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Marketing Automation & Customer Journey Mapping


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From recent data we know that customers no longer follow a direct path from engagement to purchase, they take on a more fluid and sporadic buying pattern, interacting at different points across the customer journey. The good news is; businesses are now able to influence the customer journey through well timed digital touchpoints to guide buyers and influence business outcomes. But to get there we must first understand the behaviour.

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Marketing Automation & Customer Journey Mapping

  1. 1. Marketing Automation & Customer Journey Mapping
  2. 2. Y o u a n d I T H E V A L U E E X C H A N G E
  3. 3. Customer journeys are the omni-channel paths customers take with touchpoints to interact with your brand..
  4. 4. Customer journeys are the way Rachel interacts with you as she figures out what you have that she wants or needs…
  5. 5. Retail / events / glancing moments It’s the ways Rachel interacts at all touchpoints both in and out of the digital world. And how the touchpoints interact with each other. • Preferences • Need states • Behaviours • Place • and Device The micro moments on device Where she is on her journey – browsing, snacking, learning Search trends
  6. 6. Marketing Automation is the way the business serves up value at a specific touchpoint to customers based on behaviour, preference and other rich data.
  7. 7. Marketing Automation is the way you learn, build and serve a cohesive personalised story for Rachel at every touch point through relevant content.
  8. 8. 1. How do I get to know you, how do I build trust, how do I give you stuff you actually want, need or is of value. 2. How do I make it frictionless, seamless, personal and incredibly relevant Sharing the Love
  9. 9. 1. Acquisition 2. Nurturing 3. Retention 4. Onboarding 5. Loyalty 6. Abandonment (cart/web) 7. Inactive enables you to build automated interactions fulfilling their needs
  10. 10. We look to create Intelligent Traction across the user journey from customer behaviour, preference and often third party data 3RD PARTY DATA
  11. 11. Not sexySexy Mobile makes Todays email sexy and the most successful channel with the ability to personalise.
  12. 12. Today emails are drawing data from • Bureau of Meteorology • Internet of things • Traffic • Smart homes • Smart technology • Buyer behaviour • Location • Consumption Tomorrow (as in really tomorrow) • A.I. • Telematics • Genetics
  13. 13. Customer on boarded - sent emails based on festivals in cities, music and drink preferences Data is collected from from BOM based on heat spikes in locations Locations are then integrated to festivals happening in that order and distributors are prompted to restock Customers/distributors are matched via email and mobile. Customers can get drink they want at event related venues CASE STUDY – GLOBAL FMCG
  14. 14. • Marketing Automation is about nurturing • Nurturing is about storytelling and value • Work on a frictionless customer journey (map it out) • Images don’t make emails more sexy • Emails that are authentic and personal - have better open rates (that comes from data). • Not sexy – too many emails FRAGILE CONSUMERS
  15. 15. Sharing the love in a still sexy medium Give customers what they need in a personalised way to create authenticity. They know me You get a real single view of a customer.. Drive business value
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