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Task 1


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media task 1

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Task 1

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION • We had to do some researches for our early preparation of our media shoot. We started off by comparing several well-known productions to our thriller. The first of them is ‘Sucker punch’ which was directed by Zack Snyder and released in 2011, casting Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens and Abbie Cornish. The second one is Hannah released in 2011, the director was Joe Wright. The casts included Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana. The third contrasted research was on Blindspot directed by Martin Gero. This stared Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander and Rob Brown. • My thriller was shot on the top carpark with an agitated girl and a dying man. They enhance tension delivered to our audiences.
  3. 3. PLOTLINE • Both the Hanna and our thriller share a similarity on the plotline. The main character from both productions has escaped from a restricted place which is a mental hospital for ours and a secret CIA prison for Hanna. Besides, someone is hurt on the way out from where the characters escape from. In my opinion, Hanna deliveries the tension better, as there is one apparent difference between both of the productions. That is there is a continuous sequence of the character escaping from the prison in Hanna. However, only a negotiation between the police officer and the girl can be seen from the ur production. Therefore, the that Hanna represents the tension is more effective than our thriller.
  4. 4. CHARACTER • Both the main characters are found to be similar. They are two young women with unusual background. That is the main reason responsible for the escape of them from the places which they were imprisoned. In our thriller, Molly is suffering from mental illness and she is under a psychiatric treatment in the hospital where she escapes from. Molly is fed up with the hospital Similarly, Hanna in the movie ‘Hanna’ has been trained to be a best assistant so she is aiming to escape and execute her missions. Overall, they are both aiming to leave the place with their plans and there is a reason behind them.
  5. 5. SIMILAR SCENE • Our production has a scene about the agitated girl having a negotiation with police officer emotionally. Similarly, Hanna has several conversations with a medical professional in the prison. However, there is one difference between them. In our thriller, the girl is agitated during the entire conversation. In contrast, Hanna is very calm throughout the negotiation. In this aspect, our thriller deliveries a better and more intensive sense of tension to the audiences, instead of unveiling the clues gradually in Hanna.
  7. 7. PLOTLINE • Sucker punch has many similarities to our thriller on the plotline. Sucker punch starts off with a sequence showing the main character protecting her sister and herself from the attack from their abusive stepfather with the death of their biological mother. However, when she is trying to attack her stepfather to stop him harming her sister, she accidentally kills her sister who is standing behind their stepfather. Afterward, she is sent to a mental hospital for her guilty of murdering. A similarity can be seen in a reverse way from our thriller. Molly in “Fresh Fallen Snow” escapes from the hospital first before the negotiation between her and the police detective. However, in Sucker Punch Babydoll has the accident first before being sent into the hospital.
  8. 8. CHARACTER • Babydoll in sucker punch shares some similarities with Molly in our thriller. They both hurt someone and become agitated. After that both of they are taken away by someone. In my thriller Molly is eventually arrested by the police, in contrast to sucker punch Babydoll is sent to the mental hospital by her stepfather. They both deliver tension to by showing the similar scene to audiences, therefore more clues are revealed at the same point. This requests audiences to work out what is going on next after the opening scene. However, there is one difference between the Babydoll and Molly. The story happens after Molly escapes from the mental hospital, and Babydoll gets agitated before being sent into the mental hospital. Overall, I think both of them can deliver an effective tension to audiences, as their story line are very similar.
  9. 9. SIMILAR SCENE • A scene with similar flow can be seen from both productions. In our thriller Molly is entire shocked after cutting the dying man on his throat, and in sucker bunch Babydoll is also overwhelmed by the fact that she has killed her sister by an accident. A blank face can be seen from both characters, showing how unbelievable what they have done is. This also connotes the tension to the audiences.
  11. 11. PLOTLINE • A TV series ‘Blindspot” shares a couple of similarities with our production ‘Fresh Fallen Snow’ in several aspects. In plotline, the main female characters are both revealed under an isolated condition, they are both expressing themselves as an agitated girl showing the threats they face at the time. These deliveries the tension effectively, as well as lets the audiences know twists have been laid in the following story and they will be unveiled gradually as the story develops.
  12. 12. CHARACTER • Both Jane form Blindspot and Molly from ‘Fresh fallen snow’ are both shown in an extremely threatened status when they are first unveiled. They are shown without with any conversation initially. Besides, they can be seen to be very helpless initially, but gradually the helplessness form them is eased in the later stage, it is quite obvious in the Blindspot and the ‘Fresh Fallen Snow’ does not tell many details of this but only shows a few seconds of eased atmosphere in the last. This enhances the tension delivered to the audiences.
  13. 13. SIMILAR SCENE • The very first scenes of unveiling them are pretty much the same. They both isolate the main character, by showing them on their own. They are both against the police initially, but when the stories develop the tension in both productions is slightly eased.