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Holiday Email Checklist_2016_PDF


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Holiday Email Checklist_2016_PDF

  1. 1. GIFTCARD G IFT CA RD GIFTCARDGIFTCARD G IFT CA RD CHECK OUT Think carefully about what you’re wanting to achieve upfront, define clear goals and make sure the whole team is aware of what part they need to play. CHECKING THE FACTS Looking at the facts and figures on what has worked for others can be a solid base to build from. So here’s some 2015 holiday stats to help guide you… TOP EMAIL CAMPAIGN APPROACH FROM 2015 HOLIDAYS TOP TACTIC USED BY EMAIL MARKETERS 63% 39% 9% 12% 8% 9% Source: Selligent & StrongView 2015 Holiday Email Marketing Trends Survey Source: Selligent & StrongView 2015 Holiday Email Marketing Trends Survey of marketers chose promotion of sales and discounts of marketers focused on segmentation and targeting of marketers used product recommendations concentrated their efforts on leveraging data to improve relevancy of marketers used cross/ upsell offers of marketers aimed at subject line testing Focus!What’s your HOLIDAY SEASON strategy? Before you embark on a new strategy, this is what is on the radar for other marketers Increase subscriber engagement Improve data analysis to better understand customer context Improve segmentation and targeting 35% 12% 14% What marketers plan to focus on in 2016 The holiday season is busy; we have a lot going on – your customers included! So remember to keep messaging short and to the point. Quick SMS reminders can be the ideal channel to reach customers. SMS is easy to use, cost effective, produces high ROI and has extremely high open rates, with more than 95% of messages being opened. If done right SMS can be a powerful interaction and conversion tool. It’s good to keep emails brief as well and include some engaging design aspects and a little humour where possible. You can always link to more detailed content where appropriate. Your holiday check list might be long but your EMAIL SHOULDN’T It’s a mad RUSH According to Litmus, in July 2016, 56% of emails were opened on mobiles. People have little patience (and even less with the holiday rush!), so make sure your campaigns are responsive and easy to view across all devices. Traction Digital are experts in acquisition and engagement, streamlining the execution of cross-channel campaigns, including lifecycle email, abandoned cart, promotions and ROI tracking. Talk to our team about how we can help SYDNEY MELBOURNE Call: +61 2 9469 5777 Call: +61 2 9469 5773 SINGAPORE INDIA Call: +65 9351 8519 Call: +91 44 4312 3220 LONDON Call: +44 20 3176 0586 | | Manage EXPECTATIONS Today’s consumer is MOBILE Everyone is trying to be seen and heard, so it’s important to entice subscribers to open with catchy and unique subject lines. 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone. Winning holiday email subject lines are festive, creative and to the point. Tell customers about a discount, new collection or action item for urgency. Free shipping, discounts or cash back deals are often well received. Keep customers informed with automated emails and SMS to notify of upcoming holiday dates, delivery cut off dates and parcel tracking. With so many other items on their agenda, they will really appreciate the attention to detail. Do your research on cart abandoners to know what the best offers are to win them back. Continue to test CTA’s, subject lines, offers etc and tweak as you go, until you develop the winning formula. Create a festive spin on abandonment emails and pop ups, such as; “Ho Ho Ho… where did you go?” or “Santa’s little helpers want to give you 10% off the items in your cart – MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Cart ABANDONMENT email Source: CPC Strategy, “22 Insane Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics” March 2014 Free shipping and returns are proven to work. CPC Strategy tells us, 44% of shoppers leave a cart due to high shipping cost and 2 out of 3 shoppers said they would buy more online if returns were free. Promotions get FESTIVE Give your subscribers what they want - an irresistible deal! Use email, SMS and social to drive awareness of promotional campaigns and keep the festive CHEER going throughout the season! Depending on the data you have on hand, promotions can be segmented to give targeted offers based on previous purchases and interests. • Research and prepare based on previous years’ success factors. • Have a focused holiday strategy. • Keep content brief and to the point and remember to make it engaging. • Channel your inner creative, with email designs that are unique and festive. • Mobile friendly and responsive designs, to reach customers in their environment. • Add value with reminders and alerts during this busy period. • Use email as the back bone to multi-channel campaigns with consolidated data collection. • Offer free shipping and discounts to convert cart abandoners. • Spread the cheer with promotions and collect valuable data to enrich future campaigns. • Help last minute shopper with gift cards that can be sent out quickly. A festive WRAP UP NEED HELPSetting up or getting started? GIFTCARD G IFT CA RD GIFTCARDGIFTCARD G IFT CA RD Are you one of those who always leaves your shopping to the last minute? Maybe not – but there are PLENTY who do! Help customers out by offering a gift card as a fast purchase that can be shipped straight to friends or family anywhere in the world and won’t be held up in parcel collection, customs or distribution delays. GIFT CARDSto save the day T CA RD During the holiday season most people are already receiving a larger than normal amount to their inbox. The key here is to vary the different types of messaging you are sending: offers, reminders, thank you, promotional codes, additional opportunities to win etc. Make sure there is variety. An email series that builds or tells a story with each new email is a great way to get attention and continue engagement. Don’t be an OVER SHARER INSIGHTS ABOUND Data collected from promotion and competition entries, give valuable insights and enrich databases for future campaigns. Now wouldn’t that be a great way to start the new year! Data collected gives Use email to support MULTIPLE CHANNELS Use email campaigns as the back bone to support festive campaigns across all your channels. With data from SMS, digital codes and embedded forms tracking back to the one storage place. OCTOBER DECEMBER JANUARY3 3 3 Traction Digital want to help inspire you with creative tips and strategies to get your email marketing campaigns underway. This busy and exciting time of year is fast approaching with Halloween, Christmas, New Year and Boxing Day sales not long after, there’s no time to waste – SO LET’S GET STARTED! holiday EMAIL CHECKLIST As a marketer, the holiday season doesn’t always fill us with joy – there’s just so much to do and that’s ok!