Make Your Own Hair Care Organizers!


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Make Your Own Hair Care Organizers!

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  2. 2. Make Your Own Hair Care Organizers! With so many products on the market today, it’s no wonder our bathroom shelves and cabinets tend to get cluttered with stuff. From shampoos and conditioners, to hair ties and brushes, there has to be a place for everything unless you want the bathroom to look like a hurricane hit it.
  3. 3. Hair care organizers You can easily buy hair care organizers for your shower, countertops and drawers but with the high prices in today’s market, why not make your own?
  4. 4. Hair Care Organizers for Your Shower Because obviously an organizer in the shower will get wet, it may seem like a homemade organizer wouldn’t work very well. But in fact, all you need are 2 old wire hangers and a couple of short and small pieces of plywood.
  5. 5. Take the wire hangers You’ll take the wire hangers and undo one end of each, stretching them out so they are each just one long hanging piece of wire with a hook at the end. Once that’s done, put them down and forget about them for awhile.
  6. 6. Wood planks stay safe and undamaged The second part of making a hair care organizer for the shower is to take your small pieces of plywood and stain them in your favorite color. Let them dry and then coat them with a water proof soluble that is used for wood decks outside. This will insure your wood planks stay safe and undamaged while getting wet in the shower on a daily basis.
  7. 7. Plywood Once the plywood has dried thoroughly, you’ll want to take the 2 hangers and place them laying on the table vertically. Take one piece of the wood and put it about halfway up from the bottom end of the hangers, and then wrap the left over hanger wire around the wood one time. There should be plenty of room to warp the 2nd piece of wood at the bottom of the wire hangers, making 2 shelves for your shower hair care organizer! Just hang the hook of the hangers around the shower head, and you’re set.
  8. 8. Newly created hair care organizer To make sure that your newly created hair care organizer stays in good shape and doesn’t get ruined from the constant water, you will want to treat the wood of the organizer about once per month with weather resistant coating.
  9. 9. Tips If you prefer not to have to treat wood for your shower hair care organizer, you can use plastic plates that are long and narrow, or have a bigger piece of plastic cut into a custom size that you want.
  10. 10. Painting the hanger wires To help make your new organizer look like it belongs there, try decorating it by painting the hanger wires in your favorite color before assembly and/or stenciling decoration onto the wood or plastic shelves you make.
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