures based around a womans figure. The girl I wanted the viewers eye is peaking through her to begin at the center heart and glancing inside where the young girl is her imagination. The pic- at. Then, moving upward ture is also a self portrait like the spikey design only not realistically. I to the top of the clouds. wanted to incorporate Next, venturing down the some of the same ideas in drip dops and back up the my previous work such as tree till you reach the leaf. the natural symbols and Finally, the viewers eye is the rectangular pattern in located back at the young the background. girl.38 39
  21. 21. I started off on the video jockey program Modul8. I pasted two of my previ- ous works into their own layer. One image was "Resurrection" and the other piece was "Zoo- min Through", which I had cropped down to a T shape. I added minor effects to both images on Photoshop. Then, I recorded a live session of adding animated effects to each picture. Once I was finished with the recording, I had to re- cord a second time so the video could be saved as a movie. Next, I opened the video into iMovie and synced it with the song In the Middle by The Streets. Some effects I used were auto color, auto scale, sound in, and auto rotate. I also added a ripple effect at the end of the video so it wouldnt just abruptly stop. I wanted the video to fade out as it did in the begin- ning. Finally, I uploaded the video onto Youtube so I could have a direct link for everyone to see. In The Middle40 41
  22. 22. All of the images are my previous works for Grace of Time Travel my series this semes- ter. I cropped most of them on Adobe Pho- toshop so it wouldn’t be a bunch of squared pictures. I also added effects from Photoshop into a couple of the pieces. I separated these images into two groups on the video jockey program Mod- ul8. That way I could crossfade between the two. I added different auto effects with the pictures and turned up the sound-in selection so the images would automatically sync with the music that is play- ing and move to the different beats. As for the music, it was all created on the program Ableton. A friend of mine and I collaborated with the music because I was unfamiliar with this complex program. We used two differ- ent midi controllers to sound-in different loops and sounds. They were APC 20 and an MPD 18 controller. We also faded in different loops, so it was somewhat similar to Modul8. I recored the video and audio together and transferred that onto iMovie. Then I finalized the project and upload- ed it onto Youtube.42 43
  23. 23. About the Artist I have a huge passion for I learned developing skills art. I took almost every in life drawing and oil art class during high painting with live models. school and I plan to do the In photography; the class same at SXU. I work with had the freedom to walk whatever I have around around the Chicago loop me, mostly acrylic paint, area to take photographs, oil paint, pastels, colored then we learned how to pencils, and various sized mix the chemicals to de- sharpies. During high velop the film, transfer the school, I dabbled into a pictures onto photo paper, bit of ceramics and turned and after constructing a out to be the new ceramics sculpture we took profes- teachers lab rat with AP sional photographs and Art. She taught me person- manipulated them on pho- ally how to work the kiln toshop. I was also lucky and whatnot. I also made enough to create a short an 8ft4ft oil painting mu- film for the class that was ral for my school, though displayed to all the sum- I didnt like the subject mer studio students. It just matter I was happy to leave previewed an adventure something behind. I have day we had taking photos attended two years of sum- of a model downtown. I mer studio classes at the love developing my skills American Academy of Art and having fun along the in Chicago, oil painting way. both years and then a life drawing class and photog- raphy.44