Discover Oster Hair Care Products


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Discover Oster Hair Care Products

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  2. 2. Discover Oster Hair Care Products In 1924 John Oster saw a marketing opportunity and he seized it. He started marketing the Oster hand operated hair clipper. This oster hair care product was designed to cut and style women’s hair.
  3. 3. John Oster In a few years a new and improved version was on the market and by 1946, John Oster was not only the leader with his oster hair care products such as hair clippers and hair dryers but he was the leader in the small appliance industry. As soon as patents ran out more and more small appliance industries came into being, but John Oster was the father of it all. His oster hair care products today signify style and safety. In 1960 John Oster sold his Oster industry to Sunbeam.
  4. 4. The Hair Clipper An oster hair clipper is the perfect example of a necessary market area. Not only do the oster hair care products specialize in the hair clippers for the professional stylist but also for the everyday individual who wants to have a haircut in the solace of their own home. Oster hair clippers are exported all over the world to professionals and the layman to utilize. There are a variety of styles with different blades, but the name Oster will make a professional statement.
  5. 5. Oster hair care products The oster hair care products have been around the longest and, therefore are labeled the best on the market. For example, the oster hair clipper with the #00000 blade will entirely shave a head within 15 seconds without creating any difficulty. This oster hair care product also safeguards the clipper blade from clipper oil, damage and clipper grease and cleaning brush.
  6. 6. Clipper is outstanding The best thing about this oster hair care product is that it has a very powerful motor and the worst thing is that it makes too much noise. This clipper is outstanding in that it involves no maintenance and the durability has a very long retention time. It will basically save you time and money and is perfect for the individual who wants to shave their head once a month.
  7. 7. Pet Clippers Every dog groomer in the United States owns Oster Clipper Blades and a PowerPro Cordless Clipper Kit. These oster hair care products provide the most versatile and accurate grooming methods for your pet. You can perform very accurate and quick work because the blades are constructed from fine grain, high-carbon steel with a protective coating. The blades are harder and stronger then usual blades which add longevity and reduce sharpening for the blades.
  8. 8. Cordless PowerPro Clipper Kit The Cordless PowerPro Clipper Kit has a superior motor and a detachable battery pack which can run for thirty minutes and charges in just 20 minutes. The recharging pack with this oster hair care product will charge two battery packs and has four blade storage pockets. Oster hair care products has simply better technology then other competing brands and has the lifetime guaranty which says it all.
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