Morgans Hair Care Is The Place For Great Hair


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Morgans Hair Care Is The Place For Great Hair

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  2. 2. Morgans Hair Care Is The Place For Great Hair When you are in New York City there are thousands of shops, restaurants, businesses and hair salons. But the one that is most popular with the celebrities and upper elite of New York City is morgans hair care. Morgans hair care is supposedly the best hair care in the world according to its clientele. They have the number one products, the best stylists, the most up to date colorists and the best extensions and styles in the hair styling world.
  3. 3. The Beginning Morgans hair care began twenty years by the morgan brothers. They started out small mainly just cutting hair and specializing in updo’s. They were located in the theater district of New York City and it didn’t take long for word to get around. Their hairstyles were quite something to behold and when a few models starting going to them for consultations the small morgans hair care salon started to change.
  4. 4. Hired colorists They hired colorists and stylists who specialized in perms and extensions and soon their business was bustling and morgans hair care needed to expand. They kept their small shop in the theater district but moved to 4th Avenue and within a year moved again to 5th Avenue and then on to Madison Avenue.
  5. 5. Morgans hair care salons Today there are three morgans hair care salons in New York City and their books are solid appointments. Of course, the standing appointments in morgans hair care get the best treatment and the clients who were with them from the start are still being styled by the morgan brothers.
  6. 6. Fashion week’s runway shows Many of fashion week’s runway shows use morgans hair care products, as well as their morgans hair care stylists for their shows. It is not unusual for a morgans hair care stylist to be on location for an international magazine layout shoot. The morgan brothers themselves have been around the world several times styling their famous looks on models and actresses. It has even been said that royalty from Europe come to their salons in New York.
  7. 7. Success The morgan brothers attribute their success for starting out small and staying simple. Updo’s and bangs were their specialties, as were their braiding and haircuts. They treated their customers with respect and appreciated everyone who walked through their door. The staff at morgans hair care treated everyone as if they were in their own home.
  8. 8. Morgans hair care This kind of customer service will always bring repeat business. As they grew, they did everything they could to expect the same type of customer service from their employees. Their theory must have worked because morgans hair care is the hair place to be.
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